AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110 gets the pink treatment

AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110 gets the pink treatment
We're used to seeing various colors coming from Research In Motion to the various carriers, however AT&T's latest variation of the Pearl 8110 is quite interesting. Sporting a pink keypad and a pink swirl background, the phone is sure to please lovers of pink. The phone should be available at AT&T retail stores and online soon.

Source: Engadget Mobile



1. RyanKing unregistered

It's a really good idea that goes beyond just the usual marketing of solid colors, patterns that draw attention to detail and make the users feel, "Unique."

2. unregistered

I want that phone

3. unregistered

My phone doesnt look like that :( thats not right they make this one when I got stuck with the plain gray one!! Its alright I am getting the bold anyways

4. unregistered

I want that phone

6. unregistered

yes. yes you are a homo

5. unregistered

3G Pearl would be nice.

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