BOE's OLED tech is now "closer" to LG, Samsung; could be one of the main iPhone 12S suppliers

Chinese display manufacturer BOE was reportedly finally approved as the third OLED supplier for the iPhone 12 towards the end of 2020. The company had previously failed to meet Apple's strict quality requirements. Per a recent report, BOE is currently only supplying OLED units for refurbished models and it has set up a new facility in Mianyang exclusively for Apple where it is apparently making OLED samples for 2021's iPhone 12S range. A new report from Economic Daily backs that up.

BOE is said to be working with touch panel maker General Interface Solution (GIS), which is a part of Foxconn. The two reportedly entered a partnership last year to jointly manufacture iPhone 12 OLED panels. They had expected to see the fruits of their partnership in September but received a setback initially when BOE failed Apple's quality review. 

Samsung currently provides the bulk of OLED panels for the iPhone 12 family. LG apparently only supplies panels for the 6.1-inch model. BOE has a small share at the moment but it is expected to increase with the iPhone 12S. In fact, today's report claims that BOE will be one of the main suppliers for iPhone 13's OLED unit. The alleged reason behind that is that its OLED technology is now said to be nearly on par with that of major South Korean manufacturers. This is also expected to help it win orders from other phone manufacturers. 

The upcoming Pro models are expected to feature LTPO panels and it is safe to assume that these won't be manufactured by BOE. The Chinese company will likely only supply panels for the standard and the mini models.

The Pro models are also rumored to feature a 120Hz refresh rate and an always-on display.

Touch ID is also likely to make a return, but it will supposedly be embedded within the display.

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