AT&T introduced the Propel from Samsung

AT&T introduced the Propel from Samsung
The previously reported Samsung Propel has been released by AT&T. The QWERTY keypad device is an answer to the increased messaging services that the industry has been seeing and is one of the four QWERTY devices that were scheduled to be released by AT&T.

The Propel comes with a 1.3-megapixel camera and supports dual-band UMTS and quad-band GSM/GPRS. The device also comes with VideoShare calling and AT&T Navigator.

It is available in blue and green as of now with a price tag of $79.99 after a 2-year contract. The red and white ones will be released in the near future.

source: AT&T



1. Yanuej Jose unregistered

This is a great option for someone that wants easy messaging without having to have a smartphone where the monthly service is more expensive. It looks really cool and fun.

2. Jyakotu unregistered

I wonder how big it looks in person. With that QWERTY keyboard, one could mistake it for a smartphone if they didn't examine the phone's OS. I'm still waiting on the Quickfire.

3. unregistered

According to dimensions I found on the net, it measures smaller than a blackberry curve, for a frame of reference.

4. unregistered

Look up the Samsung SGH-i620. It's the same phone with WinMo SP.

5. unregistered

Everywhere says that this phone is available even the att site, yet no stores have them.

6. The Man unregistered

hey is this phone a smartphone? Alot of sites say yes, but from what I've heard and seen on this site I'm guessing no.Also ist this one better than the matriz or quickfire?

7. the wemans unregistered

no its not. idk when is the review for all of these phones coming out?

8. Confused unregistered

So, this looks awesome, but MASSIVE! I'm wondering that if i get it that when im texting that it will be off balanced because of the slider design. It just looks clunky. IDK!!

9. HELP!! unregistered

i can decide! Quickfire, propel, matrix, pearl, or the Q. HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

11. ayudamwe unregistered

i say the quickfire or the matrix

10. tflex

Posts: 146; Member since: Oct 24, 2008

When will att get a real keyboard phone? I hate verizon, but the envy kills any slider than att comes out with.

12. blueeyes0927 unregistered

I got the Samsung Propel about 1 week ago. I had the Blackjack II, NO CAMPARISON, but, I am trying to get used to the slider side of this phone. I love the keypad, which is the same as Blackjack II; seems to be a good phone, but, it's NOT a PDA phone at all ! I like it, but, it's different than what I had and I will have to get used to it ~

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