AT&T Mobile TV Info Revealed

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AT&T Mobile TV Info Revealed
According to unnamed sources, AT&T will launch their Mobile TV service on May 4. There will be three packages available: Limited, Basic and Plus. The pricing and content will be nearly identical to Verizon's VCast TV service, which is to be expected as they both utilize the MediaFLO service. The Basic package runs $13/month and includes Fox Mobile, CBS Mobile, NBC, and NBC News. Limited is $2 more and adds Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, CNN Mobile and ESPN. Lastly, the Plus package comes in at $30/month and gives subscribers an exclusive Sony Pictures channel. This Sony channel is exclusive to AT&T, but we question if it's worth the extra $15/month.

As we have known for a while, the two devices available at launch are the LG Vu and Samsung Access.

Source: Boy Genius Report



1. phone guy unregistered

The plus package includes unlimited media net and CV.

2. Jole55 unregistered

An extra $15.00 for sony movie channel? AUFM??? For that same $15.00 a month I can rent 4 sony movies and watch them on the big screen with surround sound. Ya its cool on the go but I would bet the average mobile tv user doesn't have 2+ hours or battery life to watch an enitre movie on the go. It would be worth it for $2-5 dollars a month. Not $15.00

3. A guy unregistered

Depending on the situation the and condition of the phone MediaFLO doesnt require that much power additionally using headphones, believe it or not, eats less battery power. I have the LG VX 9400 and a Voyager (obviously not with AT&T) but I have had time where I was watching mobile tv for about 4hrs with still 2 bars on the battery when I was done.

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