AT&T Tilt announced

AT&T Tilt announced
After months of rumors, AT&T finally announced the successor of the 8525, the AT&T Tilt which will be available for purchase tomorrow, October 5, for $299.99 with two-year contract. It has similar form factor, but after its full QWERTY keyboard is revealed, the 2.8” QVGA touch display can tilt at an angle for more comfortable usage.

This is the first Windows Mobile 6 (Professional) device AT&T will offer and comes with all the benefits of this OS. Featuring integrated GPS, Tilt also comes with Telenav application for navigation, but others can also be installed. As it is quad-band GSM and tri-band HSDPA device, the Tilt will take advantage of AT&T’s high-speed HSDPA network but can also use local wireless LAN ones, as it has WiFi.

If you are not familiar with it, please read our AT&T Tilt Review (TYTN II Review) or view its specifications.

source: AT&T



1. Shawn unregistered

That's the way to do it. At least one carrier has a brain. Great product!

2. David unregistered

The Tilt (most advanced pda phone available in the US) or a two year old Verizon 6700? Knock-out punch to Verizon.

3. Sarah unregistered

Coolest phone I've seen in a long time. May give iphone a good run for the money!

4. Michael unregistered

Um, Sarah, both the iPhone and the Tilt are exclusive to AT&T so I don't think they will care which phone someone buys since they will be making the dough no matter what.

5. zak unregistered

so with the release of the tilt,will the 8525 still be available directly from cingular and will it be considerably cheaper??

6. Kazer929 unregistered

Why would you ever compare the Tilt to the XV6700? Tilt (brand new phone) XV6700 (old model phone being replaced shortly) "You people" don't make any sense at all! uneducated opinions really make you sound like just that... pretty cool features on that thing however its HUGE! VZW getting it's "booty" kicked? lol I don't see that at all happening, if you compare VZW's technology to any other carriers VZW is way ahead of the game, spend more money on their network per year, and it shows. . . Compare VZW's TV phones with the competitors... No competition... how about video messaging.... VZW 30 second clips on most new phones as opposed to horrible quality much shorter video messages from ANY other carrier. I've had almost all the other carriers available in the US, gotta tell ya, when comparing my dropped calls that I have experienced with VZW over the past 3 years, with what I was used to with other not so "up to par" carriers, it makes me extremely happy to be VZW's customer. I think if you can be bought by the latest phone just because it "tilts" it doesnt say much for you.... Im sure flashing lights, or shiny surfaces would do it for you as well... lol Not surprised. There's a reason why VZW doesnt come out with every piece of junk phone that all the other carriers fall over 1. stricter testing, 2. VZW's strong point isnt the equipment, its seriously the service, its something you obviously take for granted however for those who know... we enjoy the reliability of a phone that will make a call and keep it until we want it to end, whenever and wherever we are....

7. Levi unregistered

Wow, spoken like true person who thinks they know everything. If your going to sit here and knock on "other companies" mabey you should get your facts straight about those... "other companies." haha its people like you who honestly keepme goin....vzw.... although a grat company, dont get me wrong, does not even compare to the new att in my opinion. ive had both companies and if you want to compare drop calls ill run with you all day. as far as the equipment goes? wow man you need to really do research before trying to sound like you are the all knowing master of mobile technology. The tilt, although "flashy and shiney" as you so well put it, is and extremley durable and reliable phone with features unlike any phone verizon carries. if your argument is about the network, i owuld gladly take either a pre paid phone or this tilt and rest easy knowing that wherever and whenever i try to make a call, it will go through, which ...i wish i could have said when i was with this holy company you praise so much of. Please, spare us and do your research before you try to sound like an all out know it all. Thank you for your time,

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