5 things that would've made the Sony Xperia XZ Premium a better phone


Sony has just announced its second 4K smartphone — the Xperia XZ Premium — and it is as shiny and as powerful as expected. Melding top-of-the-line hardware with the Z series' industrial design has given us a powerful jewel of a smartphone, which is capable of pushing a 2160 x 3840 pixel resolution at all times, instead of only when watching pictures and video.

But as pretty and as impressive as it is, the Xperia XZ Premium is not the perfect smartphone. Call it nitpicking, or call it a reasonable wishlist, we found 5 things that rub us the wrong way about the XZ Premium... or, well, a lack of 5 things. Check out our list below, feel free to add to it via the comments section.

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