10 outstanding Apple Watch features

Apple has set the stage for another big event on March 9th, when it is expected to tell us more about the Apple Watch. We already know a lot: the timepiece will arrive sometime in April…
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86. TechieXP1969

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So I want to compare those 1o things to the Gear S: 1 - Subtle Notification. The Gear S Allows for receiving notifications in different ways. First, All the clock faces have a different way of showing a notification. Most show a number, some have an actual icon shaped like a person which has a small bubble that pops up like a thought bubble, it also has a full screen dedicated to them as well. Not only can I read, buT I can replay via voice, typing or pre-made messages. OH, and I can do this without pulling or pushing them from my phone. Which you cant with the Apple Watch. 2 - Sending a coded message to another person - I don't have that per se. However, I can make coded messages too, and I can share them with a person even if they don't have a Gear S. They can have any phone, including an iPhone, Windows Phone or whatever. This is exclusive to the Apple Watch and requires another person have an Apple Watch. That sucks. 3 - The Health thingie - I like the look. But I'm not interested in how often I stand up. If you stand up, that means you likely are gonna walk, I don't know anyone who stands for the heck of it. To me that's one in the same. 4 - Taking calls. I could wait for this one. You all criticized the first Gear, Gear Live, Neo and Live for requiring the phone to answer calls and make calls. Why aren't you doing the same here. The Gear S can do both and don't require a phone. In fact IT IS A PHONE. I can make/receive calls, send/receive texts, net notifications from apps and never even own a smartphone. This is a huge plus. I can also remain connected to my phone remotely over the cellular connection to my phone for apps that don't support this feature natively. The downside is the Gear has its own phone number. But I can forward any cell phone calls to it, even if I forget too. How? Since the S is 3G connected, I can forward my calls at anytime as long as I am at least remotely connected to my phone. Which it does automatically if I leave my phone behind.

87. TechieXP1969

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cont'd - 5 - Nice touch, I don't have that. I have typical GPS navigation with voice on onscreen alerts. Again its a nice touch but dumb, because you are gonna have to look at the screen anyways if you have no idea where you are. To assume the watch is telling you right is dumb. Because recall, Apple Maps directed people right on to a runway at an airport. 6 - How are emoticons outstanding? 7 - You're saying the working monitoring is accurate, though you have yet to even test it. Based on rumor if they prove true, it will only last a couple hours at best. If that ends up being true, how will it give you an accurate working if its off? Also you haven't even tested it. Using my Gear S, It seems fairly accurate. When I walk to the train, I actually count my steps in my head. It is impossible for the steps counter to be 100% accurate is why. Bike computers are more accurate because some of them require you to input your tire width and circumference. The computer will adjust time and distance based on GPU location and how fast you arrive and does the math to calculate the distance correctly. Everyone has a different pace, different shoe size. Based on my shoe size, I know my front door to the front door of the train station is 2093 steps. When I look at my device, its usually off by several either high or low of about 20 to 30 steps on average. Unless I use the Nike app which I did which is how I found out how many steps I take, I know the normal app isn't accurate and the Apple watch wont be either.

88. TechieXP1969

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cont'd 8 - The Gear S is IP67 certified like the Galaxy S5 against dust and water period. IP67 is an industry wide excepted protocol for this. What exactly is Apple using? What is the certification? Is it standard of is I made up like their screen resolutions? 9 - Sending a location? Even tho there is no app installed to do this, there are 3rd part apps available that do that and more. 10 - How is a solar tracker outstanding? Really? I have both solar and lunar. Its just not 1st party.

89. TechieXP1969

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I really want to revisit #4. Right here you shown that you are a hypocrite. Again, the original Galaxy Gear was criticized for having the need to be tied to a phone to make and receive calls. The Apple Watch is 100% identical to this, and Apple should/could have added 4G or 3G easily since at the time it was shown, no one had a 3G enabled smartwatch. But here you claim this is outstanding? Seriously? Oh and let me add this, you also criticized Samsung saying, in order to install apps and put media on the Gear it required again being hooked to your phone. Why is this ok on Apple's product? With the Gear S, you don't need a phone to install apps, the phone does make it easier. But, I can actually use Samsung Kies to install apps and media. Also, with the charging dock, if I plug it into my PC, it opens up in Windows as mass storage. Which means I see the watches internal storage just like I do with my phone. I can move media with a simple drop and drag, try that with the Apple Watch. In other words, I can buy the Gear S as a standalone watch, with no phone, set it up with no phone, move media and use all of the features on it with no phone at all, but you criticized this when the original Gear couldn't, but its ok for the Apple Watch to fail in this manner? Just wow. Anyways back on topic. The watch is cute. Uses a similar design to watches from the 80's which is not an exaggeration. But comparing cost, I paid 299 for my Gear S, and Apple wants 349 for the cheap one; and yet again you're paying more just for looks and it isn't a standalone device. The only thing you can use as standalone is the health apps. HAH! What other sensors des it have or capabilities? Because the Gear S has, 3G, WiFi, UV, Heart Rate, Bluetooth which when I go workout or ride, I can take my Bluetooth headphones and listen to music, can the Apple Watch use BT to headphones for audio? If I had Lupus, does the iPhone have a UV sensor to tell me its to hot and I better cover up? If you are running late and you leave your phone at home, will you still get your calls, or do you need to be even later and run back and get your phone?
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