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AT&T explains why it will block FaceTime over 3G for some users: because a loophole in the system allows it

0. phoneArena posted on 22 Aug 2012, 09:38

AT&T might be the first carrier to have ever offered the iPhone in the States, but it could also become the first to block one of the iPhone’s best built in services - FaceTime…

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posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:00 9

1. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)

just switch to verizon, f**k you at&t

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:09 8

2. eDiesel (Posts: 142; Member since: 17 Mar 2012)

You say it like their better. They stated all this crap. Trottling. Teired crap. Etc

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:27 4

3. akhi216 (Posts: 61; Member since: 01 May 2011)

Wrong. AT&Trash started tiered data and throttling before VZW. AT&Trash gets ranked worst wireless company ever year by it's own customers. Verizon customers rank it number one every year as well and they get J.D. Power Award for customer service every year too. AT&Trash got ranked the worst company in the US in a poll on consumerist.com, beating out the likes of M$ and EA $ports.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 13:44 2

22. 813shawn (Posts: 3; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

AT&T has way better customer service than Verizon does. What are you smoking? If you call up AT&T with a problem, they fix it. Try calling up Verizon, they don't care if they lose customers cause they have so many. Everyone that I know has problems with Verizons customer service. So get off your high horse, and realize that AT&T is an all around better company.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 13:59 5

24. tedkord (Posts: 14123; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I think they're both scum bag companies with their policies and prices, but as to customer service, I've never had an issue with Verizon in over 10 years that I couldn't get cleared up in a couple of calls.

The biggest issue with Verizon is the range of knowledge their reps have. Some are very knowledgeable, most seem to just make up answers on the fly.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 14:10 2

27. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

same issue with all companies.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 22:57

32. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

Remix :You once said that Tmobile is the best right ?

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:31 3

5. jaoowolabi (Posts: 201; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

no one on att gives a f**k! you know why cuz we still have the better plans! FTW

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:38 2

8. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)

shame on u AT&T.....that's why you are still the second nation's largest carrier, not first....

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:39

10. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)

*nation's second

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 13:29 2

20. getalife111 (Posts: 3; Member since: 26 Jul 2012)

you people really don't have any lives if you sit here and brag that you have the best service provider....wow

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 13:47 2

23. 813shawn (Posts: 3; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

Do you understand what bandwidth exhaustion is? The reason AT&T isnt allowing this is because this takes up a lot of data. I'd way rather be on AT&T because they limit people's data. Eventually the world is gonna run out of bandwidth spectrum because of all of these people that are streaming tons and tons of audio and video on their cell phones. Use WiFi and these problems wouldnt happen.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 18:34 1

29. 813shawn (Posts: 3; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

Verizon doesn't even operate well with the iPhone. The iPhone was originally created for AT&T and still works way better that way. Have fun Verizon customers getting all your iMessages when you hang up the phone. Haha. Stupid CDMA.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 20:33

30. Sparhawk (Posts: 75; Member since: 10 Mar 2012)

I'm glad you think it's better on AT&T. Everyone is entitled to their own delusions. Yes, currently you can't talk and surf simultaneously on Verizon's iPhone (but most people don't actually do this, and you can do it on Verizon if you connect your phone to WiFi), but with the next iPhone having LTE on board (according to rumor), that will no longer be an issue.

My VZW phone (Droid RAZR) can talk & surf simultaneously, but the only time I find myself using this feature is when I use the Google Maps Navigation while driving, and using the Bluetooth to make a phone call. This works flawlessly. My friend that has an iphone notices significantly slower phone performance and slower data speeds if they talk on the iPhone while surfing the web, and my RAZR doesn't have this problem.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 22:56

31. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

Choosing between carriers is like choosing between republicans or democrats . They are both assholes anyway so it is also like choosing you want to jump of a building or jump off a bridge

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:29 4

4. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

FaceTime isn't very good anyway, and it's only for iDevices. Let's see, free video chat on multiple platforms, or on one overpriced restrictive platform with crummy software.... Besides that, it's a data hog, so why anyone would need to use it off-WiFi is beyond me.
Apple restricted facetime from 3G, it works over free and unlimited WiFi, why complain?

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:31 4

6. jaoowolabi (Posts: 201; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

lol i just skype

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 23:02

33. thelegend6657 (unregistered)

I use both Skype and FaceTime , but the video and audio is clearer on FaceTime ,
But you know what's facetime's real problem ? Nobody Is using it , even all my friends that own apple devices . You can't connect using 3G so most calls go unanswered , there are a lot of people you can't call cause they don't have idevices so overall FaceTime is a flop

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:34 9

7. audiblenarcotic (Posts: 114; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

I really don't understand why anyone would really be using Facetime over Skype. Same goes for most of Apples proprietary applications.


Not to say that Apple's options don't work well but they are limited only to other Apple devices. Why not use something with a more broad reach?

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:54 3

12. infernal88 (Posts: 113; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

did i just read SMS in ur comment ! ...r u out of ur mind ! apple said they must not use SMS ...just dont bring that up ever again XD

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 15:58

28. bucky (Posts: 3134; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

It's actually smooth using FaceTime. I have yet to see an app on my sgs2 that rivals its ease, connection strength and audio quality.

How does a regular SMS/mms have any advantage over imessage?

I like Dropbox but it still doesn't put things automatically on all of my devices like apps, SMS, pics and music.

posted on 23 Aug 2012, 09:11

36. audiblenarcotic (Posts: 114; Member since: 16 Nov 2011)

You clearly did not actually get the point of what I'm saying. They are all better then the Apple variant because you can use them with people who don't have Apple products. By using these you are not trapped by Apples proprietary restrictions.

Skype is the easiest to use video chat platform that allows you to talk with anyone regardless of whether they are using an iPhone, Andriod, Mac, or PC. Also, you aren't forced to only use it while connected to WiFi.

iMessage isn't doing anything you can't do with SMS/MMS except limiting who you can message with it.

Dropbox can back up all of the things that you listed with the exception of Apps. But it has clear advantages when it comes to its ability to be used accross all platforms. Again breaking free from the restriction of being forced into an all Apple situation. Plus the fact that with dropbox you can better manage the files that you have backed up on thier cloud service as well as have public folders to be able to easily share files.

I hope this clears things up for you.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:38 1

9. DigitalMD (Posts: 226; Member since: 17 Feb 2010)

Irrelevant because the future of smartphone or indeed having no future, actually depends on if cell carriers continue the trend of charging more for less. If they continue to escalate usage costs, then the smart phone craze is doomed and there won;t be any need to innovate.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 12:50 2

18. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Couldn't agree with you more! For the first time in a very long time, I will be riding out my entire two year contract with the same phone in hopes that eventually VZW with change these shared data plans. If they want my unlimited plan they are gonna have to do a lot better than what they are currently offering. If not, I will keep my current 1400 min plan, downgrade to a feature phone, and use my iPad and an Android tablet as smartphone replacements.

Yes, I LOVE my Razr, but I'm not gonna pay through the nose for mobile Internet access. I've lived a good chunk of my life without a smartphone, so going back isn't that big of a deal to me.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:52

11. phonton (Posts: 65; Member since: 27 Dec 2011)

First data cap on unlimited data plan.. Next block Facetime.. hmm it ll keep coming one by one.. But I remember one of the AT&T exec saying, the day is not far when ppl ll start using DATA ONLY plan... ROFL who knows how many "small asterix's" would be associated by then!

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 10:57

13. JunitoNH (Posts: 1934; Member since: 15 Feb 2012)

Problem is, AT&T is still angry with Apple. Angry, not exclusive provider of iPhone, angry about the high subsidized phones, and particular angry about the whole iMessage fiasco. IF you noticed they are trying to do anything possible to stick it to Apple.

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 11:27

14. dha_george (Posts: 54; Member since: 27 Jan 2010)

thats how ive been taking it. just a middle finger at apple from at&t

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 11:41

15. whoisnetworkdood (banned) (Posts: 27; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

oh well....

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 12:43

16. 1ceTr0n (Posts: 549; Member since: 20 May 2012)

Uh, what the hell is Facetime anyway? And yes, i'm on ATT with a Note

posted on 22 Aug 2012, 13:25 2

19. whoisnetworkdood (banned) (Posts: 27; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

facetime is really nothing...kind of like that show Seinfeld...

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