6 everyday things that are tough to do with a 6" phone

Love it or hate it, those behemoth 6-inchers are here to stay, it seems, and no matter how excellent of a screen-to-body ratio they sport, with that screen diagonal they are proving to be quite problematic in many everyday interactions a typical handset goes through...
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i turn on my phone when i wake up, which is ard 6am. and by the time i get home from school, which is ard 7pm my battery would normally be ard the 40-55% range. i use my phone quite a lot, im almost always on it even during class, usually replying messages on Whatsapp, Line and FB Messenger. On my commute home and to school i check twitter, insta and tumblr (the tumblr app drains the battery quite a bit tho, even on my older phones). my journey to school takes 2 hours and so does my journey home. the battery life is pretty good i would say

56. SemperFiV12

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@ th313thKing & @ Donut With you guys as well, nice choice of devices. I would definitely wait it out "13th", it would be so worth it when you get a brand new device with all the "goodies". Unless you can afford to get one now AND when a newer one comes out, go for it! But as Android matures and Samsung's features add up... as well as the hardware upgrading... Note 4, by default (in theory), would be a monster of a device. Delayed gratification ;)

66. The13thKing

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Yes, you are right at 1000%, the Note 4 will be an amazing device and will wipe the floor with the GS5 .. Problem is, I can't stand my broken screen anymore and I want to buy a new phone now .. the GS5 has all the "new" things that would convince me to buy it .. and no, I would not upgrade to the Note, it's expensive plus I want to get myself a new laptop and an xbox one .. I guess I'll get the GS6 or Note 5 next year lol .. thanks for the advice btw


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either way you cant go wrong imo. just get the best device that suit your needs :)

71. The13thKing

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1000% bro ..

8. infinitemethod

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I am not sure how I survived before my Note 2 and 3. I can't even type on my wife's iPhone 5, it is just way too cramped and small. Go big or go home, kids!

57. SemperFiV12

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64. Diezparda

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never like an iPhone but i own iPad and iPod touch 5th gen so i know the experience with small screen device, it's just weird to use iPod narrow screen ratio to browse the web, texting? i mistyped a lot. Playing games with small screen is no fun either, i'm using it only for listening music because it easier to use compared to other DAP.

9. FingerMyApple unregistered

BIg size phone is designed to those who failed to get a big car, a big house, and failed to achieve big goal, they start to feel insecure and end up getting a big phone just to make themselves comfortable. Most successful businessman I see are using small and elegant device because they tired of big stuff already :)


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by far the dumbest put down of large screened handsets

26. FingerMyApple unregistered

Guess I have to clarify more, of course im not gonna blame the elderly getting big screen phone due to their optic issues. and of course small and elegant device can be referred to good old Nokia n95, BlackBerries where they can still make a great call quality to their clients who can deliver millions of profits to them. No reason for them to get touchscreen or any latest tech device because as I said they tired of all these big stuff already. Guess my username is misleading everyone :)


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no matter what you were trying to put across with that comment clearly didn't come across as you intended it to. your explanation did nth to help either. all i can say is, personal preference. some people like big phones, and others like smaller ones. who are you to say that big phones are for people who want make up for being "failures"? respect people's choices and preferences. if i were to flip it the other way and call people "pu$$ies" for their preference of smaller phones, that wouldn't be very nice would it?

14. sum182

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Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel better.

25. Mrmark

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Which is why Apple phones are getting bigger!

29. FingerMyApple unregistered

It's an exceptional case because it has Apple logo on the back ;)


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fanboy alert! *rolls eyes*

42. Nikolas.Oliver

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Does the nexus 5 count as "big"?

49. Edward_bly

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To me, doesn't seem like it.

11. twens

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Since I lost my note 3 and went back to the iPhone 5 I always find myself missing to hit the like button on phonearena. They should increase the size of the like button for us tinny screen iPhone users. Browsing the site on Safari is a pain in the ass especially if you want to comment. PA please optimize your site for safari on iPhone. The screen is too small.

17. ArtSim98

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I had no difficulties in switching from N9 to Z2, even is the size difference is huge.

65. aldridhl

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If an android came out the size of an N9, with high end specs, I'd be all over that. There really is a market for small, yet high end..

18. Agarwalm214

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And this size would be perfect when an iphone would be launched with 5.5' screen..:D then we will see a post on PA describing the uses of a big screen :P

28. Mrmark

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Yes I can see the words now! ..."Apple done it right with the 5.5 inch screen ...while every other manufacturer is pushing out 8 inch's phones Apple uses the perfect size in your hands 5.5inch... "

48. Edward_bly

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Now lets look at 3 everyday things that are tough to do with a 3in. phone. :P

22. papss unregistered

Going back and forth between my L1520 and the m8 has proven problematic due to the size difference. I now prefer the size jump to the smaller m8

24. 1ceTr0n

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Don't care. Phablet forever! I'll never go back to smaller after going Note.

31. Mrmark

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I agree! I had the S3 then the Note2 .... Then the S4 because of all the gimmicks and 1080p screen but actually disliked the phone more than the S3 and recommended the GN2 over the S4! Sold the S4 got the HTC One but I needed my big phone fix so I debated between the Note 3 (clearly the better choice ) or the HTC Max ... I got the Max ... And love it! Looks and feels way better than the Note 3 although Note 3 spec wise is better! I am more happy with HTC Max. Screen real estate and Speakers 1080p SLCD 3 is why I chose the device ... Everything I use a phone for .... Not to take pictures. But if I need to take one its to capture the moment not to win a photo contest.

40. 0kax0el0

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I've tried touchscreen phones from 2.4" inches (Moto Ming) all the way up to 6" (LG G Flex) and even though I have big hands, I think 4.5" to 5" is the right size... at least for me. That size is big enough for reading, watching movies, browsing the web, and small enough to fit without problems in my shirt pocket for quick access even when driving. Sometimes I just need to read if I'm gona meet my girlfriend on X or Y spot when I'm already on my way, doing so with the flex is cumbersome, never mind trying to answer.

41. alumoyo

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"Speaking of phablets, the phone that warranted the coinage of that term, Samsung's Galaxy Note, featured an "only" 5.3" display when it launched." I distinctly remember it was the original 5 inch Dell Streak that got the nickname Phablet first! It must be fun MAKING UP HISTORY like that! http://www.gsmarena.com/dell_streak-3353.php

45. networkdood

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I am never going back to sub 5.5 inch phone, again...right now, I am using the Coolpad 9976A...phone does everything well..awesome cinema sound and screen quality..great for games and movies..especially game emulators...
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