1 of 3 iPhone 3G customers switched, half from VZW

A new report says that one third of iPhone 3G buyers were new AT&T customers, and Big Red bled the most...
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47. unregistered

I think the g1 is the ugliest device I've ever seen and would never pruchase it unless they put it on a better device with a better carrier.

71. unregistered

you really think the g1 is better than the touch diamond hd thats coming out in the US soon? (as per reports that is)

77. AaronWhite unregistered

HTC has conformed that the Touch HD is not coming to the US anytime soon.

14. unregistered

to number 6 the xv6900 is a smartphone and touchscreen.....do better research next time you go to a network that can't cont to say fewest dropped calls because it's far from it. Also if you didn't want to switch carriers could have just got the stupid itouch which does all that iphone does with out having the att crap network. anyone who just leaves for a phone becuase 'it's the iphone' needs to get a life cause having that phone wont do it for you. all you guys need to get over the iphone sindrom.....it's a phone it's a network every carrier has it's good parts and bad the open network is open already if you'd ask they will tell you what is going on right now, they are working on having it so you don't need a contract and it's pretty much you use verizon network but your on your own with phone issues. They wont have information on every phone made that can do cdma......yes people phones that are cdma only will be able to be on the network to start cause oh shoocker they are cdma.

21. unregistered

I didn't want the XV6900. I'm more satisfied with AT&T then when I was with Verizon. Faster speeds and I can actually make calls in my house!

25. unregistered

it may have been your phone. GSM actually struggles more getting through buildings. Well thats assuming the CDMA service was great outside of your house.

64. unregistered

i have the xv6900 and i'm absolutly satisfied with it. its an awesome phone and i have it tricked out with apps. i would rather have my phone than an i phone anyday. copy and paste is a huge advantage for using your phone for organizing and finding info.

17. Ceez unregistered

The Storm will be better and we all know it will be better then the iphone. For does who dont know Apple first went to Verizon with the Iphone and sence they wanted to much control over everything Verizon said no and used ATT as a SECOND choise. It really does not matter because the storm will be better and because in 2009 the iphone is coming to Verizon anyway. [http://9to5mac.com/cdma-iphone-verizon-sprint ] and in closing Verizon is the best but they are expensive and they do criple most phones but they still work better then any ATT, Tmobile or definitely Sprint! Also Verizon just purchased ALLTEL that makes the coverage EVEN BETTER then it is and specially even in rural areas of the U.S.A Verizon bought Alltel for $28.1 Billion. $5 Billion for the company and $22 Bill to pay off their debts. http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-US&vid=38f6b655-6616-4f8d-9a78-bf5c2c110924 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I09TjMNoqow

23. unregistered

Verizon fanboyism....... Typical. Before the Storm was announced, you were peddling around not knowing what to do about the iPhone, now you all act like it's a phone sent by god. And from my job I can tell you the Alltel buyout isn't going to get approved. There's been a lot of discussion on this deal the past few weeks with the financial slide and the consensus now is a no-go unless things drastically improve over the next couple days. PS I work for Alltel

24. unregistered

YOU ARE WRONG... Verizon has not even began the first of many steps toward FCC and SEC approval for an Alltel purchase yet. It is only in the stages of advanced discussion. Also, the iPhone is not going to Verizon Wireless in 2009. The earliest any carrier in the U.S. outside of AT&T can get the iPhone is 2012. This is due to AT&T's 5-year exclusivity contract with Apple for the iPhone. Also, Apple has already anounced it has no intention of releasing a non-GSM iPhone. This means the only other carrier in the U.S. that could carry the iPhone is T-Mobile.

34. unregistered

well i work for verizon...and youre going to bought out trust me.

35. unregistered

were you in the board room? are you in the deal you have no clue whats going on. next time before you open your mouth do your homework. if the deal isn't getting approve why are areas allready converting billing in the north east? good luck finding a new job.

38. unregistered

I'm telling you becasue they have a name tag with VZW on it that gives them the ability to know everyting in the wireless world. Nto sure why Alltel would be converting anything to VZW since they do not own they yet and the paper work has been filled with the FCC and they hope to address them by the end of the year. http://forums.wirelessadvisor.com/wireless-news/71755-fcc-clear-verizon-wireless-vzw-alltel.html

41. unregistered

Ok, that just show's your complete ignorance. If you're really converting billing in the north east it's a violation of SEC regulations and VERY illegal. Having gone through MANY mergers myself the FIRST THING plastered all over everything is NOT to team or work together until the deal is approved (especially billing systems and customers' private information). If they are truly doing this, please post the locations so the SEC can be notified of this illegal activity.

58. unregistered

you mean you work for VERIZON!

59. unregistered

thats why Apple posted job listings looking for people who have knowledge of CDMA phone develpment.

84. PD unregistered

It is true that Verizon Wireless is integrating certain Alltel markets into their network, notably including the Litchfield, CT market as the most recent one. However, these markets were purchased independantly and PRIOR to the Alltel purchase; in other words, these markets were previously bought from Alltel and are now being converted, as opposed to being the first phase in a complete Alltel conversion. As such this violates no SEC or FCC regulations. Official opinion inside of VZW is currently that the Alltel transaction will go through. Is there a possibility that, in light of recent developments, it will not be allowed to do so? Certainly.

88. unregistered

wow it looks like the alltell merger went through ps none of you have aby idea what the fcc will and will not allow we can all seculate all day long but there is not point the fcc does what they want to do.

22. unregistered

What's with Verizon fanboys and always out there defending their company and taking smears at everyone else? Everytime I read a AT&T thread there are Verizon fanboys in there bragging, and smearing. Same happens in Sprint threads. Guess that shows that their average intelligence is somewhere between horse shit and a pig.

26. unregistered

hell, there will be an article on a european gsm device that has no chance at making it over here and vzw fanboys will find a way to muck up the comments

29. unregistered

I guess sales must be down in VZW country becasue there seems to be a lot more of them on here recently. Most of which start out by saying "I work for VZW" so everything they say is correct and can not be argued so don't even try. It is almost cult like they way they act some times. Not sure if it is the training they receive or what but most of them are some arrogant a#$%&@s if you ask me. Maybe if they would stop blogging BS all day on phone arena they would not loss as many sales to AT&T. Just a thought!

81. elgee02 unregistered

Of course AT&T and Sprint don't have these "fanboys" who would never ever say anything negative about VZW in a VZW post, oh heavens no! Please, get over yourself and quit acting like fanboys are exclusive to VZW.

30. vzw fanboy unregistered

you guys wait, once the hype of the iphone goes away they will be switching back to verizon. ppl are idiots for switching just for a phone. id say just get an ipod touch! its just about everything without the phone calls and then you can keep verizon as yoru cell phone. where i live, "gayt&t didnt work for me" and if everyone is only switching just for the iphone, thats saying at&t has all crap for other phones ;-) sarah palin heart

31. unregistered

I have been a VZW customer for years. While the service is acceptable, I would switch in a minute if anyone else had good coverage where i live. AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile have better phones and plans than VZW. Hopefully, this loss of customers from VZW will force them to improve and help us saps who have to choice but to stay on VZW.

32. unregistered

ummm att and verizon plans are basically identicle...i know that to be a fact because ive looked at both of their megalogs

33. Oz unregistered

I am going to wait until Macworld. If they do not announce a IPhone for Verizon, I am switching to ATT.

37. unregistered

enjoy your dropped calls

48. unregistered

Yea and by the way iphone has about a 45min battery life...enjoy

50. unregistered

More bars in more places?....hehe, more like more dropped calls in more places!!!!!

72. unregistered

dont forget to slide the sd card in for more space... oh... n/m!
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