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Touchscreen phone comparison Q3 - U.S. carriers

0. phoneArena 25 Jul 2008, 08:43 posted on

There’s no denying it, touchscreens are the latest trend in the mobile world and with the iPhone on the forefront of technology and fashion they show no sign of going away anytime soon. The iPhone was not the first phone to feature a touchscreen- they have been around since last century in fact- and it wasn’t even the first fashion phone to ditch the keyboard; that distinction goes to the LG PRADA...

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posted on 26 Jul 2008, 13:38

73. hankmutkiss (unregistered)

I did read the original article and I think they initially intended for this to be a feature review. They already did reviews on these phone that addressed call quality, battery life, etc. I got the impression that this was more of a feature showdown. I appreciate that they a) revised it and b) listened to the comments and had a heavily revised version up just a day later, and think this comparison is very good. Having used all of these phone except the Vu I would agree with most of what they said, and don't see a real bias towards any phone.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 09:04

101. (unregistered)

the Problem is, you don"t do a review of a group of phones and half ass it, then when people complain you put out another review with further information, but get rid of the origonal review... there is no common sense involved... Combine them or don't put it up beyond that, even if you were to take the first, now missing part of this review, into consideration there is still a I-phone bias in here that cannot be explained away under any circumstances, unless you're a I-phone fanboy

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 21:43

119. hankmutkiss (unregistered)

Nothing was deleted from the review. They added a few sections, and rewrote a bit of the ending with the new results, but nothing was taken out. Again, I hate Apple, but to bash the iPhone as relentless as it gets bashed in these comments is nothing but (Verizon) fanboyism.

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 09:36

124. (unregistered)

ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Verizon children ruin all the comments here... One day they will grow up and probably commit suicide :)

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 22:26

84. (unregistered)

the thing i don't get is inconsistencies in the individual reviews of each of the phones to this one, for example in the dare review they say that the qwerty keyboard had very good response and little problems, and in this reviews they say they had difficulties with it. just curious as to why it's such a differernt response.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 23:09

85. (unregistered)

id imagine there isnt one person reviewing all the phones. i know at gizmodo they have writers from all around the world

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 10:03

86. (unregistered)

I have review and played with all 4 of these phones and the onlything the iphone would lack is the comfort of the text keyboard, it is not better than the instinct in that catagory, and mobile tv the VU has it hands down, everything else falls to the IPHONE. Ask the question to yourself, why do i need a data device? FOR THE INTERNET AND EMAIL.... WHO HAS THE BEST PHONE, IPHONE, what else do you need it for? MUSIC.... IPHONE.... APPLICATIONS... IPHONE.... enough said.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 11:59

105. JunkJugget (unregistered)

You forgot to mention: Turn by Turn navigation (I use that): NOT iPhone. Stereo Bluetooth (I use that): NOT iPhone. Taking Videos (I really do a lot of that): NOT iPhone. MMS (I do this the most): NOT iPhone. Song ID then download it right there on the spot, over the air (I'm a music nut and I always do that): NOT iPhone. "enough said" my ass!

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 19:47

112. (unregistered)

Well said bro! Those are the reasons why I passed up on iphone and I even had more. I can't stand the bulk of iphone compared to Dare. Dare IMO has the best form factor... needless to say I am very happy. Verizon always treated me like VIP over the last 10 years.

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 15:46

87. (unregistered)

this is the most biased review i've seen. when it comes to gps service, i love how the instinct is mentioned to have the gas finder and the event times, but what is not mentioned is that w/ vz navigator there is also gas finder, movie/event times, live traffic reports, etc. and the dare which is rated more highly by this site than the I-phone is on here rated lower. how does that make sense? i think someone needs to preview what they write on here.

posted on 27 Jul 2008, 22:40

96. kuroshio (unregistered)

I had an Instinct. I now have a Dare. I do NOT like Apple. But I will give credit where credit is due by acknowledging they have set the standard in touch screen interface, mobile web browsing and multimedia playback. That being said to establish a little credibility, I will no longer come to this website for anything phone related. The bias shown in this comparison makes it no longer a credible source for information when it comes time for me to choose between phones and carriers. I actually find the Dare's keyboard easier to use than the Instinct's, tho none of them compare to the Iphone and will not be able to compare due to different technology. I'm about twice as fast on the Dare's qwerty keyboard than the Instinct and the only place I have issues is clicking links in the web browser, an issue the Instinct has as well. Given the reviewer's issue with the interface, I'd have to ask if he tried calibrating the Dare at all. The major reason I'm dumping this website however is located in the title of the article: "Touchscreen PHONE comparison..." Apple's superb touchscreen interface cannot compensate for the dismal failure of its network. And its failure to fulfull its primary function regularly: phone calls. To speak specifically about the Iphone 3g, I cannot see it receiving any review when it barely improves on the 1st gen Iphone due to its 3g failures. Good night and good luck

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 04:09

99. (unregistered)

yo, whoever wrote this review is wack! i have not experienced half the problems listed on the iphone and dare, so i dont understand why the instinct was the top rated overall if it has more problems that you couldnt list them in one year! and who cares bout the vu, no one has alltell or w/e

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 09:02

100. (unregistered)

The Instinct is the best PHONE on the market. Price, GPS, on screen keyboard, monthly cost, speed, and most bang for your buck. All this Dare talk is making me laugh. I had that phone for two days and take it back. If your keyboard sucks on a all touch screen phone you got to go back to the drawing board!!!! And whats up with what comes out of the box basicly nothing. 3g Iphone is a ok but I would rather have the first gen iphone. At&t's 3g network is a joke so why somebody buy a 3g iphone and you can update the first gen iphone. I got a first gen iphone off of ebay for cheap and dont see to enough of a difference between the two.Im not going to waste my time on the vu what a joke. Good review phonearena not perfect but what is?

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 11:55

104. JunkJugget (unregistered)

One thing I've noticed, unless I totally missed it, was the video capability of these handsets. Did I miss the spot where the reviewer mentioned that the iPhone cannot even record video, while the Dare can record video at 640 X480 resolution? It also can record video at 120fps then playback at 30fps to give a cool slow motion effect. I didn't see either mentioned, yet the Dare was rated the lowest in the video comparison. And the user interface on the Dare is very easy to use. It maybe different than an iPhone, but it is easy to use. Also, before I forgot, and again, the iPhone CANNOT record video, yet it still won. Biased? I'm starting to think so myself. But hey, that's just me.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 21:47

121. (unregistered)

yes, you did miss it, its under camera, where the dare wins. the video section is for video playback (sideloaded, tv, etc.) you might want to make sure you have a valid point before being so smug.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 13:15

106. (unregistered)

This was a REALLY REALLY BAD review. I'm surprised this web-site would publish such a "piece of crap." Did Apple send them this review to post themselves. All relevant categories that were not tested that would have hurt the iphone were conveniently skipped. DONT TRUST THIS REVIEW!!!!

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 19:08

108. (unregistered)

booo PHONE ARENA for this BS! you guys suck now.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 19:55

113. (unregistered)

I wonder what happened to my post I posted yesterday? I wonder if this site is sponsored by APPLE? Dare is so much better of a phone when comparing phones and not games! Who gives a crap about games and playing videos etc. most normal people use phone as a phone as far as I know unless you are a hip scumbag teen with no life and need to find a job and stop riding your parents type. In my opinion iphone is not even a weak contender to a more robust phones.

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 20:03

114. what the hech (unregistered)

I just have to say that this is the worthless review I've ever read. I mean the LG-Dare got a 9 out of 10 in this same website only a few days ago. The I-phone got only 8 out of 10; So now that they are being compared how can the I-phone get all this praising. My faith in this website has just ended, I used to look up to them and to their reviews. I think what they just need to do is fire whoever wrote this and go back to honestly and interity. Thanks :)

posted on 28 Jul 2008, 23:57

122. (unregistered)

The only good thing about iPhone is that it is quad-band GSM and theoretically can be unlocked and used outside the US. Phones offered by Verizon and Sprint are CDMA and can only be used in the US on their respective networks.

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 09:34

123. (unregistered)

ONCE AGAIN Verizon commenters prove they are far from adulthood.

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 12:51

125. Sprintmgr (unregistered)

Is it just me or are all the comments written as if the iPhone won the comparison? I for one am impressed with the objectivity, as it usually seems like whatever VZ is pushing somehow ends up on top, and let's be honest, the Apple marketing machine is pretty much unstoppable. I for one am glad to see that a phone other than the iPhone ended up on top. I love the iPhone, and pray for the day that el jobso sees the light and releases it on CDMA, but let's all be honest - there are some shortcomings (GASP) that a few other phones have capitalized on. Ultimately, I have to commend Phone arena on what seems to be one of the more thorough and objective (although not perfectly so, admittedly) comparison of the iClones that are currently available. I generally criticize this site for being less than unbiased, but have to say that I have handled all 4 of these phones and agree with most of what is said. Nice work.

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 16:52

127. (unregistered)

this is the most biased piece of crap i've ever seen before. obviously written by an iphone fanboy. the iphone is nowhere near as good as they make it out to be on this review. horrible, don't trust this source. i know i won't be coming back here

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 17:48

128. (unregistered)

how about the flaws of the iphone? the horrible camera? the lack of vido recordng? no pic messaging? no replaceable battery? no explandable memory? no bluetooth? at&t's horrible service? the fact that you have to go to the store and activate it? the dare, vu, and instict all have those features and more but no..stupid apple fanboys make stupid reviews, just fess up. you messed up on choosing the right phone now get your mind right, sell your iphone to another fanboy, and buy the instict or dare or vu

posted on 29 Jul 2008, 19:26

129. (unregistered)

the instinct Won people the instinct not the iphone. Sprint came out on top not AT&T or Verizon. Hoorraayy Samsung instinct. Hoorraay Sprint.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 05:04

134. (unregistered)

this review is pretty dumb. Nobody should choose what provider they are getting based on the phone. You might regret it in the end. The should have compared networks and services along with them. I bet the ratings would have been a lot closer then.

posted on 30 Jul 2008, 08:45

135. (unregistered)

You are correct that "Nobody should choose what provider they are getting based on the phone" but comparing the carriers ... you must be kidding :)

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 01:53

139. (unregistered)

This site makes no sense at all. I thought I could trust the review on the Dare, but as other people are saying, this comparison trashes it although it got a 9 by itself. It's unacceptable for a website to have such conflicting information. I know that I don't pay to view the articles here, but the operators of the site still profit through consumers because of advertising. This makes the site look really bad especially since the Dare is such a popular item right now, not some obscure, random phone and they can't even get their story straight.

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 10:25

140. (unregistered)

Unless one tries all these phones for months at a time, it's really hard to judge. No phone is perfect, the iPhone has come close.

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 10:55

141. goygacon (unregistered)

So...All in all, the Instinct wins out....Ouch...that must really ruin your day. Yeah, you guessed it, I own one (Instinct)... So, iphone isn't perfect...Man...that's gotta burn. Even with all the minor flaws the Instinct has, just likethe iphone. No comparison..... Voice anything, Video, T.V. he did forget to mention on our ever flawless keyboard, that you can handwrite the word and it comes up to...Voice guided GPS...and the list will only grow....picture/video share...oh let's not rub it in too much, just celebrate the victory

posted on 31 Jul 2008, 11:34

142. (unregistered)

Until the other touchscreen phones get screens as responsive and sensitive as the iPhone, they will always be crap. iPhone has multi-touch and is very responsive and accurate. NONE of the other touchscreens are as comfortable with drag scrolling. If you have used the iPhone for a while you know what I'm talking about.

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 04:43

144. (unregistered)

I had the Dare for one week, and really liked it ... i used an iPhone. The next day i stood in line and got mine. and haven't been happier. Everyone gets mad at the reviewers for comparing all the iclones, for the people who own an iclone (like I did) you probably disagree with the screen problems in the dare and vu. I watched all these reviews and thought there is no way this screen is really responsive. Its not, use an iPhone before you say that your phone is better. I said mine was better and now I have an iphone and see the glitches they are talking about. Some of the reviewers are apple fanboys, but chances are there is a reason for one, and they have used these phones and chances are you haven't.

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 12:42

145. (unregistered)

I love how pissed off people get on here when someone disagrees with their opinion of a what phone is the best. Everyone complains about phoneareana being bias and then turn around and give their own bias opinions. I thinks thats the pot calling the kettle black and it just makes me laugh. If you are happy with your phone.....great...but why must most people on here insist that everyone should run out and get a certain phone because they like it. Everyone of these phones has it's advantages depending on what you want out of your phone. If you are big on iTunes, want the best mobile browser, and need the ability to sync with Outlook calenders and view email attachments then the iPhone is for you. If pictures and video are what you want then get a Dare. If you want the ability to watch live TV then get a VU. If you want Navigation or you are a big texter (like me) go with the Instinct. I must admit there are quite a few features that the iPhone lacks that the other three have but if you have no need for stereo Bluetooth, MMS, Video, no landscape QWERTY for texting, or PAM then these will not break the deal. The iPhone still has the best touch UI hands down as long as your are not wearing gloves. The one thing I think they should have added to the review is a break down of the plans each phone needs and what those plans include or exclude. I currently have the Instinct and with exception to the garbage web browser I have been very pleased with the phone. The only other phone I would consider using would be the Dare but until VZW allows me to add what I want to my phone that is not an option for me.

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 12:44

146. magqcc7 (unregistered)

Just wait until the htc diamond and htc touch pro hit the shores at Sprint. Then we'll see. Iphone is having to many issues at this point. It sounds like they went the cheap route tosave money and it's showing.The diamond platform from htc will reign supreme.

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 15:39

147. (unregistered)

Why is it that on every site including this one the user ratings have the dare higher than the iphone yet the iphone still kills the dare in this review? On phonescoop the Iphone isnt even a 3 out of 5.

posted on 01 Aug 2008, 15:52

148. (unregistered)

thats because it sucks.....actually just the phone part, but that's an important part right?

posted on 02 Aug 2008, 08:22

149. (unregistered)

btw, to those that just recently read the review, all the flaming is because the ORIGINAL review scores made the Iphone win. they changed it after the blatant fanboyism was called out.

posted on 02 Aug 2008, 13:57

150. (unregistered)

thought phones were for making calls , doesnt score call quality???

posted on 11 Aug 2008, 02:36

152. (unregistered)

I have to say, despite the fact that the Instinct is the supposed winner in this article, the sheer amount of praise (unwarranted or otherwise) slathered on the iPhone is what truly makes that device the winner in this article. I guess this comment is directed to those who proclaim that "the instinct won not the iphone." I guess these people lack basic reading comprehension skills; specifically, inferences and tones in documents and articles. yes, the instinct won in terms of raw score, but its the iphone that's doled with praise.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 10:46

153. (unregistered)

Why do I care about what any of you think about any of these phones? Isn't the most imptortant consideration (for me) which phone I like. One of you will say "They iPhone is the BEST!!!". For your needs and likes...it probably is the best. Why force your likes and needs on someone else? The Dare is not the best of these phones according to the comparison. For my needs and circumstances...such as network availability, it is the best choice for me.

posted on 16 Aug 2008, 18:36

154. Archdingo (unregistered)

I agree that the iphone is a revolutionary device, but I did notice that when it came to call quality they didn't really test these phones in areas other than bigger metro areas, I would have an iphone right now if it wasn't for att's crappy call quality and service and I live in san diego. I have never had a good signal from them and the amount of dropped calls was horrendous, I switchedto verizon after 4 years with att and cingular and have not had one issue with calls being dropped or not having any service with verizon. Not to bash the iphone but they should have compared it to other smart phones with touch screens since that is the category it is in. This is like comparing mac osx to windows 3.1. Sure would have loved however for verizon to have picked this up.

posted on 17 Aug 2008, 13:57

155. (unregistered)

Here's some general info about the different plans (i.e. ongoing monthly costs). Sprint's Simply Everything (Unlimited Calls) seems the best so far...everything for $100. Verizon's "everything" plan for $140 has a couple of loop holes (one being limited voicemail--only 20 per month unless you are willing to pay more). ATT's plan is $130, no obvious hidden loop holes. Another interesting thing...if you pick a minute plan (450, 900, or 1350) with Verizon or ATT the "Unlimited Nights" are 9:00 PM - 6:00 AM. Sprint's "Unlimited Nights" are from 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM. With Sprint and it's "Unlimited Nights" range, you could almost pick their 900 minute plan for $10 less ($90) and do just as well.

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 08:29

157. (unregistered)

there's no limited voicemail on the the verizon plan, way to lie your way through your sprint endorsement

posted on 17 Aug 2008, 22:57

156. Pinguino1 (Posts: 2; Member since: 17 Aug 2008)

I have never seeing together in one place so many inmature, fan-boys, haters, and idiots and stupids like each one of you call each other. The review was objective (any one of you know what this word means), technical, very extensive , complete and results all documented. The proof is in the fact that each phone fan-boy claimed it was unfair to their phone. HOW COME THIS REVIEW CAN BE AGAINST EACH PHONE AT THE **SAME TIME?** My only question is: what's wrong with Phone Arena that attracts this kind of crowd?

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 08:33

158. (unregistered)

first off, the only phones that were treated unfairly were the Dare and instinct...there's no one complaining about the I-phone and certainly no one complaining about the Vu this was a very technical, extensive review if you completely overlook battery life, call quality and service in multiple locations. These were all overlooked to give the I-phone the highest rating possible. Them when they get three pages of people calling them out, the review is changed and the instinct now wins...yeah, very efficient review if they can change results that easily to cover their asses I don't own any of these 4 touch phones and i could give a crap about owning one, but a biased review is a biased review

posted on 20 Aug 2008, 03:02

159. (unregistered)

When you own an iPhone or an Instinct, you will see what it's all about, omg... Dare and Vu are horrible phones, trust me.

posted on 22 Aug 2008, 10:21

160. (unregistered)

Well if they would have given the i-phone all 5 u wouldent have said no phone is perfect So its all about how people feel about phones and I my self think that the iphone is wack so is at&t they have the worst plans make themself to be the best and there the worst i cant stand em.

posted on 23 Aug 2008, 22:50

161. (unregistered)

PS: all of this is irrelevant because Sprint is launching the Touch Diamond in 2 weeks. And for all of you VZW fanboys out there, get over it, Sprint has exclusivity on this for at least 60 days, and the vzw version is stripped down. no g sesnor, half the ram, slower processor. Sprint wins, with a larger EVDO revA coverage area than vzw, and twice the options, that phone will be the best available. period.

posted on 25 Aug 2008, 21:22

162. (unregistered)

i say all four phones are great phones. im on sprint and i dont want to switch so im getting the instinct. the review rated the iphone and instict pretty well, but i think they trashed the dare and VU a little too much. if i had to choose my fav out of the four it would be the instinct, but that might just be because its the only one i can get

posted on 22 Sep 2008, 01:32

164. sp3cialkw (unregistered)

I love this review/contest. I was having doubts about getting an instinct but now im sure. Yeah, there are much better phones coming out, but im only 18, i think i can wait 2 years to get a better phone. But i think it's funny that instinct dominated in this review when this site has sprint advertisements all over it.lol [im not suggetsing anything, just thoughtit was funny]

posted on 06 Oct 2008, 20:02

166. (unregistered)

RE: Instinct: The Instinct is a fairly new phone yet it (and it's apps) have received a number of updates since it's release. One of the best is due out soon... a keyboard I/F to make it fully MIDP 2.0 compliant which will allow it to run the Opera browser and other JAVA apps not specifically built for the Instinct. (Most "in the know" Instinct owners are waiting for that Opera support!) The results of an app developer contest are due out soon. Outlook Web Access email support is built in already and OWA Calendar support is in the works. One other thing that might have been mentioned as a side note (not an actual phone feature) is the cost of data service to use all the great features of the phones. Sprint's Family Talk/Data Share plan makes it affordable for multi-phone families! BTW... Not knocking the other phones. Each has it's place depending on the user's needs and preferred network :-) B.J.

posted on 09 Oct 2008, 21:48

167. (unregistered)

I got the instinct and it SUCKS!!! keeps freezing up so im trading it in for at ouch diamond tommorow!!

posted on 20 Oct 2008, 14:40

170. Mighty Mike (unregistered)

Did these iphone haters and iphone fanboys misread this article, so many people are saying its biased towards the iphone or that iphone won the reviews....I read the article thoroughly and Instinct is coming out as the winner of this review. Also I have handled each of the phones reviewed in this article and I find it to be a spot on analysis. Yes Iphone does look prettier but in terms of value Instinct delivers in all categories.

posted on 15 Nov 2008, 14:32

171. webman (unregistered)

Its the Network! I can not afford an iffy network. Do I want a GSM Phone? Hell Ya! But its the Network! If you don't need a the Phone to work, then argue all you want. I hate Verizon. They are over priced and carry a lousy array of Crippled Phones, but its the network. I just want a camera phone. Is there a decent camera phone out there? Hell ya! just not on Verizon (3MP get real) and if it is not on Verizon I cant Afford it! (oh oh 3.2MP my hart is thumping, how about 7 or 10) For school kids and home bodies get T-moble or ATT or Metro or..., but if you NEED it to work. Its The Network. Please ATT catch up so I can jump ship. Europe is GSM they have ausome phones and camera phones that will all work on ATT but I need my Phone to work. so its a Dare or a u900 and god knows I will just crack the screen on a Dare with no Hard Protector cover, so what should i do. Cry my self to sleep and go buy a louse Flip Phone one more time. Dame this network.

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