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Samsung Instinct Review

0. phoneArena 21 Jun 2008, 08:06 posted on

Touchscreen devices are nothing new, in fact they've been in the mobile world for nearly a decade, but there's no denying that the iPhone jumpstarted their popularity. In the last year there have been several attempts to replicate the iPhone experience, names like Voyager and Vu come to mind, but in reality no one has come close. Part of Apple’s success lies in their ground-up approach, a fact that went largely overlooked by competitors. Samsung and Sprint took note. Nearly a year to the day after the iPhone’s release the Instinct is here, and it is the first touchscreen device that can truly go toe-to-toe with the iPhone ...

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. (unregistered)

thank you for rating the PHONE, not like those who just hate sprint and say the phone sucks. Great job.

posted on 08 Aug 2010, 02:25

41. mrmister (unregistered)

Hi, Thanks for the review, i'm considering this phone but still i like my Samsung Hype.Pls. visitwww.samsunghype.com

posted on 21 Jun 2008, 23:05

2. (unregistered)

Thanks for your review. I already order one........ let's see how it looks.......n will definitely write comments ...

posted on 09 Jul 2008, 18:37

23. canevaro24 (unregistered)

Believe me I have one, this is a beatiful phone and it does more than the iphone plus it comes with an extra battery as everyone knows iphones dont have that

posted on 22 Jun 2008, 01:05

3. mock5 (unregistered)

Went to play with the device at a Sprint Store, I must say it's not what I thought it would be, it honestly feels quite cheap in the hand and it lacks the simplicity that the iphone has with its OS. but, if that's your thing I am sure it will work for you. The speeds with the data varied based on reception, although when it had full bars I didn't notice much lag on it, the phone did freeze a few times on me. The GPS was quite a nice touch, the music player which got low marks already wasn't that great. All and all it wasn't enough to make me go back to Sprint, sorry to say I am going to wait for the iphone 3G when it comes out and if that's not as a WOW factor as the original was for me I am going to bank on the Samsung Omnia with it's FM Radio, 5 MPXL camera, Wi-Fi, WinMo 6.1 and HSDPA. Plus it's a phone I can take with me overseas. All and all I can see why the price was knocked down to 129.99 for it. Just not that stellar.

posted on 05 Oct 2008, 10:11

35. Joey77 (Posts: 1; Member since: 04 Oct 2008)

WoW its actually cheap and not tough/durable.

posted on 22 Jun 2008, 15:49

4. (unregistered)

I purchased his phone on the 19th and must say this review is the closest to the experience I have had so far. The QWERTY is extremely accurate and easy to use right out of the box. I did want to point out that you do not need to use the virtual back space button as the permanent back button next to home icon will work as well. I also had trouble with the virtual back space button which will make the keyboard disappear if you missed it. Also I was able to load Google Maps by sending the text link to myself via google.com. The UI is very easy and user friendly but seems to be pretty dumbed down. I was surprised with the lack of options under the Settings icon. My favorite feature is the Sprint Navigation which like the review stated works hand in hand with Live Search. The Navigation was quite to re-route when I would purposely not follow where it told me to go. I can search everything from gas by price to just about anything else under the sun with easy which is all categorized and once you find what you are looking for you are given the phone number, a map, driving directions, and the ability to send the info to anyone! All in all t is a great phone for what I need. If you are looking for email access you are better off to stick with your BB, WM, or Palm because the Instinct will not cut. It is far from a smart phone but has to be one of the best multi-media/GPS phones.

posted on 22 Jun 2008, 18:54

5. NoIMQQ (unregistered)

No... I ... M.... nice....

posted on 22 Jun 2008, 19:00

6. (unregistered)

its just a java app, so i wouldnt be surprised to see it in the near future. not shipping with it, however...

posted on 24 Jun 2008, 01:09

7. (unregistered)

I was able to download google maps and use it just fine on my Instinct. I agree with all the cons. The camera sucks and not having T9 is pretty dumb. I hate not having the ability to personalize the phone with a wallpaper that I can see longer than 2 seconds. Other than that it is great!

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 10:41

31. (unregistered)

no need for T9 when you have a keyboard!

posted on 25 Jun 2008, 01:31

8. JohnJohn (unregistered)

I was going to switch from Sprint to AT&T with iPhone 3G but then I took an hour and tried out Sprint Instinct at the store. It is an awesome phone and a serious competitor (except browser which will be resolved with Opera Mini soon). Other than that, it is very customizable, single handed operation for most stuff, fast Touch-screen response, real GPS (unlike iPhone which just tacks on Google Maps) with turn-by-turn directions. You can even download Google maps (both street view and satellite view) on Sprint Instinct (should be integrated with GPS in a little while as well). The voice command search is awesome (you say Chinese Food and it will find nearby using GPS and even give you a one-touch number to call or one-touch to turn-by-turn GPS directions), and 30+ TV channels and a lot of Radio channels are included. It also has a camcorder that iPhone doesn't. It is perfect size (iphone is too wide). And best of all, for $69.99 single line or $129.99 for 2 lines, you get everything that iPhone 3G will provide plus UNLIMITED Text messaging (iPhone will cost $20 extra per month!) and UNLIMITED TV and RADIO time (no TV or Radio on iPhone)! The TeleNav GPS on Instinct is like high-end GPS unit for a car and it has voice command with real names of streets. It also checks for real-time traffic alerts and re-routes you! You can even set Instinct up to announce (text to voice) the names of phone callers on incoming calls or text messages! And it cost me $129.99 at BestBuy (no mail-in rebates needed) with renewal of 2-year contract (I was 23 months into the contract). This is the best deal for my money and I got 2 of them for me and my wife and she loves it!

posted on 07 Jul 2008, 16:21

20. (unregistered)

Too bad this sweet phone is on one of the worst "nationwide" networks available. Poor Sprint.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 10:43

32. (unregistered)

here we go, we know Sprint isnt your cup of tea but it works great for me and my family for the last 5 yrs.

posted on 25 Jun 2008, 23:06

9. (unregistered)

now what's left? Sprint needs to improve they network. I still believe vzw and att has the best network in the business. Without a good ASS network all of this ain't possible. Because u will be frustrated with the phone but really is not ur phone is the cell towers that SUCKS!!!!

posted on 26 Jun 2008, 16:35

10. (unregistered)

its all about what works in your area, but as one who uses both vzw and sprint and travels a lot i have to admit that sprint has surpassed vzw in the past two years or so. they keep getting better, while my vzw service deteriorates.

posted on 26 Jun 2008, 17:12

11. (unregistered)

The real deal killer for me on the Instinct is that it currently lacks the ability to open PDF's and Office doc's, no push email, and no calendar sync. I know this is not intended as a "business" phone, but these are serious drawbacks for anyone considering the phone for anything but play. Does anyone know if these shortfalls will be addressed?

posted on 27 Jun 2008, 10:16

13. (unregistered)

Hopefully the SDK release will solve some if not all of the probelms you listed. The other option is wait util they release the Andriod version which I've read is expected Q4 08 or Q1 09.

posted on 27 Aug 2008, 10:47

33. (unregistered)

well working in retail and selling Sprint this phone is mainly for play, no calender sync and no plans of correcting that as of yet. also this device is not ment to compete with your current line of PDA phones it is not even classifyed as such by samsung and sprint.

posted on 25 Nov 2008, 13:30

38. (unregistered)

do you mean that there is no way to sync your phone with your computer??

posted on 26 Jun 2008, 20:40

12. 1DESIRE (unregistered)


posted on 27 Jun 2008, 10:21

14. (unregistered)

Have you tried to typing on the Instincts virtual keyboard yet? I wasn't sure I would like it myself but after the first day I was amazed with how responsive it was. The only problem I have is the "?" is right next to the space bar so I somethings have a "?" instead of a space.

posted on 27 Jun 2008, 10:39

15. (unregistered)

Did anyone know that if you are using the GPS or radio that you will not receive phone calls. They go right to voice mail.

posted on 30 Jun 2008, 08:02

17. (unregistered)

I received a call on Saturday night while I was using the Navigation so you may have a probelm with your phone. Now if I'm watching TV or using the RAdio app it will go to VM but not when I'm using the Nav

posted on 30 Jun 2008, 04:31

16. Sara98 (unregistered)

I enjoyed reading this review thank you phone arena. The only inaccurate item in your review is saying sprint has the largest 3g network. If you go off of sprints website their EV-DO is available to over 230 million people in the U.S. If you go off of Verizon's website their EV-DO coverage is available to over 245 million people. But hey who's perfect?

posted on 08 Jul 2008, 14:07

22. (unregistered)

ev-do is not the same as 3g

posted on 10 Jul 2008, 15:12

26. (unregistered)

ev-do is the name of 3g that sprint and verizon use.

posted on 11 Dec 2008, 08:23

40. tuscan_sun (Posts: 2; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

"largest" can mean geographical area, rather than metro population coverage. Personally when assessing a network coverage i dont care about the other 244,999,999 folks.. i want the largest geographical coverage from a network.

posted on 30 Jun 2008, 12:27

18. sprintrules01 (unregistered)

These are all the known device issues so far, glad i didnt get it as soon as it came out, :) Customer may experience slow response or service unavailability on the Samsung Instinct (M800) MicroSD card not recognized on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Important Voicemail information regarding Swaps to the Samsung Instinct (M800) Issue with sending a 2 min video to another carrier on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Wireless backup to Mobile Sync not working on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Mobile Sync times out with large address books on the Samsung Instinct (M800) User Guide is not included in the box on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Phone as Modem not supported on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Prohibited services with Visual Voicemail on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Lotus Notes not supported by Desktop Sync at launch on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Sprint Mobile Sync MySprint headers missing on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Sprint Mobile Sync / MySprint Authentication issue on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Desktop Sync email issue on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Sprint Mobile Sync entries missing on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Intermittent Sprint Mobile Email delays on the Samsung Instinct (M800) USB phone off when in USB mode on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Intermittent TV Quality Issues on the Samsung Instinct (M800) Some websites will not recognize Instincts web browser as capable of handling PC formatted versions of a site on the Samsung Instinct (M800) SOFTWARE UPGRADE There are no Known Issues of this Type EXCHANGE / REPAIR There are no Known Issues of this Type

posted on 02 Jul 2008, 12:27

19. Al in TX (unregistered)

I got my Instinct the day it came out, and now I'm on my 2nd one. The GPS and the Live search only work when it feels like it. I just moved and it has gotten me lost TWICE for over 30 minutes each. One more mess up and I'm turning it back in and reactivating my old trusty M1 flip phone.

posted on 07 Jul 2008, 16:22

21. (unregistered)

Switch to Verizon. Get the LG dare and drop Sprint. youll be happier I promise

posted on 09 Jul 2008, 21:44

24. (unregistered)

.......who cares about hte error codes, the N-gage sucked, but people still purchased them, if you want something that will cook you breakfast and wash your clothes get a maid, these are phones, besides, If people are so happy with the Iphone, why don't they petition Steve Jobs to pay them for all the free advertising they do. Who wouldnt want to get paid for getting on their knees whenever someone mentions the Iphone. I'd do it, but they gotta pay me.

posted on 09 Jul 2008, 21:56

25. (unregistered)

not to mention if my IPhad breaks, I HAVE to send it off and there is NO REPLACEMENT plan on the Phone, so.....Id rather get something that works, not to mention LG is Samsung......so either way they win

posted on 19 Jul 2008, 20:12

27. (unregistered)

Dare and Verizon is a much better choice for me and may be for you as well.

posted on 07 Aug 2008, 17:07

28. dbest1a (unregistered)

I am one of those guys that went into the store and played with the instinct for about 2 minutes, and walked away not impressed. However, being the gadget guy that I am, I had to give it a honest go, so I sighne up and got an Instinct (after having a iphone on Tmobile for 10 days). I have to say I love this phone now, the camera if very good with a lot of light. Yes a lot of light, If you know anything about photography then you will know that u need light to get good exposures, so don't bother taking a low light image if you don't have the light to properly expose it, get ur 20d or nikon w/flash. The keyboard is nice, a T9 option in portrait would be nice, html email would be nice, but the push email, with basic text is great on the battery, u take ur pic. Web browser needs work with the crashing, but I still can get to my sites. Notes need work, (ability to add more). Picture Mail, this is great, just need ability to play anaimations. Excell, and Word reader would be nice to, but I don't use em much, or even a txt pad.

posted on 09 Aug 2008, 15:23

29. obrook (unregistered)

I have had the phone for about 2 weeks and can't get it out of my wifes hands 5 stars for such a fun phone Tom

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 16:31

30. FYI (unregistered)

VZW IS OPEN ACCESS NETWORK translation.....I am using the Instinct on VZW network right now, it is cool but I think the DARE (which I use on the same number as well as my voyager ) is just far better...camera BLOWS IT and the I phone out the water, it is a multi tasker so while I am surfing the net I can listen to my music and I can also recieve my phone calls and not get booted out of any of the apps I am running at the same time...I like the Voice command GPS but that wont work on VZW , which is fine....I did get the TV hooked up with it and it is good quality....But the Voyager is louder....still it is nice to alternate phones .... I use to miss that but with changing esn online for free anytime I want I rotate my phones every other day or so.

posted on 06 Sep 2008, 20:42

34. treybezy (unregistered)

how did you get the instinct on the VZW network?

posted on 10 Oct 2008, 21:46

36. (unregistered)

after 2 weeks i can no longer access my messaging application. it freezes for a minute then returns to the home screen. also when i get a message it says its from someone else rather than the actual person who sent it. i dont recommend it

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 11:11

37. (unregistered)

Now I feel stupid. I got this phone yesterday, and there is only 2 thing I do not like. 1. no space to put the stylus. all this finger pressing is fine, but i like the precision and visibility that stylus gives you. 2. I can't figure out on how to delete a contact name from the speed dial list, with out deleting them from the contacts all together. Someone help! Please! I just refuse to belive that there is no remove feature. That was the my first time I played with the phone, and with the first 3 presses the name got added by accedent that I rearly use. So my next attemp was to remove it... and that is where I got stock, and felt very stupid. read the manual, and did not find that info. But since no one else mentioned that issue, I'm starting to belive it's just me. LOL

posted on 02 Dec 2008, 17:22

39. the.gentleman (unregistered)

I just purchased this phone yesterday and I must say i am very impressed with it, even though I played with the iPhone a little bit, I am not missing the fact that this is not an iPhone. I love it in every way EXCEPT you don't have the option to lock your pictures, being that people want to look through your phone because it is a new phone that is out, should give the the option to lock your pictures and videos.

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