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Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

0. phoneArena 23 Mar 2013, 11:12 posted on

Another year, another Galaxy S phone! Since the very first Galaxy S, which came out in 2010, Samsung has been regularly refining and improving its formula for success in the mobile industry. It is mainly thanks to this series of handsets that the manufacturer is now enjoying lush revenue streams and having a profound influence over the whole Android ecosystem...

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posted on 04 Apr 2013, 05:44

420. alikhan1 (Posts: 7; Member since: 04 Apr 2013)

d one is not superior to d s4 bcuz even thoh it has a 4UP camera it's still nothin infrnt of d s4's camera............processor is much faster n better wid a better benchmark.............!~!

posted on 10 Apr 2013, 14:31

434. chocolaking (Posts: 495; Member since: 22 May 2012)

Same to you. HTC One of xperia Z.
S4 is a fail this year.

posted on 12 Apr 2013, 13:29 1

439. jo_Ny (Posts: 27; Member since: 05 Sep 2012)

very true except the fact that this so called Octa doesn't runs on HMP but on CPU Migration instead, in which only 4 cores of any cmobination will ever be working at the same time. So it's you who are an ignorant, I guess...??

posted on 22 Apr 2013, 11:11

447. moroninc (Posts: 193; Member since: 14 Jul 2012)

good luck with the battery life.

posted on 04 May 2013, 12:56 2

461. phonemonkey (Posts: 168; Member since: 13 Feb 2012)

Say something that makes sense,
Please I'm begging you

posted on 05 May 2013, 11:33

467. wh3resmycar (Posts: 3; Member since: 05 May 2013)

hey dumbass. big.LITTLE is an design for cortex A15. seriously. just go kill yourself.

posted on 06 May 2013, 10:26 1

470. Anonymous.Samsung.Employee (Posts: 4; Member since: 06 May 2013)

HTC sucks! Samsung best!

posted on 08 May 2013, 06:18 1

472. giri555 (Posts: 111; Member since: 15 Mar 2012)

"Features" - 90% of buyers won't use those gimmicy "features"..whats the sense and logic?

posted on 16 May 2013, 21:59 1

488. tha.fox (Posts: 100; Member since: 30 Nov 2011)

i was waiting for that question. The HTC ONE display is way brighter and has truer colors that are also very vibrant. The screen on the one doesnt touch any corner of the phoen so dropping on any corner wont affect the screen breaking. The one has about 3 times louder speakers and quality of sound. The phones buttons are more responsive. The htc one doesnt seperate the settings into 4 tabs to waste time. the one has cool icons that are not cheesy. the one has a vertical app drawer not horizontal. the app drawer grid size is changable on the one. the one has ZOE the s4 does not. The s4 is ugly the one is not. The pixils on AMOLD screens die out way sooner than LCD The one has Amazing call quality and signal the s4 is quote 'passable' in that department. The htc one can have folders in the app drawer the s4 cant. The only thing better about the S4 is the camera and thats not enough to overturn how much the HTC One smashes the S4

posted on 08 May 2013, 06:22 1

473. giri555 (Posts: 111; Member since: 15 Mar 2012)

"S Lag" with all EIGHT CORES? Samsung you SUCK, bigtime....f**k Touchwhiz....

posted on 09 May 2013, 23:28 1

479. TieuLaLa (Posts: 5; Member since: 09 May 2013)

Because this's a SS Galaxy S-Lag, not S4 anymore :(

posted on 09 May 2013, 23:31

480. TieuLaLa (Posts: 5; Member since: 09 May 2013)

6 situations .haha very lol and very fair :>

posted on 12 May 2013, 19:46

484. JasonJia11 (Posts: 6; Member since: 01 Dec 2012)

Haha, you're just a fanboy. Most websites say the HTC One is better than the Galaxy S4, and go to PhoneDog.com, and check the top phones of the week by people and experts. The HTC One is #1 for both, by a good margin too.

posted on 29 May 2013, 08:51

501. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

Mistakes? I triumph my Xperia Z and very well glad that I'm not making the mistake of buying a phone that lasts for half a year and breaks. Cheap screen, cheap plastic, cheap camera, cheap everything. Drop test of iPhone 5's normal glass, GS4's supposed unbreakable glass and the Xperia Z's Dragontail glass. Only the GS4 broke and the other two just scratches. In fact, many of us feel very worried that

1. I might drop the phone and break the glass.
2. The overheating CPU might explode (Which has happened to the GS3, which made the other components into charcoal).
3. The overheating CPU can cause me burns.
4. The stupid stay might turn the screen off at any moment.

You don't think we have tested out the new phone? All the 'features' are useless and cause inconvenience. If we turn them off, all that is left is a very storage space consuming UI, a cheap screen, cheap casing and a 60 degrees C CPU that can ONLY RUN 4 CORES AT A TIME. The HTC One and the Xperia Z's CPU clock speed and functionality is far superior than the useless 4+4. It only constantly switches between the two CPUs. Another thing that PA didn't mention about the GS4's camera is the green shading found among some of its pictures that is visible even with the slightest pitch and zoom. Xperia's camera glitches can only be found when pitching to its maximum allowable range. What is the joy of texting people during shower without encasing your phone in a plastic bag? The strangely positioned power button means we have to reach our thumbs up in order to get to the power button. We don't care about the position of the power button in the HTC one, mainly because most of us can still use the first power button design by Apple. At least Apple and HTC One's power buttons look far more attractive than Samsung stuff. But talking about the Xperia Z, 'Is... Is that a DIAMOND?' My friend actually said that. True story. Not making that up. Of course, my friend doesn't own a smartphone, and doesn't know much about them. But he sure knows and admires my phone. I think Samsung's UI is poor and ugly. First, it's laggy. A the S3 can't even handle full power scrolling, yet the Xperia L, a dual core 1Ghz with 1GB of RAM can handle smooth scrolling of the Sony UI.

Samsung should be ashamed of themselves.

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:07

502. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

MY reason that I hate on Samsung is due to the poor quality on its products and constantly bragging about its useless features to get people to buy their crappy products. I consider that as being dishonest on their customers. The glitches and bugs in Samsung devices are never much mentioned because there're so many of them that people expect a whole lot them and just stop talking about them. I just looked it up in the samsung forum and there's far more problems in samsung devices than in Sony devices. Including:
1. Camera picture take failure (Always)
2. Keyboard typing issues that affect third party keyboards too
3. Dead issues that can't be fixed like the Xperia Z by hard resetting (By the way, the new firmware has already fixed the problem)
4. Issues with GPS in third party apps like flight tracking or anything that requires GPS to run.
5. Vibration bugs in third party apps.
Of course there's a lot more and I'm not bothering to go through them all, but the number of bugs and problems easily overtakes Sony and HTC One by a mile. Don't forget, the GS4's screen also has falty color display and sensors!

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:09

503. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

TFT screens have been used for quite a long time and they are as safe as LCD screens! AMOLED has maybe a quarter function time than both.

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:11

504. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

Check on GSMarena. Xperia Z has 8.8 rating and HTC One is too, but the S4 has a ground breaking 6.5. How do you explain that?

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:13

505. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

It's XPERIA not EXPERIA you idiot!

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:16

506. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

In that case, the gorgeous power button isn't obstructed by a phone case. How do you explain that? There's CLEAR PHONE CASES and I happen to be using that. My friend all love the look. Samsung fanboy, beware!

posted on 29 May 2013, 09:18

507. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

Washed out phone? Washing the phone with actual detergent will not wash out the screen. The screen is perfect, colors are realistic and great. Lag? GS4 FREEZES.

posted on 30 May 2013, 02:08

508. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

I know that all 8 cores can be used in the system, but are you Samsung fans stupid enough not to notice a huge problem on your very own phones? HEAT! MAN! 4 Samsung cores on the GS3 already caused complains of the phone reaching 50 degrees c, and the 8 cores 'won' the overall heat champion at 60 degrees C. The record temperature on my xperia z is just 45 degrees C. Samsung is trying to give you burns. Extreme heat can also damage the cheap components within the phone. Reports say Samsung components of Samsung phone turned into charcoal from the desert heat of the CPU.

posted on 31 May 2013, 23:33

512. skyguy7567 (Posts: 148; Member since: 17 Nov 2012)

Actually, the GS4 is a lot more laggy than HTC one or Xperia Z. I just went to a store to try that out, and beside is a tryout Xperia Z. (I used the tryout one instead of my own one because tryouts are usually subjected to heavier useage) On first touch I already wanted to drop the GS4. It's BURNING while the Xperia Z isn't. After a few scrolls it felt as if it is just a dual core 1Ghz Sony phone. Constant lags while scrolling, and opening applications takes twice as long as the Xperia Z. Samsung calls it octa core, but it's 'octa core at dual core speeds'

posted on 01 Jun 2013, 12:37

513. drkuthan (Posts: 67; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

htc one has built quality issues every one has one or much mm gap on the top

don't tell lie by telling that htc one's speakers are 3 times louder because it is not it has the best quality but not louder than ip5 or gs4 ... you can look at the comparison in youtube

in 2g mode htc one misses calls which means you can not turn it on for battery saving

htc one call quality is like gs4 two of the phones have crystal call quality

only the blacks seem better in htc one screen or else the two screens are not way better than another

htc one battery is very bad GS4 kills it

htc one camera is only good in low light but in night mode S4 camera imo does better than that and in bright conditions S4 destroys it

+ S4 is handy and the updates are just in time :)

posted on 29 Jul 2013, 22:40

534. Samsungadroidrules (Posts: 104; Member since: 28 Jul 2013)

No one from samsung is asking you to buy the GS4. There are millions of people who have bought the GS4 worldwide.

posted on 13 Jan 2014, 07:09

537. panduaridarma (Posts: 2; Member since: 10 Jan 2014)

Another year, another Galaxy S phone! Since the very first Galaxy S, which came out in 2010, Samsung has been regularly refining and improving its formula for success in the mobile industry. It is mainly thanks to this series of handsets that the manufacturer is now enjoying lush revenue streams and having a profound influence over the whole Android ecosystem.

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posted on 23 Mar 2013, 11:18 6

2. Gomdory (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Mar 2013)

...where did phonearena get a production model of a gs4 and howd they review it so fast..
Just shows how impatient and false phonearena is with their reviews..."sigh"

posted on 23 Mar 2013, 11:22 29

7. Ray.S (Posts: 373; Member since: 19 Jul 2011)

We usually get our review units directly from the manufacturers. We don't wait until they are available in stores.

posted on 23 Mar 2013, 11:28 1

19. TROLL (banned) (Posts: 4851; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)

You should know that by now, they: GsmArena, Verge, Engadget, Pocketknow, Anandtech will have them befor the public.

PA do you not have the "Devolopers Edition, or the S4 reference version available"?

posted on 23 Mar 2013, 11:56 3

46. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Can you shoot a few photos and video in HDR or say which one is in it? Is it possible to make the raw untouched video sample downloadable, cause youtube re-compresses it quite heavily. A Russian tech site's sample, especially compared to the HTC One showed that video quality is stunningly sharp and detailed, but I'd like to see Mr. Ray. S's video captures as well hehe.

posted on 23 Mar 2013, 12:31 2

78. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Also, I see some apps like S Memo came over from the Note.

Can you test the SIV with the phablet's or other sylus if they works, and if so, how accurately? Also, did AirView make tapping on small links etc. easier?

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