A major 3G network expansion for AT&T

A major 3G network expansion for AT&T
On Wednesday, AT&T announced its planned expansion of the 3G market it services. It includes 80 new cities in the US increasing the number of locations where the network is accessible to up to 350. In order to achieve that, by the end of 2008, AT&T will place more than 1500 additional cells nationwide. The plans of the biggest US wireless provider also include,”establishing a clear path to a 4G network “, which will serve the future needs of its customers.

source: AT&T via IntoMobile



1. Gib unregistered

its good to hear they are adding more 3G areas....they are definitely lagging in that regard

2. BigHeeb unregistered

What's the point of adding more 3G towers when 4G is coming right around the corner? By the time they're done upgrading 3G, 4G will be ready to go. Just a thought.

3. unregistered

4G will not happen til end of 2008 or sometime in 2009. Qualcomm and IBM are working on 4G for CDMA. As for GSM, which uses TMDA framework, I have no clue who will be helping them with 4G

4. Craig unregistered

They are expanding 3G to make it more available just like the EDGE network, for when 4G arrives. Mainly for the users that are not in major US cities, so they can also experiance high speed access even if its not 4G instead of EDGE in 2009... Make sense?

5. Ralph unregistered

It's comments like this(without research, just what you want to believe), that keep us from being better informed... FYI Verizon Wireless(The U.S. largest CDMA carrier) has picked LTE(a technology upgrade designed from GSM for GSM) as their 4G upgrade path.

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