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AT&T GoPhone unlimited calling plan costs $3 a day

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AT&T GoPhone unlimited calling plan costs $3 a day
AT&T is now offering a new unlimited GoPhone pay as you go calling option. You will be charged $3 no matter how much you talk for any day you have sent or received voice calls. This means that if you talk every day, it´s going to cost $93 or less. Moreover, no roaming or long distance charges will be applied. Text messages and data traffic usage are at the same rates as other pay as you go plans.

In addition, for those who stick to calling mainly other AT&T subscribers, the carrier offers an Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile plan. For $1 a day, it allows you to talk with any AT&T customer as much as you want, while other calls are taxed $0.10.

source: AT&T

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