15 tips and tricks to improve battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

There is an interesting trend going on with modern smartphones over the last several years – big advancements are made in nearly all hardware and software areas, but battery life always seems to improve at a slower pace...
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19. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Take your own advice, sissy.

26. sissy246

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Don't be butt hurt because the s8 and s8+ are awesome phones.

29. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I'm not. The value of the Galaxy S8 will drop tremendously by July.

38. TechieXP1969

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So what. Why not turn off things you don't need? In the winter you don't need air conditioners running. Do you turn them on anyways? If you aren't cooking, do you turn your stove on anyways, just because its their? I'm curious as to why turning off features you don't need that cause needless battery drain is all of a sudden an issue. Oh I know, because the phones you all love don't have any. Yet they cost equally the same or MORE. The S8+ was $850. My iPhone 7 Plus was $880 For $30 less I got a 60% larger battery, a free Gear VR, Premium headphones, double the resolutions, fast charging and so so so much more. First off i have a better solutions. Most people don't need the features of the Galaxy S. The best solution is don't buy it if battery life is that important to you. Oh and the iPhone doesn't even have half the features and there is nothing to turn off and yet it drains faster than any Galaxy S or Note and needs battery packs. I've never used a battery pack with an S except when I am on vacation where I will be in a park where I will be using the phone more often and wont have a way to charge it. Or when I bike ride because the battery will drain faster do to the screen being on because I record my rides and because of GPS route tracking. Based on "my" usage I will get 1.5 days of usage from a single charge. I got 1.5 - 2.5 days from my Note 7. The phone is never gonna die on me. Charger at home, charger at work, charger in the car if I need it. So far its rare I ever do until its time for a full charge. I will need to recharge every other day. Which means I am getting good life even with all the bells and whistles turned on. You all trying to make a big deal of nothing.

11. sissy246

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15. VasiliS7

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Yes... Just click the link. There in no need to do enything. The battery is grate even with heavy usage.

16. VasiliS7

Posts: 196; Member since: Jan 10, 2017

.. The battery is great not grate.

17. Klinton

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Wow, This article was made to suggest that battery battery might not be as good, as expected for many ppl. You just mocked at this article with this link. And the guy from the video said, he even didn't turn off the features on GS8+(that didn't even exist on iPhone 7+) And still GS8+ has almost double battery life that ''best battery life phone''(according the MSM) ROTFL

24. ibend

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right, on PA's battery test - iPhone 7plus 9h5m - S8+ 8h on reality, S8+ beat i7+ with ~40% battery left that iPhone has smaller screen, and airplane mode turned on, and still lose.. lol..

25. TechTrolls

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Changing the screen resolution to FHD won't make a difference in battery. When you turn it down, it is just Scaling to FHD. Which means that the pixels will still be on and using battery. It will have an effect when you are playing games because it will render in FHD, but you can do that whenever you launch games from Game Launcher app. Keep it at QHD and use Game Launcher to render games at FHD

43. Macready

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Yes it does, as also demonstrated here:https://tweakers.net/reviews/5325/7/samsung-galaxy-s8-en-s8+-sexy-smartphone-blijkt-behoorlijk-trouw-accuduur.html That's 11 to 14% longer battery life (roughly an hour extra SoT) when switching from 2960x1440 to 2220x1080. Measured for both models.

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