1 of 3 iPhone 3G customers switched, half from VZW

A new report says that one third of iPhone 3G buyers were new AT&T customers, and Big Red bled the most...
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39. unregistered


44. Midnight unregistered

Storm, nuff said

46. unregistered

horrible touch screen, no real applications designed for storm... nuff said

57. unregistered

no gps no wifi ..nuff said..

62. Midnight unregistered

it has gps, and who cares about wifi when you have 3g coverage for 80% of the US pop and the data plan is required anyway.

63. Midnight unregistered

touch screen isnt horrible. applications will come.

66. unregistered

it has vz nav #$%&wade.

82. unregistered

lol calm down Stan Lee

85. unregistered

The Storm does have VZNavigator, which is a proprietary VZW GPS. I use it frequently and it works very well for me ... however, GPS will not be enabled on apps such as google maps.

45. Jean unregistered

I switched from Verizon and I couldn't be happier - when I want to send emails I don't need to be tethered to the darn electrical socket like I did with Verizon - one email and I had no battery with them - now I can send, read and receive and still have battery left. I love that I have my music. I can even actually use the Web instead of waiting on pokey Verizon to connect me. And yes Verizon is STILL trying to get me back but that isn't happening.

49. unregistered

This article claims that people are leaving VZW to get the iPhone on at&t...that may be true. But they probably won't mention that the ones who switched are finding out that at&t's network SUCKS! Some of you reading are in denial because you spent too much money for a phone. I don't see any sense in expensive dropped calls or distorted call quality. The iPhone is cool I admit, but if the network sucks what good is it?

51. God unregistered

I think the figures are a little jaded. You really have to take into consideration the total number of customers a company has and what percentage actually left from that company. Stats can be made to say one thing and the same stats can same something else. In reality the percentage of people actually switching from one carrier to the other may be closer and is a more accurate representation of the figures. It also seems like the writer of the article had his own agenda while writing the article. It seemed very anti Big Red and pro Iphone (AT&t). Ahh.. political spin on facts in a cell phone forum during an election year. Ofcourse that is my opinion on the article.

55. unregistered

I think what you mean to say is that Verizon percentage wise did not bleed as much as some of the other carriers because of more customers.

52. unregistered

This is going to be another "RAZR effect" in the wireless world! People joined Cingular when the RAZR first came out because it was the most innovative design on the market....now everybody and their grandma has one. Not to mention the RAZR is old news now, people want something different. 5 years from now the iPhone is just going to be something everyone has. Maybe Verizon and other carriers will have it. People need to quit spending their life savings to get a phone still on its TRAINING WHEELS and let all the bugs get out. Apple may make good computers but they really craped their pants when the iPhone came out, even Motorola was a better choice considering glitches.

54. vzw fanboy unregistered

i totally agree, i dont know one person with a razr or anyone ive seen

53. vzw fanboy unregistered

i dont really see how att has nicer phones tho? it all comes down to signal coverage in my opinion, nothing else :-) once the storm comes out we will be able to play with the touchscreen and see overall how it compares to the iphone. "gayt&t, less bars in more places"

56. unregistered

Your view on signal coverage being most important is a valid point but I think you really have to give the edge on phones to AT&T. You can even group T-mobile in that if you wish. Excluding signal coverage and just looking at phones those carriers tend to have better and newer more inovative phones. Although Verizon has made strides in recent years to catch up they are still behind but not by much in my opinion. The Storm looks like a promising device if it pans out, but when you consider that everyone is calling it an Iphone killer only speaks to the inovation of the Iphone. It is the measuring stick to which all phones that come out are compared to. It is like saying is Lebron up to Jordan status.

60. vzw unregistered

thank you for not bashing my comment like many others :-J. well in my opinion vzw phones are better looking, the env2 and the voyager are definitly the hottest phones now for verizon.

61. Borg unregistered

the iphone sucks, the TILT is way better it has better 3G signal, it actually has a keyboard, plus with a few tweaks from xda-developers its the best phone out there. nuff said. the only thing i liked about my iphone 3g when i had it was the fact its the only AT&T phone that has the option built in to turn the 3G connection off to save battery life, most other phones you have to flash or tweak just to do it.

65. Oz unregistered

Anyone switch to AT&T from Verizon (or vice versa) in Arizona? Maybe that would help my decision.

67. unregistered

i left crappy verizon and there horrible phones to go get a at&t and that crappyiphone now im on sprint using a htc touch pro. sprint has been the best out off both of them.

68. unregistered

yea son sprint rocks here in ny 3g on my htc diamond is amazing!

69. unregistered

here in ny i see a bunch of instincts iphone 3gs and diamonds.

73. unregistered

im planning on switching from verizon to sprint.. ordered my touch diamond today but planning on switching to pro when it comes out.. i like my xv6800 and cant wait to use the diamond... just so you know i actually need the wm os and not switching to sprint for a phone. it is stupid to switch to a carrier for a phone but im doing it because im tired of verizons Customer service. tired of them sending me broken phones to replace a broken phone. i had sprint in nyc and it worked amzingly well.. i hope its just as good in upstate ny.. if not i will be going back to verizon and endure their crap because i run a business that needs good communication service. just so you know, my opinion is firm on the fact that the iphone is a toy, not a real business phone. also if you cant configure a phone to look the way you want it to, then there is no reason to spend that much money on a machine that treats you like a trained monkey pressing little buttons on a screen. the other interesting thing to me is what is up with the screen needing to detect body temperature.. didnt they thing women with long nails would use it? apple is beyond stupid if you ask me

83. unregistered

haha i see.....LEAFERS!

86. unregistered

That's actually one of the few drawbacks of a capacitive touch screen. It'll be interesting to see what happens in that regard with the Storm.

74. unregistered

hahaha' i'm glad they realize that.now vzw customers a.k.a fan-BOY. I-phoneRULESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

76. unregistered

I think when the Blackberry Storm is released, that a lot of people will be rushing to verizon. Whether they're from ATT or T-Mobile, or Sprint. That phone will be a very big competitor in the business world, and it will certainly gain verizon a good amount of customers. I'm not a "VZW-Fanboy" by the way. I have verizon, and am proud to call them my carrier, but in no way boast about them. Though, we all know that these carriers are only getting these subscribers because of the actual phone manufacturers. There are ten times more Apple fanboys than there are carrier fanboys, and they should all be credited as such. The article would make more sense reading "One in three cellular phone buyers, purchase the iPhone over phones by any other manufacturer."
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