5 experimental Android apps that let you have fun with cool visual effects

5 experimental Android apps that let you have fun with cool visual effects
Hey, are you interested in some unusual Android apps? Feel free to check these out. They showcase Android app development at its most experimental and have plenty of fun times potential! So feel free to give them a whirl and experiment with the features and functionality they have to offer. We have some original games, weird psychedelic filters, three-dimensional drawing, and other cool stuff invented by creative app developers.

The effects are made possible by Android's APIs and the device's built-in sensors, so they give you ample opportunity to witness that Google mojo in action. Moreover, the apps are free and full of character!



1. WallStreet

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2. SamDH1

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There's a few more too, and they are mostly made by Google employee's just having some fun with tech. CUZ. WHY. NOT.

3. Zack_2014

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4. xondk

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Definitely trippy, not sure what they'd be used or people using them any more then 5 minutes but definitely trippy.

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