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SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera


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A huge improvement was noticed in the speed of saving the images. It took around 40 seconds for the MCA-20 to save a 640x480 pixels image, while the MCA-25 took only 8 seconds! I guess SonyEricsson's engineers have used faster flash memory to archieve this speed increase.
The speed of trasnfering images from the camera to the phone is the same compared to the MCA-20, since it is limited to the speed of the system connector speed. It takes around 20 seconds to transfer 640 x 480 pixels to the phone's memory.

SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera
SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera

Picture taking
A picture can be taken by pressing the camera button or by pressing the joystick. Then you have to accept the picture. Next menu asks you to SAVE, SEND, ROTATE RIGHT or RORATE LEFT the picture that was just taken.
After the picture is saved, you can view it in the VIEW PICTURES menu.

SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera
SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera
SonyEricsson MCA-25 camera
The options available in the VIEW PICTURES menu are:
• Send – Allows you to send the shot via MMS or E-mail
• Picture Info – gives you the name of the picture , size and File Type
• Copy to phone – allows you to copy the picture to the phone memory
• Move to phone - moves the picture to the phone memory (after that it can be sent over Bluetooth to your PC)


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