AT&T gets BlackBerry 8300, smaller than the 8800

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AT&T gets BlackBerry 8300, smaller than the 8800
BoyGenius got his hands on the BlackBerry 8300 and dispelled the rumor that it has WiFi, at least for his unit. But still, having the AT&T menu means this one will probably join the 8800 and the Pearl on the largest USA network.
The 8300 has a few software improvements, but it is rather hybrid between the Pearl and the 8800 - it’s bigger than the Pearl and smaller than the 8800, but with great full QWERTY keyboard.

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1. gquaglia unregistered

I'm tired of GSM getting all the newest gear while those of us on CDMA get the year old crap. CDMA is by far the better and faster network.

2. unregistered

Cdma is not better....Hsdpa is faster than your beloved ev-do especially when they bump it up in 2007. Cdma is good but don't make stupid comments. GSM has a much bigger footprint. So, if your a manufacturer than you design for the technology that will benifit you financially. Later dude!

3. unregistered

Both CDMA and GSM are good, it's just the matter how your country politic on information technology is. GSM countries are ussully have an open one, because GSM network are widely connected over the world crossing countries boundery, and CDMA is cntrary to it.

4. mi_canuck unregistered

HSDPA allows for simultaneous voice and data. EV-DO doesn't. Data stops when voice call is received. Not sure if that's the true nature of EV-DO, but that's how it works with Verizon. HSDPA w/ Cingular on the other hand allows for voice and data at the same time which is awesome. For example you can have someone on speakerphone and be using google maps at the same time.

5. Rick unregistered

I noticed the 8800 has GPS and the 8300/Curve is lacking GPS. You will need to use a Bluetooth GPS adapter with it.

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