16GB Apple iPhone now available with AT&T

16GB Apple iPhone now available with AT&T

As expected (see below), the 16GB variant is now available on the Apple.com webpage! For $499 with a contract with AT&T, you can get the 16GB version of the music phone. The price of the 8GB remains unchanged, $399, but these are expected to decrease in the near future.

The AT&T site currently lists only the 8GB variant for normal customers, but the 16GB one is in the "Business Center"

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We've received information that today, AT&T will release the 16GB variant of the iPhone. The exact time is 7AM Pacific time, which is ... after quarter of an hour. There have been rumors about this version of the iPod-phone for a long, but it is just now it looks legit. Expect an update with official information soon!



1. unregistered

It will be funny when people buy the 16GB model. Then months later, the 8GB is discontinued and 16GB becomes cheaper. And all of the people who first purchase the 16GB will be upset. Just like what happen to the 4GB model

2. t1 unregistered

its not just for the business center you can go to wireless.att.com and buy the 16gb right now.

3. sinfulta unregistered

If you read what was wrote above. Phonearena.com was being "sarcastic" when they put the "business center", in quotes. We all know it's for everyone. And it will happen again... Just like they did with all the Ipods.

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