A Storm blows through the FCC

A Storm blows through the FCC
Nothing really new here to report seeing as how most of the documents are classified, but FCC approval means it's coming soon!  For the nerdiest of the nerds hit the FCC link to peruse through the most boring documents you'll ever read.

source: FCC via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

i cant wait for this thing 2 come out. we just got all the accessories for it shipped to the store yesterday. that means its right around the corner.

2. unregistered

really? whats available for it? other than car chargers..I work for an agent and even though the agent channel is verizons second cheapest activation(after internet of course) we usually get the short end of stick... are there any silicon covers or plastic snap-ons? i dont know about you but i cant wait for all the new acts!!

10. unregistered

we got 3 in 1 chargers (home,car and pc) and also silicone skins for it in a bunch of colors

3. unregistered

$300 after rebates...

4. vzw fanboy unregistered

i want this phone and i bet the touch screen is going to be wayy better than my voyager.

15. unregistered

I had the chance to play with a live Storm 2 days ago at an BB sponsored event. The touch screen is a lot better than the voyager. They even had a drawing to win one.

5. some guy unregistered

we'll see it out on the ninth

6. unregistered

that's NOT nice.lol but i do agree they need to STOP following Steve Jobs coat trail and come up with their own ideas. the sad part is they are not the only one following Apple and the G1 Teen-Mobile look like a fake Iphone. i will say it AGAIN, there will never be a Iphone Killa ya can keep on dreaming about it and that's ONLY APPLE second phone. that's scary! they just got on the phone business

8. unregistered

well although everything you are saying maybe true. It goes the same for all things that come out. That's the nature of business. It's not so much the the following of the coat tails of Mr. Jobs. But more so the thrill of competition and, "how can we make what he did BETTER!" If you want to be correct, LG really started the whole touch screen deal, when the PRADA was set to drop. There may not be an IPhone killer but there are a whole lot of drops out right now that top a lot of what the IPhone already does...just better. Especially video capture.

12. unregistered

The iPhone is not what its billed as. To call it a Smart Phone is a stretch. Its not much different than say a Voyager or a Dare except it does just a tiny bit more than those can with apps. Brew Apps, for example, aren't as robust as iPhone apps. However, it wasn't built as a business OS but as a fun OS. Its missing many things that many other phones have like Turn By Turn Audible Directions, TRUE corporate E-mail, Document Editing, Video Recording, and a few other things that the Storm comes with out of the box. If your battery goes bad, you gotta go to Apple for it to be fixed. The closest Apple Store to me is 45 minutes away. If I fill up my 8GB iPhone(just an example I don't have an iPhone) I have to remove things. With the storm I jsut pop out my memory card and pop in a fresh 16GB one and now I've got 24GB of total storage between the 2 cards and an additional 1gb in the phone. The storm quite possibly is an iPhone killer. It just won't happen because there are too many people out there that follow hype and Apple is good at hype.

7. unregistered

Release date according to our corporate is the 16th. Plus all stores are listing it for the that release date.

9. unregistered

last thing we heard, it was coming on the 9th... where do you get the 16th?

11. unregistered

i was told the 2nd... but he may be right cause its not on the mail in rebates forms and those go tell the 15th

13. unregistered

unless they make a separate rebate for it.. like they did when one of the pda got a new rebate that was more... it think it was like two months ago... cant remember the phone thou...

14. unregistered

ooooo i want the the iphone so baddddd... its the coolest. the coolest of the cool, and you know why? it comes with white ear pieces. WOWWWW!!! can you sense the sarcasm. lol yeah cant call a phone the best just cause the screen is bright and the touch is smooth...the phone has to actually work good without need a update twice a month just to make a phone call. you know that truck in the back is the best truck o the street right now. i have to take it into the shop every other week cause it breaks down but dammnnnn it looks good duhhhhh

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