AT&T gets around to releasing the Bold

AT&T gets around to releasing the Bold
As promised (most recently) the Bold has landed on AT&T and is available for purchase online and in retail locations.  AT&T cheesily plays up the election day choice of buying a Bold in their official statement, but there is nothing cheesy about the Bold's capabilities: Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, a completely reworked interface and that awesome BlackBerry email service are all at your disposal for the low, low (high) price of $299.99.  The units had its fair share of problems, which has pushed the launch back what seems like an eternity, but lets hope that AT&T made the right move and weathered the storm (no pun intended) and that US users will have nothing but smooth sailing.

BlackBerry Bold Specifications

source: AT&T



1. unregistered

About time

27. unregistered

its $350.00 at best buy with no mail in rebate

2. unregistered

wow, $399.99 without mail in rebate...good job at&t for killing the phone.

5. Jyakotu unregistered

Yeah, smartphones are never really that cheap.

7. unregistered

smart phones not cheap....dude where have you been shopping. you can go into the vzw store and get a curve for 100 or an xv6900 for 200. take some times and look around before you make another silly comment son

13. vzw sucks balls unregistered

curve is that much bc it's been out for over a yr and it outdated.

14. Jyakotu unregistered

And the Curve has been out for how long?

3. unregistered

um isnt the Q out as well granted it dosent have the BBY messenger but it has the same capabilities along with easier typing and 150 cheaper. also it makes you wonder just why it REALLY took so long to come out.

4. unregistered

Dumped Verizon and got one of these, and all I can say is WOW! Great device!

6. unregistered

maybe you will dump att to get a storm for $99

8. unregistered

Pry not

10. unregistered

The Storm isn't going to be $99. Even if it is, I wouldn't want a touchscreen device unless it comes with a keyboard. F Verizon, I'm done with them. I can make calls in my house and I don't have to deal with Verizon's constant overbilling each month.

22. VZ guy unregistered

Have you ever thought that the Storm just may be under 100 for the launch then rise in price after the holidays? It would make sense, I mean if I was in marketing that would be a good idea. As for your house, you ever thought that it's just the area that your in is not a very strong area for the CDMA coverage? And that the overbilling is really your fault, not VZW? Please do us all a favor and think before you type a comment.. Thanks for being anon too.

9. unregistered

i laught sometimes at people that actually jump carriers just because of a single phone. I think a carrier is more then just the phone the carry, granted i wouldnt get stuck with a great carrier with NO phones but come on, leave Big Red for ATT for the Bold??? Thats absurd, Big Red is getting the Omnia which i've already played with a while ago and its amazing, not to mention the storm. Also a few other handsets that Big Red is not bothering to announce.

11. unregistered

you laught huh? good thing you can spell

12. unregistered

oh yeah and P.S. Verizon sucks

19. unregistered

the bold drops call like the iphone i got one and im pissed

15. unregistered

The interface blows the old BB interface out of the water. The trackball is also pretty good too. I don't know if it was my phone, but my old Pearl's trackball seemed pretty sticky sometimes.

24. unregistered

but you can get the new software if you have verizon and a curve or pearl... im sure att had a similiar site... i just cant see how someone could pay that much... att has the curve and its a great phone.. why not just get the new software... maybe i just havent heard of the new features that make it worth 200 more but it would have to be pretty earth shattering to pay twice the cost

16. unregistered

Yes Verizon sucks. That is why their customer satisfaction, corparate numbers, customer service and reception are all better that AT&T, it's because they suck right. AT&T will be crying after 4Q 2008 because of how many people are going to leave the sub-par iPhone for the much more superior Storm.

17. Dogiefresh unregistered

A superior storm, jajaja a cell phone that doesn't even have a wi-fi come on u so smart in cell tech. and by the way tell me if the storm can make simultaneous voice and data on the redneck cdma verizon network

20. unregistered

why put wifi on a device cause most hotspots charge you and if u use wifi at home you must have spent all your money on the damn phone and dont have a computer at home

23. VZ guy unregistered

Actually yes, the Storm can multi task you can listen to music and surf the net, you talk and look up that much important stock update at the same time. Please do your homework before you type on here. because then you wouldn't seem like an idiot when you do.

18. unregistered

That's all very funny.................let's all get a jitterbug..

21. unregistered

I switched from AT&T from verizon back in august hoping that the bold would be out by then since my contract for verizon had expired. And being that verizon had no new phones coming out that appealed to me ( aside from the storm which was delayed as much as the bold was) i decided to suck it up and get the Iphone...GASP!!! i live in the Washington DC area and my experience with verizon was great in the city and decent at home at best..(to be fair where i live no carrier really gets reception past 2 bars due to a military base near by). I had been a verizon customer for 8 LONG years and have had the spectrum of "hot" phones that they've provided, which to put bluntly are crap. they cripple phones to no end for what? Honestly i hate the Iphone hype as much as any other loyal VZW fanboy out there but my iphone is the best experience ive ever had with a cell phone. ive gone through all the motorola, palm, and RIM devices that have supposedly changed the game when it comes to cell phones and ive never been happier than i am now. The network for AT&T is just as good as my Verizon Experience was, although my data speeds are faster with AT&T. Basically im happy i didnt wait for the Storm on verizon, i know people say that WIFI isnt important if you have a data plan blah blah blah, but really for a device like this it should be on there reguardless. WIFI on a Smartphone should be a standard feature! you may think you wont need it but there are times im glad i have wifi ready and waiting on my phone. Now if the Storm is really as great as everyone hopes it will be, ill just wait for GSM variant to be made (which it will) and it wont have ANY crippled features. Theres nothing worse than spending the money to buy that nice car you always wanted and pay all that money just to find out that theres no Air Conditioning or Radio in the damn thing!

25. unregistered

your speed isnt faster with att... well unless they recently upgraded that area... Edge is slow as dirt... I can understand why WIFI seems super great to you because with your Iphone you cant download anything without being in a WIFI spot... The storm was never delayed.. The date has always been late october early november. In all your probably just an att fanboy trying to mask his argument and love for the network....

28. unregistered

yes the speed is upgraded in this area to 3g, and i had 3g service with verizon as well. maybe the speed seems faster simply on a hardware basis. as for being an att fanboy, you can call me one now since i was a verizon fanboy for 8 years justifying their ridiculous actions with crappy phone choices and UI. As for having WIFI available on a phone it has nothing to do with haviong an iphone, i would just as much enjoy having wifi with an HTC phone or even t-mobiles G-1. Having wifi speed beats any network that verizon and att can come up with at the moment, and you dont have to worry about any crazy 5 gig data caps, which i was hit with on several occasions on VZW with my blackberry with e-mail in a month alone.

29. unregistered

5gig on email alone? i call shenanigans

26. unregistered

Get a life retards.

30. unregistered


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