8 Android apps to optimize your boozing

8 Android apps to optimize your boozing
When it comes to using your cell phone to assist you in an evening (or morning, hey we're not here to judge) adventure fueled by adult beverages, the average handset was limited to calling a cab, figuring out what time it is, and mixing drinks with those retractable antennas. (Apparently they were supposed to give you better reception, but they did a better job of mixing a Jack and Coke on the fly.)

In today’s post-feature phone universe, your smartphone is your wingman. There are apps out there to help bring you to booze, get liquor in you faster, get you home, and everything in between. Today we’re going to take a look at a few must have apps when you’re getting drunk with Android. So without further ado, let’s get Andrunk!




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Im goin to download liquor run mobile seems the best of all.. when im at a friends house or club its always good to know were your nearest liquor store is .. lol looking at the phone while drinking is not the best idea though!

4. remixfa

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BOOZING! woot! :) be careful with that BAC app. how much alchohol is in your blood is very dependant on size, weight, liver & kidney function, tolerance,ect. It might be a nice guestimate but dont take it as fact.

3. digicon

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What about untappd.com ? That's all about Beers !

2. Phullofphil

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Boozing awesome!!! I like boozing but hat the after part

1. Phullofphil

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First yeah

6. issa8

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run into a bus

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