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AT&T launches new USBConnect modem named Quicksilver

0. phoneArena posted on 16 Oct 2008, 13:41

AT&T and Option introduce the award winning Quicksilver to the US....

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

No matter how good the device may be, it certianly won't make up for att's poor 3g speeds.

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 14:26

2. (unregistered)

haha thats right. i think Robin has at&t. Oh its Robin. You don't have any special powers, what can you do? I have this phone, Oh Wait. No Bars. Hmm.

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 14:43

3. (unregistered)

i have att and 756kbps not bad for me

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 14:59

4. (unregistered)

well 756 is bad for me at not rying to sound like a vzw fanboy but I get 1.3Mbps pretty consistantly

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 15:00

5. (unregistered)

Also I can't spell by the way

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 15:00

6. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

i have the voyager and the fastest i got was 1024 kbps.

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 03:50

14. (unregistered)

so what??even vzw is faster but they can even provide a phone with a browser that does not lag........

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 15:03

7. (unregistered)

I am on a VZW air card right now and I would be returning it if I was getting 700-1000 kps.....thats hilarious that ATT thinks its the air card that will fix their crappy network speeds. Cant wait for the CDMA I phone to come out.

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 15:08

8. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

dont foget their limited 3g coverage....get the BLACKBERRY STORM it will be even cooler!

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 16:26

9. (unregistered)

I'm on my AT&T USBConnect 881 and I get 1.6mbps from my office and home.

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 16:34

10. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

i gotta admit that is pretty fast :-)

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 17:41

11. (unregistered)

number 10 is full of crap vzw/sprint are the only ones getting speeds like that. screen shot it

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 21:00

13. (unregistered)

You're full of crap. My old VZ aircard got nothing faster than 600kbps. Just look at PCMag's review of Mobile broadband, AT&T came out on top for fastest.

posted on 16 Oct 2008, 18:38

12. CDMA Is Old (unregistered)

CDMA is an old antiquated technology that wont go any further then it already is. VZW is already looking into 4g service which is a GSM based service do some reading you CDMA Crappers.

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 07:11

15. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

also the speed has to do with signal strength and the amount of congestion on one tower. if you go to a cell site in the middle of no where it should be faster because there is limited amount of ppl using it.

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 08:11

16. sinfulta (unregistered)

#14. CDMA is not old. It came out in 1996 Publicly and is used by the Federal Government and Secret Service because it's outstanding use of bandwidth and Security. 4G is not a GSM technology, it's a WCDMA technology. Don't talk about stuff you don't know about. WCDMA, look it up anywhere. #10. - I believe his ATT getting 1.6mb Download on his ATT Connect Card. In certain markets it can be the quickest out there with no congestion. The problem is it's not ideal, because the CDMA EVDO/EVDO RevA guys can handle 10x more congestion than GSM's HSPA. Now for my market in the Bay Area HSPA gets around 1-1.3mb average, which is quick. But Sprint and Verizon are averaging much quicker with a more Robust EVDO Rev A. When I tested there store demo in the Blossom Hill San Jose store, there card got 2.1mb. I thought my laptop would never get that outside of the store but two months ago my laptop has got up to 2.2MB at my parents house in Union City, CA., but averages 1.5-1.8mb lately. (Verizon USB727)

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 10:09

17. (unregistered)

LTE is part of the GSM technology. WCDMA is part of the GSM technology. WCDMA and CDMA aren't compatible and they aren't the same thing.

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 14:58

19. (unregistered)

the 4G path for CDMA is UMB (Ultra Mobile Broadband) , but it seems like Verizon and the rest of the CDMA companies for leaning towards the LTE instead, which is the 4G path for GSM ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_Mobile_Broadband

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 15:30

20. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

dont trust everything you read on wiki! i heart verizon. *not saying its the best always tho

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 21:34

21. mr. know it all (unregistered)

WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) Wideband CDMA is a third-generation (3G) wireless standard which utilizes one 5 MHz channel for both voice and data, initially offering data speeds up to 384 Kbps. See: 3G WCDMA is also referred to as UMTS - the two terms have become interchangeable. See: UMTS WCDMA is the 3G standard that most GSM carriers are moving to. Parts of the WCDMA standard are based on GSM technology. WCDMA networks are designed to integrate with GSM networks at certain levels. Most WCDMA phones include GSM as well, for backward compatibility. WCDMA borrows certain technology ideas from CDMA, as the name implies, but is in fact very different and incompatible with phones and networks using "CDMA" technology. In Europe and Asia, WCDMA is being deployed in the all-new 2100 MHz frequency band. In North America, WCDMA is being deployed in the existing 1900 MHz (PCS) and 850 MHz (cellular) bands, as well as the newer 1700 MHz (AWS) band

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 22:35

23. Sinfulta (unregistered)

Are you guys actually reading the post? I never said WCDMA is a CDMA tecnology. What I was stating is it's not a GSM Technology, it's a migration path. WCDMA is a standalone network.

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 14:51

18. (unregistered)

#18 WCDMA is a GSM not CDMA technology, 3G for GSM is WCDMA/HSDPA/HSPA+ and for 4G path for GSM is LTE. so i don't know what u talking about ? LTE is a 4G path. so Verizon took the GSM Path for their 4G as well. You have lots of reading to do buddy !

posted on 17 Oct 2008, 22:34

22. sinfulta (unregistered)

WCDMA is not a CDMA or GSM Technology. It's a PATH for GSM to upgrade too, But does not use any core of it's network to run on. GSM phones simply become a sim card phone swap for activation purposes. It's not running on the network. What basis makes 4G is networking speeds and capacity. WCDMA is broken into code just like CDMA is. Nowhere in my post above did I say WCDMA is a CDMA technology. I state above as it is just WCDMA, Try using a WCDMA phone with only that network in a GSM only area here in the states and it will not work unless the phone has a GSM frequency on it. I do know what I'm talking about.

posted on 14 Nov 2008, 20:34

24. fejj (unregistered)

Hey I just used the Quicksilver overseas and the roaming charges were killer. Is the AT&T one unlocked - ie could I insert a Vodafone prepaid data card when travelling to Australia and New Zealand?

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