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60 apps downloaded on each iOS product

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60 apps downloaded on each iOS product

As the App Store is just about to pass the 10 billion downloaded apps mark, Asymco took some statistics for analysis to find out that an average of 60 applications are downloaded on each Apple product with iOS. The staggering number does not necessarily denote paid apps, but nevertheless comes to show a stronger tie between the Apple ecosystem and its users.

The topic is particularly interesting as Android devices are gaining momentum and switching between platforms will require leaving all the apps of one platform behind. The data also shows that if app downloads grow at such a rate they will outnumber iTunes song downloads by somewhere around March 2011.

The Asymco report also mentions that end user investment in apps is more than in songs, which boosts the impact of apps on other media. Did you invest much in apps and do you feel tied to Apple's (or Android's) ecosystem?

source: Asymco via SlashGear

60 apps downloaded on each iOS product

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