360-Degrees view of the LG enV2 for Verizon

360-Degrees view of the LG enV2 for Verizon
As CTIA gets closer next week, more information is coming out about Verizon's upcoming phones. Today we learned that the LG VX9100 is officially going to be branded the enV2, as previously rumored. At launch, the enV2 will be made avaliable in Black and Maroon color options and will feature a QVGA internal display, 2MP camera, stereo speakers, updated themes, microUSB data port, and microSDHC memory card slot. The external of the phone is more streamlined, with a larger dial pad and standard TFT display.

LG's 360-Degrees view of the enV2.
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Pictures of the enV2.

source: LG



1. George unregistered

That looks like an awsome phone WAY better than the enV. GO VERIZON!

2. T-Money3000 unregistered

Looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. DMBrazil unregistered

It goes without saying that this phone looks great, but is there any more information on release date or price? And if not, when can with expect to get that very important information....

4. DeeMan unregistered

A friend of mine says that Verizon already has the phone listed on the their rebate slips. When they give out the 8 1/2 by 11 size rebates, the phone is listed on there ... as well as some other upcoming Verizon phones. I assume they will be out by the summer.

21. linda unregistered

How will you be able to get the rebate slips?

5. debo unregistered

Don't get too excited ... the UI is a new look same design which is about as boring as plain oatmeal. They still couldn't enlarge the outside screen so it was easier to see which is a shame. When Vzw gets the clue and gives the Option of open access for their phones then maybe they might grab enough market share to be considered number#1 until then its blah blah blah.

6. some guy unregistered

they'll just buy their way to being biggest, they already make the most money and most profit...once Verizon obtains Qwest's contract.................but on a more serious note, this phone looks ugly, but better keyboard which will be nice

7. unregistered

Phone is being released this month

8. killingthemonkey unregistered

You obviously haven't been paying attention. We were the biggest until AT&T bought Cingular, or was it the other way around? Does it really matter? Some neat devices, but sub-par service. We'll blow past them again, shortly.

9. lessthanzach unregistered

Ignorant people make me irate! Out of all the carriers out there you have to constantly spew shit about how VZW sucks and lock everything and how att and sprint are way better. Get a freaking clue and pick up a magazine. Make it JD Powers or Consumer Reports; and then go to school and pick up a couple of books there and get an education .... Then maybe come back to this post and list something relevant and noteworthy. #7 is right, vzw was number one until ATT suffered identity crisis. The phones are great phones and though may not have a lot of free features or open UI which is hack friendly but if you use a couple of brain cells you can have free ringtones, wall papers, full length movies, and whatever you want on your phone. On a lighter note: EnV2 will be released on an undisclosed day this month for $129.99 on a 2 yr contract.

10. unregistered

Today in my inbox from Verizon PR: "The enV2 will be available on May 19 or within that week. "

12. unregistered

yup, just ordered mine over the phone :-)

13. unregistered

Phone coming out April 30th called up Verizon

14. katrina unregistered

how do you order one?

15. vanessa unregistered

OH, YOU WANTED TO TAKE A PIC AT NIGHT with the env2? well take your flashlight cus theres NO FLASH on this camera (just like the voyager) SCREWED up another phone!!!

16. mandy dandi unregistered

this is the look at me generation. i want a flash on my phone!! i thought it was cool till i went to that link. omg how gay!

17. T-Money3000 unregistered

just came back for updates , im am dissapointed to see this phone dont come with a flash, thats why i didnt get the venus or voyager. i want my moneys worth , i hope they add one before they release it. anyway or ill just stick with my samsung Again. i know im just a dude, but i like the camera to be top notch

18. George unregistered

LOVE THE KEYBOARD! ..no flash on camera PROTEST

19. Jenny unregistered


20. Foxbat2 unregistered

Uhhhh.....The voyager has what's called "night shot". No flash required with this type of option. Do your research, then post guys.

22. unregistered

this phone (LG enV2) is the best phone ive ever seen.. lucky me im getting it ^^

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