$100 rubber bumpers for the iPhone 4?

$100 rubber bumpers for the iPhone 4?
Earlier today, we reported about a solution for the iPhone 4's connectivity problem that would cost you about $1 at the most. On the other end of the spectrum, you can head over to eBay and pay $99.99 for a genuine rubber Bumper for the iPhone 4. Looking at the completed sales for the item, quite a number have been sold at prices ranging from $30 to $40 and one was apparently purchased for $99.99. There are also some being offered on eBay for less than $3 with free shipping. So do your research before you go out and spend a lot of money for what is essentially a piece of plastic.

Apple iPhone 4 Specifications | Review

source: eBay via 9to5mac



16. wade1968

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I would like Phone arena to slow do in their search for more capital. I would like for people to try and do the same thing.

6. hallfrankg

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There are so many pop up ADS here on this site I cant even read the post with out closing them over and over again.. My pop up blocker does not stop them geezzz

7. gambino37

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Yea I noticed the same thing. What gives? It just started recently. And some of them dont even have a close button in the corner. Super gay.

11. ace1122

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The worst ones are the ones where they are in the text with the green font and if you scroll over them they pop up. They annoy the heck out of me. If PA got rid of those id be happy. Very happy!

13. hcbarclay

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then they couldnt afford to have this lovely site!

15. PapaJay224

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I sent a "Tip" to the writers letting know the issue sendit using the "tip us" section and notify them so it will stop...its freking rediculous

18. elpuser

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Wow not one pop-up AD for me yet, I'm using Google Chrome, sooo!

5. anthonygolovey

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thats on EBAY not APPLE PRICE you morons, it costs 29.00 dollars at an APPLE store.

10. jherz6

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Whell who is the moran? The peoson who buys the case to make a phone work properly or Apple for releasing it bfore it was ready?


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The iSheep will never do anything to soil the name of their master. They are loyal and obedient, sort of like a cult. There is nothing wrong with the iPhone4, just needs a $100 rubber bumper, and all will be well again. BAAAAHAAAA!

4. PapaJay224

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8. DonkeyPunched

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WOW! That was the funniest you tube video! Thanks, you made my day.

12. iHateCrapple

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PapaJays was better

14. BlackberryUser

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By Far

17. elpuser

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That shit was too fumy, I had to watch it 3 times, lol WALGREENS

2. Fallout

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PT Barnum was right

1. tedkord

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Better advice: Do your research before you spend alot of money on a fundamentally flawed product (that any tech school student could have predicted) from a company that will only deny the issue, tell you to chill, and blame you for holding it wrong.

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