AT&T details 2008 phone lineup

AT&T details 2008 phone lineup
The folks over at Boy Genius Report have snagged an official AT&T document dated September 17th, and it contains some important release dates for phones that we've been waiting for. The following phones have launch dates:

  • BlackBerry Pearl in pink: October 2nd
  • Motorola V9x (black version of the V9 with GPS): October 2nd
  • Pantech C740 in red, navy, and green: October 14th
  • BlackBerry 8320 in "navy" color: October 21st
  • Samsung Mirage i907: October 21st
  • HTC Fuze will launch on October 23nd
  • Nokia 6650 in red and silver: October 23rd
  • Regular BlackBerry Curve and Palm Treo 680 are discontinued

Now for the bad news. According to the document, the BlackBerry Bold has been pushed back yet again to November, and no reason has been cited. Believe us, we feel your pain.

Source: BGR



1. unregistered

I think they are going to seperate the launch of the mirage (omnia) and fuze by more than 2 days. Albeit one has a keyboard, and one doesn't, they are going to hurt one handsets sales. I wouldn't expect HTC and Samsung to be too happy with the "Largest" garbage coverage in the US...

2. unregistered

Not for nothing since this would considered an internal doc AT&T doesn't need to give a reason why they are pushing back the launch of a handset.

3. unregistered

thats the truth terrible coverage ....more bars in more places really means you can expect to frequent more bars more often to try and get more drunk :O)

5. unregistered


6. unregistered

The funny thing about you all commenting like this about att clearly is not going to hurt them at all. For years, people tlked bad about att but at the sme time they still hold the #1 spot as cell phone service(look it up). Everybody has a right to speak there mind and have an opinion about anything and everything, but you all sound like your angry cause you know att is number one. Make sure you get a real life and a real hobby other than always coming on here saying very ignorant things and think you sound cool(not talking about everybody). Every carrier fits somebody, thats why they have more than one for you to choose.

7. vzw fanboy unregistered

hey buddy, at&t/cingular is older than verizon and they just started in 2000 so of course at&t would lead in customers. But verizon is catching up and fast! haha lol. its pretty sad i cant even get on AT&Ts website and have to go to google to find it. i would think it would be at& or and when i go to, it brings me to the actual at&t site and thats an extra step to get to wireless. or easy as pie.

8. unregistered

ATT's adds have nothing to do with AMERICAN coverage. they are including all of their "global" partners to get that "more bars, more places" add. They tried to say they had the best coverage in america last year, and got sued to death over it because it was a lie. they have really crappy service in america compared to the CDMA carriers (verizon,sprint) and lie to you about it like crazy.

9. unregistered

simply wow, you have no idea what you talking about

10. unregistered

Actually, AT&T owns and operates more towers in the U.S. than any other carrier. The most significant differnece between AT&T's service and other carriers is that AT&T uses a lower bandwidth (850Mhz) and a technology (GSM) that does not penetrate structures and is more easily affected by foliage, weather, terrain, etc. The trade-out for this is that GSM is the worldwide standard for cellular service. CDMA (Sprint, Alltel, VZW, etc.) is used pretty much only in North America and parts of the Carribean. This means that AT&T phones can be used in more places around the world (over 220 countries) than CDMA carriers. It also means that it's alot easier to use non-AT&T equipment on the AT&T network since all you need is the phone's unlock code and AT&T's SIM card will work in the phone. CDMA carriers are very limited in their ability to do this since the phones have to be programmed manually with the carriers' SOCs, SIDs, and Electronic Serial Numbers. Also, you do get to use an AT&T phone in more places in the U.S. than any carrier, because they own specctrum licenses in more markets than any other U.S. carrier and they are the only caree to own licenses in all Top 100 markets.

11. unregistered

Well put. Methinks you work for att

12. unregistered

You were so close Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, and USC all use 850 bands other then that and Verizon also owns spectrum in the top 100 markets to so does Sprint but not 100% sure. Other then the rest of your one sided comments I have no issues with your AT&T is better then the rest of everyone else... I love fanboys... In any case check your facts before spitting out random facts.

13. unregistered

actually CDMA is supported in 180 countries FAIL turd

14. unregistered

They all use the 850 bands yes, but att/tmobile use GSM rather than CDMA that verizon/sprint/alltel use. same frequency, different kind of signal. You ever tried using a CDMA phone on a GSM network? I don't think it's going to happen. I'm not a fanboy in the least bit, I just think your post is the pot calling the kettle black. Last I checked, facts can hardly be considered one sided.

19. BLikens unregistered

20. BLikens unregistered

CDMA uses the 800 band retard.

21. BigRed83

Posts: 144; Member since: May 19, 2008

Here's my .02 While you are correct about GSM being the global standard, and the interference that GSM is subceptible to, there are a few things to consider. By your own argument, CDMA is more reliable. Fine. This particular user is a US citizen who hasn't travelled out of the country in over 10 years. I use my phone domestically, and need signal wherever I go in the US. I get that from Verizon, which I haven't gotten from at&t, tmob, or sprint. This is not a slam against your lineage, your choice of carrier, politics, or the iPhone. I have nothing against the most over-hyped piece of plastic since the Rubik's cube. I need a smartphone, not a featurephone. My i-760 works just fine for me. When VZW gets the Touch Pro (Raphael, whatever), I will most likely sacrifice a limb to get it. I gotta play with it 1st. Let the flaming commence!! BTW, I am a tech for VZW, not a VZW employee. Big difference. I can choose any carrier I want, and I have done just that.

23. unregistered

no before verizon changed their name they were bell atlantic mobility.that has been aroung just as long as at&t/cingular.know what your talking about.

24. vzw fanboy unregistered

w/e but they started counting from the 69.2 million people in 2000 according to vzw.

26. Raiders15 unregistered

You are a moron in more ways than one... if you type it brings you right to the web page. The "&" sign is not used in older HTML code format as a "letter" so it could not be used when the address was created. I say use what makes you happy and switch as often as need, its good business. Do not live in the shadow of fanboyism, VZ isn't right for everyone. I have had a few different services in my time with, the last time I switched was when my plan/contract was up wit VZ I did not like the phones they offered and was treated poorly by in-store customer sevice, I left and found AT&T more than happy to take my monthly payments.

28. unregistered

Grammar and spell check!

29. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha what idiot chooses their carrier based on costomer service and when i go to it says page cannot be found. th epoint is its hard to get to. i base my carrier based on coverage not costumer service, the phones they offer, or their prices, just coverage, that the most important thing right?

30. unregistered


31. je suis bete unregistered

However, when someone says what carrier do you have, you dont say wireless at&t. I agree if i was looking for at&t i would search it in Google also.

32. unregistered


41. nik unregistered

to vzw fanboy: try it before you post

42. unregistered

vzw fan boy ... you almost had it!

43. vzw fanboy unregistered

i know what it is now. but if i were a 30 yearold person looking to buy a cellphone from at&t, i doubt many would know what website to go to, when i go to attwireless, it doesnt work, it says internal service error!

44. unregistered

The new URL for AT&T Wireless is below:

46. unregistered

Hey buddy?.... You all just sound so silly and ill-informed. You should venture into some formal research, maybe you could learn something, let's hope you pick up some grammatical training as well. Ciao!

47. unregistered

u r terminated

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