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A modern smartphone or a vintage supercomputer: which is more powerful?

That smartphone you're holding is a technological marvel. Inside it are packed processors that would have been considered out of this world several decades ago. As a matter of fact, many of the early supercomputers fall behind modern smartphones when it comes to computational power...
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The Deepblue that defeated World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov analyzes 200 million positions per second. My QuadCore Snapdragon 800 running the strongest chess engine Stockfish is just 500 thousand positions per second. If my math is right DeepBlue thinks 400 times faster than my smartphone.


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Why does the article use the iRipOFF as the model for comparison? ... Probably trying to make fun of those "Ole school computers" by saying: "See, those Ole things can't even whip 'an overpriced inferior-spec'd eyeCandy"!


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I want my money back. I bought a Smart-Phone, but I am still stupid ....


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@Nick What would be more interesting to me is to know what power the current smartphone (smartdragon 200, smartdragon 400, smartdragon 600, smartdragon 800, tegra 2, tegra 3, tegra 4, exynos, mediatek) has compared to normal computer CPU such as 286, 386, 486, pentium, pentium mmx, pentium 2, pentium 3, pentium 4, atom, ....


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Having lived long enough to remember man's landing on the moon and having worked for a computer company with large mainframe processing power ('79 - '81) nothing surprises me when it comes to man's ability to innovate. Stay tuned for chip knowledge based and GPS implants, bionic lenses, and thought control of robots.


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made up numbers. no way a galaxy s5 has more computing power than a core i5 cpu.