360 Degrees view! -- Test it!

360 Degrees view! -- Test it!
Hi All,
Phone Arena is getting ready to offer you a great new feature called 360 Degrees View. The name pretty much says it all, so we will not explain in-depth how it works, but will just give you the opportunity to test it and let us know what you think! If you have a suggestion for improvement or found a bug, don't post it in the Comments, but send it in an email to suggestions@phonearena.com or use the linked form. You can use the Comments section to ask questions if something is unclear about the 360 Degrees View and how it works. This is still in testing phase, so some issues may be encountered. Enjoy!



1. FerneyZAN unregistered

This an awesome feature for the website.. But I noticed that when I use my mouse to move the phone around, it rotates the wrong way.. Is that right? Usually if you move ur mouse right it moves right etc etc.. I also try the navigational buttons to move the phone around, and everything seems to work just fine except the LEFT and RIGHT buttons whcih do the same thing as the mouse go in the WRONG direction instead..

2. Ake unregistered

Sorry to be picky :P but they specificly asked you to not post bugs in coments hehe. but i agree, its a great addition to the site but ive always woundered what the glas plate are doing on the back in thies things haha.

3. GripperDon unregistered

Very Nice, Welcome feature. All features work great. Zoom is especiall good.

4. ralph unregistered

it wud be great if u use a mouse wid a hand pointer instead of control panel on the side to move it around....and wud be cool to see it in ACTUAL SIZE...^_^...kip rocking P.A.

5. Pressian unregistered

to #4 - you can use the mouse to rotate it...

6. xev unregistered

it would be nice to be able to rotate it on a horizontal axis. like its flipping over itself. so u can see from top/bottom view. otherwise a very nice tool

7. unregistered

not bad at all keep it up and it lets u get more depth of the phone sweet...

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