32GB Microsoft Surface Tablet gives you just 16-20GB of free space

So you bought a 32GB version of the Microsoft Surface tablet. But according to Microsoft, you will only have 16-20GB of free space to store pictures, videos and tunes; the rest of the space is being used for recovery tools and other things...
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25. Mobile-X-Pert

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This is the reason why there is no 16GB version of the Surface RT...so 499.99 for the 16GB version plus SD card slot is pretty reasonable.

27. MorePhonesThanNeeded

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Stop trying to rationalize rubbish, Windows is a bloated OS has always been and it still continues this. Windows recovery tools takes up 5GB of space and then OS with Windows RT and some app eat up another 8GB...are you serious? Then you want to tell me about Cloud storage and USB drives? Do I look like I want to carry around a USB drive with me for everything, when I'm already toting a 10"+ Surface and it's accessories? SD card storage is a plus in my eyes, but for a first attempt, this thing blows. Lackluster screen resolution, weak performance from the CPU/GPU, pricey for what it's offering and the ARM models aren't a fully compatible windows OS...it needs apps from the windows 8 store to use with it...this is what people are saying is a decent attempt at a tablet? When the competition is pushing the boundaries with screen resolution and quality, OS that do not murder the usable storage space, full fledge OS and can take advantage of hundreds of thousands of apps already available for the platform...cheaper as well...why is there any reason to switch? Where's the compelling argument that is pro surface? I'm completely astonished at this storage revelation, I was already cringing at the thought of 23GB usable out of 32GB on a Surface RT...that is some serious storage loss right there. By comparison how much does Android and iOS take up?

34. phil2n

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IOS charge their 16 gb for 150 bucks. that is almost half of the price of surface
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