1985 interview of Steve Jobs envisions "nationwide communications network"

Steve Jobs was a visionary, and while he also was quite a polarizing figure, it is always interesting to read about things that he said thirty years ago. Jobs was interviewed for Playboy back in 1985. At the time, having a computer in the home was unusual. As Jobs said in the interview, "The primary reasons to buy a computer for your home now are that you want to do some business work at home or you want to run educational software for yourself or your children."...
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48. darkkjedii

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They're stupid, simple, haters dude. Simply read their comments, especially #33. I got a headache from trying to decipher it.

88. corporateJP

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So...now...basically Apple will come out and say that Steve Jobs first thought of cellular service, they'll produce a napkin with the sketch of a stick figure using a tin can on a string with another stick figure and a tin can on the other end, and sue everyone saying that this was originally their idea. GFY...

91. frustyak

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I must have missed that interview, I was busy looking at the pictures.

95. shahrooz

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Daaayuuuuuum, you know your game PA, well played

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