9 megapixel cameraphones on the horizon

9 megapixel cameraphones on the horizon
Digital Imaging Systems, a German company, has announced the availability of the DIS6931 9 megapixel camera for mobile devices. It has a CMOS sensor with auto-focus, ND filter and a mechanical shutter and also features the ability to be upgraded to higher resolutions via software. It can achieve auto-focus in under 300ms, and features an industry best sub-200ms shutter speed allowing for better images of fast moving objects. It can capture video at 720p and 20fps. Now how is Samsung going to fit 9 into a name?

via: Cell Phone Digest



1. toni81 unregistered

useless . no camera phone can't compare with digital camera aparat

3. unregistered

but hey you could blow up the blury picture and past in on the side of a skyscraper at least

2. unregistered

this would be amazing!

4. unregistered

maybe, and maybe not... time will show :)

5. unregistered

Only incompetent people could use a 9 MP camera in their phones. If you really want 9 MP to take pictures just buy a Nikon or any other camera.

6. xenon unregistered

oooooooooooooooh noooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! better 10 mp mistress

7. unregistered

Lessthanzach Think I will stick with my Canon XSi 12 MP DSLR when I need to take a nice pic. I have an LG Dare with a 3.2 MP schneider kreznach lens. It takes better pictures than any other phone before it, but in regards to image quality, you can stuff as many megapixels into a camera as you want and they will still look blurry, dark, grainy, and washed out until companies can figure out how to get a larger lense (that is glass, not plastic) and higher ISOs for better low light shooting. The video recording at 720p is pretty nice. Also, the CMOS sensor is a nice addition, I am curious to see how it improves pic quality.

8. phone user unregistered

what people dont understand is that consumers are not looking for phn to replace high tech camra, we only want a good all in one device so we dont have to carry everything, look at mp3 capabilities in phones these days its normal and noone is complaining except people dont dont want complicated phones. if its includeded then so be it, if if you dont want it, then dont buy it. there are other options.

9. unregistered


10. unregistered

All in one device, ahmen!

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