3G iPhone to be priced at $200?

3G iPhone to be priced at $200?
Fortune.CNN is quoting a “familiar with the strategy” person who claims that AT&T is preparing to subsidize $200 of the 3G iPhone price. This means that a customer who signs a two-year contract, will have to pay $199 or $299, respectively for the 8GB or the16GB variant.

The additional new information is that the new design will shave 2.5mm off the thickness (as in previous speculations) of the current model. According to it, the 3G iPhone will have an integrated GPS for navigation and location-based applications, which sounds very logical.

source: Fortune via EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

YEAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably not though, we all wish!!!

2. LK unregistered

I find this hard to believe. Apple products are many things, but they are not cheap. I don't expect them to reduce the exclusivity of the iPhone (and potential profits) by axing the price.

4. vzwemp unregistered

apple only stands to gain profits by att subsidizing their price. Apple still gets paid whatever they got paid before. ATT pays for the difference and makes it up on service. It is the way all cell companies run in the US. You get a cheaper phone that way, but slightly more expencive service, instead of paying full retail for a phone. Who wants to pay full retail? The crappy samsung u340 is like 150 full retail, or free on an upgrade. which would you prefer? $200 something iphone or voyager, or $500/600?? the phone companies dont lose any money on discounting, because its discounted through the service provider.

7. lordvadert49

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so true

3. dynasty82 unregistered

if this were the case i would gladly buy one. thats an excelent price for a great phone. 199 is about what the average consumer is willing to spend on a decent phone. when you start getting into the 300.00 range people are more reluctant to switch there service. this would be compensated directly by att

5. unregistered

true, but don't forget the expensive monthly fees

6. Xyberz unregistered

Expensive compared to who? The iPhone data plan is $20 per month with 200 text. As for now, it's not that great compared to T-Mobile, but then again T-Mobile isn't the greatest service out there and are loosing lots of customers to both AT&T and Verizon. Once it goes 3G, then it would be retarded to use a non-3G carrier with a 3G capable phone.

8. arredondo unregistered

thats one way to get paid come out with the expensive one first let every body that can afford it get it than come out with some thing for us poor people .... but 3g its needed for the i phone anyways its kind of slow lol if it had a video rec. it would make it even better but im getting the .VU.

9. FerneyZan unregistered

But does it still have no keyboard.. A few friends that have the phone complain about the lack of a keyboard..

10. lild unregistered

The Iphone is still 500/ 600 dollars its just that this time AT&T is pay the other half as part of the 2 year contract

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