AT&T likely to test a femtocell before the end of the year

AT&T likely to test a femtocell before the end of the year
Now why in the world would AT&T, with "more bars in more places," need a femtocell (note sarcasm)? Regardless, in line with Verizon's upcoming Ubicell and Sprint's AIRAVE, the company claims to be testing a device. An AT&T spokeswoman confirmed to Unstrung that "it makes sense that we would examine the potential benefits of femtocells for our customers," and confirmed that the company is "currently doing testing in its labs and a trial was planned for later this year."

No specific details have been released in regards to the signal booster, but this news is bound to excite many people that carry AT&T and live or work in fringe areas.

via: Engadget Mobile



1. Black93300ZX unregistered

There's only one place AT&T drops calls for me, in my basement at my other house... I'd buy one of these just to prevent that. :)

2. unregistered

ATT definatly needs one of these. Anything to support a crappy network. "more bars in more places" ...yeah whatever, not in the US

17. unregistered

More bars in More Places mean u can get AT&T Service in a larger area(At&t is the largest carrier (service wise) because of their service over seas and around the world.)... it doesnt mean the service is any better.

3. unregistered

AT&T's NETWORK is the Absolute Worst!!!!!!!!!!! its about time they did Femto or UMA.... I have to take calls for interviews on new jobs and I cannot use my cell phone from home as the coverage is horrible in my house... So I have to sign up for landline which is "backwards".

4. unregistered

If you go to the AT&T site and look for customer services to complain about the network ... "There is NO WAY To DO SO" You can only complain about devices ... why is that???? Specifically when their NETWORK really sucks.

5. unregistered

my only question is if it supports 3g or if it's just edge. supporting 3g would make perfect sense, but then again, it's att.

12. unregistered

It will support 3g.

6. unregistered

In El Paso, it is the crappiest network around. The whole west side / Coronado area is a dark spot. I had to finally give out on my iphone and switch to sprint.

7. unregistered

I had at&t since they were bellsouth, and i recently switched over to verizon i wish i would have done it along time ago.

8. jrcrow unregistered

lol..I got out of my contract..LEGALLY!!...home on home roaming..only 1 att tower without contracts was in los angeles where I work..8 months I was told more and NO ETF charges either!!

9. JC unregistered

In Hawaii their coverage is excellent...

10. unregistered

T-Mobile's UMA is weak. Doesn't work unless I'm standing next to the base station. Can't wait to cancel that line in 2 months. My BB Curve works fine with AT&T.

20. PACMAN unregistered

Maybe it sucks because your WIFI signal is weak just like your BRAIN. In order for UMA(unregistered mobile access) to work good is if you have a WIFI connection. Crappy connection= Crappy UMA service dummy!!! Stop trying to cheat the system and get a real rate plan or maybe you have the basic 29.99 (300) minuites with ONLY WEEKENDS..... and you have to use UMA so you dont waste your crappy little 300 mins Cheap Scate stop complaining because TMobile defenitely doesnt need petty customers like you that want to use UMA to get free minutes I am glad you are going to cancel get expensive gaggin ass Verizon or even crappier AT&T or maybe sign a two year with Alltel so you can get the my circle cheapo

26. unregistered

Yikes... angry angry little elf

27. Brian unregistered

"T-Mobile doesnt need petty customers..." RIGHT LOL thats why they offer the FLEX PAY for POOR PEOPLE who cant afford anything. You sir are a db.

29. Brian Love Flexpay unregistered

You must be a flexpay customer because you know about it what are you N class oh no maybe you are U class either way it doesnt matter Flexpay customers know about Flexpay trust me I dealt with a lot of people like you talking about poor people even though you fit in that catergory STOP THE FAKE SH*T

11. elgee02 unregistered

Verizon doesn't need femtocells, their coverage is everywhere.

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

almost everywhere. but at my house i have 0 to 2 bars. i constatnly have to go by the windows when i answer a call. the person on the other line always says, "whatd you just say, your breaking up!" then sometimes i get call was lost...but thats what a house phone is for lol...howver at&t is the same way, if not worse where i live. i think its good for a carrier to relase these femtocells

15. unregistered

Not suprised elgee would make a statement like this, he bleeds red. Ignorant fanboyism.

18. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont understand what you mean by he bleeds red?

21. elgee02 unregistered

I never lie

13. unregistered

why...oh WHY! do people stay with AT&T and why do people still keep going to AT&T when they are known to have a bad network??? Even Verizon is about to become the largest (and still the most reliable) network in the country. And if its bacause of global roaming, well Verizon is starting release more international phones (ie. Samsung RENOWN) They may not have the iPhone, which is overrated, but they have a CDMA network. And all those that swear that GSM is know that most GSM 3G networks run on UMTS or aka W-CDMA! And that "more bars more places" claim I don't think means for the US, it probably means global roaming coverage. I know I have more bars on Verizon than any AT&T customer I've met. AT&T customers are constantly having to borrow my phone.

28. Brian unregistered

You are wack. Verizon is only going to be a "larger" network because they bought alltel, which is actually buying a ton of churn and debt. Att actually turned down alltel when they begged att to buy them.

16. Jyakotu unregistered

Carrier fanboyism sucks. Different networks appeal to different people. For the longest, I always thought that AT&T was more for business type customers, Verzion/Sprint for the average joe, and T-Mobile for those who want cell phones as fashion accessories. I like AT&T and I don't care if you don't. I've had great customer service with them and as far as I know, I get a signal everywhere I go. Stop bashing cell phone carriers and just enjoy your phones damn it!

19. vzw fanboy unregistered

i agree. i hate ppl who come on here and all they say is verizon is the best. it is overall coverage. i hate ppl who say, well at&t has coverage where i live and verizon doesnt. so just stick with gayt&t then. lol. i still dont understand the word fanboy.

22. Jyakotu unregistered

And you you call yourself vzw fanboy (I'm guessing it's out of sarcasm) and don't understand the word? Seriously, doesn't matter what carrier your with. Not one carrier is perfect. Everyone has a choice of a carrier that they want to be with. Why should it affect you that I

23. vzw fanboy unregistered

i understand the word but why do ppl use boy, its pretty gay to me. the reason why i put it there is bc ppl call me it any way. when have i ever said verizon is perfect? lol. i agree if there werent any choices and verizon was the only carrier that would be a monopoly and that would be bad! we need different choices of carriers. sprint needs a mint cause their service stinks lol. (on average)

24. Criscone unregistered

I love AT&T. However nobody gets service in my house. Verizon/sprint/nextel/tmobile etc. So I would buy one of these in a heartbeat. Sucks having an iPhone and No service in the house.

25. vzw fanboy unregistered

do you even have power or tv lol?

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