8 Android 5.0 Lollipop features missing in Apple's iOS 8

At this point, Android 5.0 Lollipop and iOS 8 are fully mature and featured mobile competitors that have mostly grown past catching up to each other. Now, their developers spend their time and money on making each operating system's features bigger and better than the competing platform's..
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60. Awalker

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I would think that the people who go into the settings menu and enable apps to be installed from unknown sources (after being warned by a pop up message stating that their phone could attacked or damaged if enabled) know what they're doing.

57. Awalker

Posts: 1968; Member since: Aug 15, 2013

It's also great for developers who want feedback from a beta version of an app.

44. duke594

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4. You can not read the memory of an Encrypted Android phone through Mass storage option unless you have unlocked the phone first. If the person knows the pass-phrase then your encryption is broken anyways. How about Apples lack of understanding how easy 4 digit pins / thumb prints are to crack. I mean end users leave thumb prints all over their own phone. Android allows you to use a longer pin codes i.e. 8+ digits or a secure password. Plus Android used thumb print unlock years before Apple and consumers didn't want it/ buy phones with it (not saying no one bought them just not enough for there to be a market for it). 6. Google Wallet with NFC, need I say more.... (cough cough Apple Pay cough cough)....

72. Leo_MC

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4 digit pin is very easy to break... if you have weeks to wait beteewn attempts (offcource Apple gives you the choice to use a passphrase, if that's what you want). After you use Touch ID come back to talk about it. Yes, where can I - EU citizen - use Google Wallet?


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Well, its not a easy as tv shows and hollywood spy movies make it out to be. Also, they would have to basically steal your phone, as the entire process is very long and takes days, only with a said number of attempts. And if I were to steal your phone, I would probaly just wipe it and sell it on the aftermarket. Also, you can set multiple digit passwords on iOS. Just turn off simple passcode, and then set a passcode w/ only numbers. Wait, so you are saying that Android had a insecure piece of tech years before Apple did? This is a good thing how? I love how apple haters say that fingerprint sensors are bad, and then go on to say how they had them 1st.


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#8: I agree. After using my moms camera controls on her smartphone(Moto G) to take pics for her, I cant wait to get back to iOS camera controls. Also, in iOS 8 they allowed developers to specificly control things like the digital shutter speed, exposure, and ISO to allow them to make apps for specific camera controls(Camera+ is a great example). That's what I like about Apple, instead of integrating these things into there OS and clutering things up, they give developers tools to make apps, thus allowing for greater innovation. This is what Apple did with the App Store.

30. LiquidGalaxy

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Another troll bait article - only fanboys need comment here...Next!

43. jroc74

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lol.. I do think a couple of things mentioned is part of Apple's philosophy so it wasnt worth including in the article. (and could be troll/fanboy bait) Most tho...will be interesting to see if/when Apple does something similar.

36. ilayron8

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9. Changing OS's files legally and developing / installing ROMs. 10. Open Source.


Posts: 10; Member since: Oct 25, 2014

Yes, but Open Source is both a pro and a con.

47. razraptre

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Apple fans stop complaining, they did one for Android's missing features as well. Neither OS is perfect. I'd like to see one with Windows Phone 8.1 as well.

48. sirijo

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Clearly half of these "missing features" are simple fan baiting 3) Security features - a ridiculous comparison and by your own admission 3 is enough. This is here to inflate the list. 4) USB mass storage. You forget to point out that plenty of Android devices have set storage limits and more importantly its a way of securing user data and making the device less susceptible to hacking. 5) NFC. Aside from new payment options (which Apple now have a take on) - which have hardly become the norm for the average user, what are all your Android people doing on a to day basis with NFC? Nothing. The tech is there. But a compelling use case integrated into the average users life hasn't materialized yet, so why bother supporting it? I believe the Bluetooth chip in the iPhone 5 and 5S could be modified by firmware to support NFC if a reason to had come about by now but here we are years later and the best use of NFC is Skylanders and you lucky Android users aren't playing that on your commute are you? 7) Installing web apps. Preposterous comment, the whole point of apps on the Apple (and Windows Phone) stores are they have been vetted by a human being. A person has been paid to run some usability and security checks on the software your installing. Whilst this can never be a perfect system you avoid the uncertainty that comes with installing apps from anywhere. And before any Android champions come out to flame me down with how wrong I am about the security issues regarding installing apps from the web, think about the last time you sat with a family members PC that was riddled with malware because "I didn't like the Poker on this website so I tried these other six instead and now my internet has 42 toolbars" You could spin these the other way against the Google philosophy quite easily. For example 4) With USB mass storage you could unwittingly transmit a virus from your work to your home. Someone could even install a virus on your phone by swapping your microSD card if you left your phone unattended. This virus could then install itself on your pc and send secret information to hackers. iOS users are safe from this because you cannot easily change the storage and can only add or remove photos without using iTunes.

61. jroc74

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I agree about security risks. But Amazon App Store....huge android store and this is the only way to install it. 7 isnt preposterous IMO...its just security is the con of having that feature. If thats preposterous, than desktop, laptop OS's are preposterous. They could also be locked down, have an app store only. Take Linux, Its called repos or something, I think Ubuntu does call it software center. Imagine if on your desktop, laptop all software had to come from the companies software store. That world doesnt sound to great now....does it. Just because its a phone doesnt mean it has to be totally locked down. Ppl make calls from their PC now. So it cant be a security concern just because its phones. I am in the process of cleaning someone's PC now that has been virus, malware ridden for years. IMO some ppl just need to have a limited account. Even if they bought the PC. I think I might just set that up, because all they use it for is resumes, paying bills, browsing the web. Her son is going to be upset tho....


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Thats a computer.


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Yes, but smart phones essentially evolved around Apple making the AppStore. Because of smartphones limted screen size, support, and at the time speed, they had to have a custom built API.

66. penguyen25

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To your comment about family members with PC problems. 0. People who install web apps are usually people who know what they are doing which has been mentioned before. Furthermore, how many people have you heard about had their phone's microSD card swapped and had a virus? Yes there is the possibility. Is it really plausible? No. Just because you use NFC to play Skylanders doesn't mean others do. I personally use it to set up hotspots to alter my settings instantaneously based on the setting I'm in, whether it be work, home, or school. Your arguments have very little validity here. And not only that, but these features have been with Android since KitKat and before. It's nice to see Apple trying to catch up to Android so that way Google can push out newer and groundbreaking updates.

50. JonathanC

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Are you guys for real? Do you all realize this internet bickering is over phones? I've never once had someone talk to me like everyone here when in person talking about this stuff, likely because they realize how foolish they'd sound. I wake up and take my iPhone 6 off of the charger. Use it all day and plug it in when needed. I have a few chargers around, one in each car and a couple battery packs that come in handy with any device. I've used an iPhone since the first one when there were no android phones. I also used PC's then went to Mac. I bought the Motorola Droid then a couple months later the HTC whatever-it-was-called. I went back to apple because I just preferred it. That simple. I'm married with two kids (9 and 5) and we all had Apple devices. If I was an android user we'd all have android devices. Guess what.... I get the same stuff accomplishes as I would with any other quality device. This fighting though is just stupid. My mom and her husband have an S4 and Note 3. None of us have ever once gotten into it over which is better. I work as a security consultant and in an executive protection detail. We are quite capable of fighting if need be. Guess what.... None of us ever fight over what is better. My god, it just sounds so stupid and petty. I love my apple products. You know what? I think the android stuff is great too! Both have their pros and cons. What I like is what I like, that simple. I like the iPhone slightly better for my needs. The iphone 6 so far has been really good. Sure I'd like to see a few changes but I'm content with what I have because it does what I need when I need it. Come over to the Mercedes forum. See how we welcome BMW owners and speak highly of their cars as well. No fighting, just grown up conversation looking at the benefits of each product. If someone called me a jackass to my face because I prefer an iPhone to an android, I don't know whether he'd be leaving with a couple less teeth or I'd be walking away laughing that someone was that obsessed that he insulted me because of my choice in phones. Get a life and treat each other with respect. The way you all speak to each other is absolutely wrong regardless of the reason. Jon

52. JonathanC

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....oh, and sure I'd love better battery life and appreciate not having to make sure I have a charger with me. It's no big deal topping it off once throughout the day if needed, but it's not ideal. Having said that, my life has not fallen apart. I am rarely in an office yet still keep my phone charged. I'd give up 1mm for better battery life, but it wasn't up to me. I do think the commercials are funny where the iPhone users are looking for chargers. I tried a battery case but I need the protection of lifeproof (still waiting on the new one), so a battery pack has to do if I need to charge it while out. That is a rare event though as the iPhone 6 lasts me until I'm home in the evening. It's my days off when I only have my phone with me and not an iPad and it's used a lot more than normal. Still, not THAT big of a deal.

55. yunikmaha

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speaking the truth, most of the features are not really needed for IOS expect for the battery saving mode. The last one on your list is called piracy and even if apple allows other features listed there, apple will certainly won't allow that one(NEVER)

58. jroc74

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But its not just used for piracy. Post #28 already did a good explaining other uses. Unless using the Amazon App Store is piracy now.. And thats the only way to install it.

59. DnB925Art

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Not all apps distributed outside the Google Play Store are pirated. See my post #28.

62. TimCook

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63. srgonu

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Just 8?. Should be 80+

67. gigaraga

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iOS is 'definitely' the 'MOST' advanced operation mobile system. Definitely. When it doesn't even have mass storage mode (for starters).

68. LuckyS

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Android phone can much more than these few things.

71. -box-

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All but maybe one or two of these are also on Windows Phone. Would have made for a slightly longer article to include them, but would have included it. IOS is a joke and always has been.


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There is also a reverse article on this.

86. treymok

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I fail to understand what arguing with Apple users is supposed to accomplish.
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