Americans support Right to Repair as soon as they find out about it, survey shows

The Right to Repair legislation is little-known but widely regarded as a good thing among US citizens, according to a survey recently conducted on behalf of Waveform.

Apr 16, 2020, 9:24 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  3 comments
5G will be the engine behind mobile industry growth for years to come

The adoption of 5G and the investments and revenue involved with it will ensure a steady growth of the mobile industry over the next few years, according to a report by GSMA.

Mar 05, 2020, 9:12 AM,  by Georgi Zarkov,  0 comments
Debunked: Can iPhone calls (or 5G) start fires or fry your brain?

Can something as simple as a phone call (on 5G or not) ignite stuff or be harmful to your health? Here's what we think...

Jan 18, 2020, 10:25 AM,  by Florin Troaca,  4 comments
Supreme launches a phone with 2.4-inch screen, likely to cost as much as a flagship

Over the course of two decades, Supreme has evolved from a small skate shop in New York, to a billion dollar streetwear juggernaut. It's about to start selling a burner phone with a 2.4-inch screen for who-knows-how-much...

Aug 19, 2019, 8:30 AM,  by Milen Yanachkov,  13 comments
Ericsson comes up with super high-tech anti-smartphone-theft solution

Ericsson has come up with an out-of-the-box idea of dealing with smartphone thieves. It involves a lot of sensors and using vibration to make your phone super slippery!

Jun 18, 2019, 4:46 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  4 comments
This iPad case dweller can give you rabies

Chalk this one under the "you can't make this up" category, but an iPad owner from New Hampshire had a surprise encounter with a cave-dweller turned into a case-dweller, and a rabid one at that.

May 31, 2019, 3:34 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  4 comments
Proposed legislation could fine those texting while walking in New York

Legislation making its way through the New York State Senate could fine someone for using their phone while crossing the street. A similar law exists in Honolulu with fines ranging from $15 to $99.

May 20, 2019, 4:21 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  10 comments
Believe it or not, all of the 2020 Olympic medals will be made from recycled gadgets

The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are confident they will be able to meet their ambitious goal of manufacturing all of the Games' medals exclusively from recycled smartphones, cameras, and laptops.

Feb 08, 2019, 2:55 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  0 comments

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Good guy MasterCard wants to put an end to bogus apps that siphon your money through subscriptions

MasterCard is taking a stance against apps and services that try to sneakily get you to subscribe for a monthly fee

Jan 17, 2019, 7:11 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  3 comments
How to open a SIM card tray when an ejector tool isn't around (the MacGyver way)

So, how would MacGyver eject a smartphone's SIM card tray if its ejector tool isn't around? A paper clip would probably do, but it isn't the only "tool" fit for the job. Here's a list of items that can be used for ejecting a smartphone SIM card tray. The best thing about these items is that many of them can probably be found around your home or office...

Jan 10, 2019, 6:06 AM,  by Nick Todorov,  25 comments
Pornhub says it had more traffic from Android than iOS devices in 2018

Android users outnumbered iOS users on Pornhub's website in 2018 according to data released by the site. While 54.4% of global traffic came from an Android tablet or phone, 44.4% of visitors were wielding an iPad or iPhone.

Dec 18, 2018, 10:32 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  27 comments
Future video chats might include smell along with sight and sound

Scientists are working on a way to transmit smells so that you could someday stream a video of a barbecue that would include the wonderful smell of a burger being cooked on a grill.

Nov 27, 2018, 5:38 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  5 comments
Survey says more than 50 million smartphone screens were damaged in the US last year alone

Accidental smartphone damage happens way more often than you think in the US, according to new research, with cracked screens leading the list of the most frequent, costliest types of incidents.

Nov 21, 2018, 6:35 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  20 comments
Amazon Second Chance is a new 'one-stop shop' for product reuse, refurbishing, and recycling

If you need help recycling old electronic devices or Amazon packaging, as well as trading in phones and other gadgets you have no use for, the Second Chance website is the place to go.

Nov 15, 2018, 8:15 AM,  by Adrian Diaconescu,  1 comment
8 years ago today: Microsoft threw this dreadful parade to celebrate the "death" of the iPhone

On September 10, 2010, Microsoft threw an incredibly distasteful celebration for the completion of Windows Phone 7. It included a fake funeral process for the iPhone and BlackBerry. Oh, how misguided it was.

Sep 10, 2018, 6:40 AM,  by Rado Slavov,  19 comments
Did you know: Sony has been claiming we don't need QHD screens on our phones for years, now puts one on the XZ3

Up until now, Sony's flagship series always had a 1080p screen. Then, there was the overkill 4K resolution on the Xperia Premium family. But Sony kept following the "we don't need no QHD" mantra. The Xperia XZ3 breaks away from that trend

Aug 30, 2018, 7:28 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  27 comments
Study suggests there's a connection between smartphone use and memory loss in teens

Upset at Junior because he failed a history test? Maybe the problem isn't your kid's studying habits, or his lack of concentration in the classroom. A new report suggests that his smartphone might be to blame. A report published by Environmental Health Perspectives states that it only takes one-year of smartphone use for a teenager's brain to be affected by the radiation spit out by the device...

Jul 23, 2018, 11:30 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  10 comments
22-year old gets hit by lightning in her ear while on a cellphone call; experts see no connection

22-year old Brittany Prehn was attending the outdoor Country Thunder Music Festival in Wisconsin, and in the middle of a conversation on her smartphone, she was struck by lightning. Prehn was hit in the ear and the lightning traveled through the rest of her body. A medic at Northern Illinois Medical Center, where the victim was originally transported, noted that there was "significant damage to the phone" and all indications are that her handset was placed up to her ear...

Jul 22, 2018, 12:21 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  23 comments
featured The 5G world is closer than you think, what will life look like?

We take you through what life could look like when 5G technology becomes a reality...

Jul 18, 2018, 2:03 PM,  by Stuart Lombard,  22 comments
Apple lowers the subscription price of Texture

Apple has lowered the subscription pricing for Texture...

Jul 12, 2018, 9:17 PM,  by Stuart Lombard,  0 comments
Can't touch this! Georgia's draconian phone-in-car law nets 1000 tickets for 10 days

Georgia's draconian hands-free cell phone law came into effect less than two weeks ago, and authorities are already counting the fines revenue. We kid, but Georgia Department of Public Safety has given a thousand formal warnings and 320 citations, 86 of which from the Atlanta Police Department.

Jul 12, 2018, 8:09 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  22 comments
Look what the stork brought! Charity racks up $2700 phone bill for a bird tracker

Аn earth-friendly Polish charity, EcoLogic Group, learned firsthand the power of roaming charges, taught to them by... the great white stork. Instead of delivering a baby, the legendary bird delivered a $2700 phone bill, after taking the 3700 miles journey from Poland to Sudan.

Jul 10, 2018, 6:32 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  0 comments
featured Our phones might not be listening in on us... but are they watching us?

Computer science academics at the Northeastern University set out to examine if there's any truth to this myth. For the past year, they have been testing around 17,000 of the most popular apps on Android, including Facebook and some 8,000 apps that sync with Facebook.

Jul 05, 2018, 4:48 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  4 comments
Federal Appeals Court rules that a Monkey cannot copyright his own selfies

A federal appeals court rules yesterday that a monkey cannot sue for copyright infringement over the unauthorized use of selfies that the animal snapped himself. We know you were wondering about this very thing. In the ruling, Judge Carlos Bea wrote for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that "We conclude that this monkey — and all animals, since they are not human — lacks statutory standing under the Copyright Act."...

Apr 24, 2018, 11:46 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  12 comments
Smartphones are being used for long distance exorcisms

The smartphone has changed the way people do things. In this day and age, it isn't unusual to see people looking down at the screen in their hands, everywhere. So it might not come as a surprise that wanna-be exorcists are being trained to cast out the devil with the use of connected handsets. Why, it's enough to make Linda Blair's head spin around...

Apr 17, 2018, 10:31 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  14 comments
New study reveals that parental control apps don't protect children online

Parents, have you ever installed a parental control app on your teen's phone in order to keep track of where he/she goes online? Preliminary results from new research conducted by the University of Central Florida reveals that these apps, which reveal which websites were opened by the phone's browser, block certain websites, and limit screen time, may not be effective...

Apr 05, 2018, 2:32 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  8 comments
Every time you take a photo with an iPhone, you are actually hearing the shutter sound of a Canon film camera

There are a few phone sounds that are recognizable by pretty much every person in the civilized world these days and the sound of the iPhone camera is certainly one of them, on par with the Marimba ringtone and that signature early 2000s Nokia ringtone...

Mar 27, 2018, 5:40 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  3 comments
New studies say that cellphone radiation will probably not kill you

Two government studies conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) have concluded that cellphone radiation will most likely not send you to your grave. But to be safe, it is wise to use your common sense and take certain precautions. The studies used mice who were exposed to radio frequency radiation (RFR), like the type that is emitted from cellphones and microwave ovens. "If there is a risk, it is small," said the NTP's senior scientist Dr. John Bucher...

Mar 11, 2018, 1:05 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  19 comments
How do selfies affect nose surgeries?

If you just saw your own selfie and thought "I have a XXL nose", you are wrong, as study shows, that selfies will enlarge your nose by up to a 30%, depending on the distance you shot it at.

Mar 02, 2018, 9:40 AM,  by Mihail Nikolov,  11 comments
Should you let your phone charge overnight?

Your body refreshes itself at night as it prepares for a full day ahead. So why shouldn't your smartphone battery get the same treatment? Now, when you are fast asleep dreaming about the 2018 flagships, the cell inside your phone will charge for the two hours or so that it takes to get back to full strength. For the rest of the night, software will stop the charging process once the battery is back to 100%...

Mar 01, 2018, 8:21 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  33 comments
France bans drivers from using a phone except in a designated spot, or for accidents and malfunctions

In France, a ruling made by the high court makes it illegal to use your smartphone to text or make a call while driving. Even if you pull over to the side of the road, which in the U.S. is considered to be the preferred option if a call needs to be answered or made, you could find yourself fined 135 euros ($167 USD) and have points added to your driving record. The country is a bit paranoid over a rise in fatal road accidents...

Feb 06, 2018, 2:04 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  5 comments
New study shows no human brain cancer risk from cellphone use

Two government tests that were part of an National Institute of Environmental Health Science (NIH)/National Toxicology Program (NTP) study, blasted mice and rats with cellphone radiation. This did not end well for some of the rodents. There was a slight increase in a rare heart tumor discovered in the male rats, although the mice and female rats were unscathed...

Feb 05, 2018, 4:31 AM,  by Alan Friedman,  13 comments
Russia? No, Strava. Fitness tracking app makes remote U.S. Army base locations public

When deployed overseas, they keep tracking their jogging routines which appear on Strava's worldwide heat map. So far so good, but those jogging paths are usually inside or around army bases in remote locations in Syria or Afghanistan, and they light up like Christmas trees in the middle of nowhere, while Russian or Iranian military bases in Syria, for instance, are as dark as they should be on a publicly accessible heat map.

Jan 29, 2018, 2:36 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  4 comments
iPhone X is now 25% cheaper to buy in the US compared to Europe

The US dollar has fallen to a new lows after the short US Government shutdown and US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has told the international community in Davos that the "weaker dollar" is good for the United States...

Jan 25, 2018, 3:31 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  21 comments
The Clone Wars continue: Samsung phones were the most copied in 2017, according to benchmark stats

So, it's a well-known fact that there are a number of nameless manufacturers over in China that make complete copies of well-known smartphones. Not your average “borrowing of ideas”, but an actual clone, usually with a weak hardware and super-cheap price to draw as much attention as it can.

Jan 22, 2018, 9:13 AM,  by Preslav Kateliev,  17 comments
A developer erased his face on video using the iPhone X camera

A crafty Japanese developer used the iPhone X's camera to achieve a cool trick, completely erasing his face...

Dec 28, 2017, 3:40 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  11 comments
The obsessive taking of selfies is now a real mental disorder and it's called 'Selfitis'

It was all fun and games until... the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction classified the obsessive taking of selfies as a real mental illness and it's even got a name: "selfitis"...

Dec 27, 2017, 4:09 PM,  by Victor Hristov,  34 comments
The hidden cost of affordable high-end phones in China

Phones in China are shockingly cheap, but the poster child of the "affordable flagship" generation - Xiaomi - has build an operating system infested with ads by design...

Dec 27, 2017, 6:04 AM,  by Victor Hristov,  30 comments
Is cell phone radiation dangerous? California health department wants you to keep them at an 'arm’s length'

In the latest installment of "cell phones are/aren't dangerous" series, the California Department of Public Health decided to throw its two cents on the matter, and what a coin toss that was. In a nutshell, you shouldn't carry your cell phone in your pocket, or keep it in your bed while sleeping, or even next to your bed. While those recommendations may sound like an overkill, they stem from a lawsuit that a professor at the University of California Berkeley filed way back in 2009.

Dec 18, 2017, 1:42 AM,  by Daniel Petrov,  9 comments
The text message celebrates its 25th birthday today

WTF! The very first text message was sent on this date 25 years ago. On December 3rd, 1992, an engineer by the name of Neil Papworth sent the words "merry Christmas" from his PC to a celllphone owned by Vodafone director Richard Jarvis. And from that humble beginning, a quarter of a century later, we are now living in a world where billions of messages are texted each month...

Dec 03, 2017, 5:50 PM,  by Alan Friedman,  10 comments
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