1.5 million T-Mobile G1s pre-ordered

1.5 million T-Mobile G1s pre-ordered
The first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, will launch in nine days, on October 22. After it was announced last month, a “limited number” of existing customers were given the chance to pre-order it. It has sold out and T-Mobile has tripled its order to HTC (the manufacturer of the phone). However, these also have been sold out. This means that about 1.5 million Google Android powered phones have been pre-ordered and will hit the customers soon. Is this success? We think so. It’s definitely not the 10 million mark that iPhone 3G may have met, but remember how long it took Apple to sell a million of the original iPhone, when it was available only with AT&T – 74 days.

T-Mobile G1 Specifications

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1. unregistered

the masses have spoken: open > closed. Apple had an opportunity to not only revolutionize the industry but to become the undisputed leader, but instead insisted on staying rigid and will soon be left behind by google and all that is good

2. unregistered

wow...haha that was a pretty profound statement! hahaha i feel like starting a revolution after reading that! very moving

3. unregistered

viva android!

4. unregistered

I am calling absolute BS on this. I work for T Mobile in their corporate headquarters here in the East Coast and our numbers for pre-ordered here was 106k last week. So either they are counting world wide or this is a HUGE fabrication in order to get people interested. Sort of like when T Mobile reported 1 million side kick LXs re-ordered. Then it took 4 months to hit the 1 million mark.

6. unregistered

well i work for t mobile also and i totally second that.....this s*** is total bull s***......and dont tell anyone but the g1 #$%^&...i love the iphone!!!!!

7. God unregistered

hmmm... Interesting. Maybe it is based off of the global market. Or maybe it is based off of how many phones T-mobile preordered from HTC. It could be a little mix up in the wording.

8. unregistered

WOW I am Amazed on how much your backing up THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR!!! Even if this is true you shouldn't be downgrading the company you work for. If you Love the IPHONE so much then go work for ATT and leave Tmobile alone. I know you guys/girls are going to starting "attacking" me bout this but if you really dislike the company you work for and are not going to back their products, just quit. i think you should put your REAL names on here. I would have more Respect for you if you do that rather than to just sit there talking crap bout tmobile and continue to work for them.

9. unregistered

so you want him to put his name here so he can get fired. then you'll have more respect for him. And its not like he sold his soul to t-mobile. He can get whatever phone he wants and still work for t-mobile. He shouldn't do that, but that doesn't mean he can't. It doesn't make him any worse of a person by doing that. And he probably has the old iphone unlocked in his service.

11. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008

I doubt someone who works in the T-Mobile headquarters would post here....unless they're the janitor

13. unregistered

yeah i want him to put his name on here so he can get fired cause if someine is working for a company and is talking down the company well then i think he should get fired. Your right he can get any phone he wants my point is don't down grade the company you work for... if he realls dislikes them then he should leave to a company where he will have FULL PRIDE over.

15. unregistered


5. unregistered

so there 10 million iphone 3gs but maybe 2 million of them can access the 3g network ill stick with my first gen since att has no plans to give my 3g in my area

10. unregistered

I'll stick with my 3g since I do get it in my area.

14. unregistered

Ill stick with Verizon since I get true 3G in both your areas. LOL.

16. unregistered

And i'll stick with my Instinct cause it totally rapes!!!

12. EzDOESit! unregistered

I find this article interesting this is the First T-Mobile Android HTC that just came out, I can imagine how many the 2nd one from T-Mobile will do. DON'T TALK LET THE NUMBERS DO THAT!

17. VZW Employee unregistered

Who the hell cares on the exact number of how many were pre-ordered already. I actually got to demo one the other day at a local T-Mobile store here and from the looks of it that phone is awesome. I like how you can bring up the menu icon screen, tap and hold the application you want and can move it to the main desktop screen. Hopefully by the time I decide to get mine if there are any bugs they would be fix by then. So, I'm figuring maybe Decemeber or sometime after that I would be getting one for myself.

18. unregistered

It's just that the world already too damn much iphone fanboys, it's like aids.

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