AT&T finally gives up plans to acquire T-Mobile

AT&T has finally realized what the government has been trying to get through for a while: the T-Mobile acquisition just isn't going to happen. So, AT&T is paying the breakup fee and looking to strike a roaming deal instead...
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55. Forsaken77

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I wonder if AT&T could be sued now if they network gets worse and they raise prices, or the FCC for that matter? Because as an AT&T customer it's not your fault that the FCC caused AT&T to have to give away 4billion dollars WITH SPECTRUM!!! And it was AT&T's bad decision to make the fee so damn high if the deal doesn't happen. I thought they had clauses in there for when the government butts in, like it always does, or forces beyond their control kill off the deal that they're not liable for the breakup fee? Anyhow, I bet Deutsche Telekom pockets that money for their European entities and leaves TMo floundering.

58. warlockz

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Well this sucks for ATT and Tmobile because maybe joining together would have boosted their cellular coverage not sure how Att coverage is in the rest of the states but in NYC Att and tmobiles coverage sucks. I'm paying vzw and it costs a premium to get service in buildings and its worth it! I wouldn't mind giving ATT some business or Tmobile but ATT is as expensive as vzw maybe ten bucks cheaper but for weak coverage its not worth it. At least ATT can get a nice tax deduction on that 4 billion fee lol

60. remixfa

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One thing this article didnt mention was that as part of the break up package, ATT is divesting Spectrum in like 7 or 10 top markets to help them increase their network, as well as they have a 7 year 3g cross roaming agreement in some markets.

62. Rio1983

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64. Jyakotu

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Even at the end of the day, DT still used AT&T to help improve their network because they're giving them $4 billion and some of their spectrum. Honestly, AT&T doesn't need T-Mobile, IMO. Their service is still good and their phones are amazing. I don't know why people want to always bash and hate on AT&T because when I was with them, I had nothing but great service with them. Everyone wants to come at their prices, but if the coverage is best in your area and you can afford it, then why not.? Sprint and T-Mobile are seen as value carriers: cheap prices for cheap service. AT&T and Verizon are premium carriers used by most businesses because of their coverage and even though consumers try to downgrade AT&T service, if it was THAT bad, they wouldn't be the #2 carrier. People have a choice to leave and change carriers, but apparently, AT&T service can't be that horrid if people are still staying.

66. Forsaken77

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68. Larry_ThaGr81

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Well, one part of me wants to argue that contracts are helping keep customers locked into their service agreements and that's why they aren't leaving. Look how many people left when the iPhone came to VZW. Now that I think about it, that's right before AT&T/T-mobile merger came up.

69. Larry_ThaGr81

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However, you are right about the service for each carrier depending on the consumer's location. I know AT&T service isn't that bad, but people are unhappy with the premium prices and mediocre service.

67. Larry_ThaGr81

Posts: 592; Member since: May 26, 2011

Good job government for shutting that ridiculous deal down.
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