4 things that could have made the LG G Flex2 an even better smartphone

The newest intriguing proof of LG's engineering prowess, which is known as G Flex2, is already a fact. Smaller and a little bit more curved than the progenitor of its bent line, the new G Flex has a number of interesting features and specs sheet entries, most of which will leave the true smartphone tech-head moderately salivating - for instance, just mentioning the Snapdragon 810 silicon workhorse has the potential to grasp your full attention.

Frankly said, there's nothing wrong with the device or its specs sheet - the G Flex2 has nothing to be ashamed of at all. However, being the tech-heads we are, we couldn't resist over-analyzing the G Flex2 and pointing out some notable omissions that could have made it an even better and more polished phone.

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