A stylish Palm Holster comes from Sprint

A stylish Palm Holster comes from Sprint
Palm Pre's release date is still a mystery, but the first accessories for the device have already started to surface. The newest addition in this category, according to PalmWebOS site, is a stylish, plastic holster that will be offered by Sprint. The accessory, currently marketed as “AGF Holster with shell door” will hold the smartphone with its face inwards and has a hinge-operated see-through door that allows you to view the Pre without removing it from the holster. The opening mechanism is specifically designed to work smooth and open slowly in order to reduce the risk of accidental dropping of the phone. According to the source, the holster will probably set you back around $30. Okay, so how much for the Pre then?

Palm Pre Preliminary Specifications

via: PalmWebOS


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1. belve14

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Im very happy about the palm pre and the case looks spectacular. But all the hype with the apps and a new case but no info on a release date is not cool. I hope this phone lives up to all the energy and time that has been invested in it. This is Palms last call lol.

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