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Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


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Navigating of course is a departure for this phone seeing that it's the first Pantech handset for AT&T to utilize a full touchscreen. The interface is pretty much what you'd expect out of any AT&T messaging phone – pretty large sized buttons that make it practically impossible to miss. Almost similar to Samsung's TouchWiz interface, the Pantech Pursuit has a similar scheme going on with three home screens. The left most houses your shortcut icons that launch specific apps, the middle one only displays the clock, and the right lets you add some favorite items such as a picture. It may not be as in-depth, but there is a slight hint of personalization such as the ability to move around your favorite items, clock options, and main menu themes – still, it doesn't compete with other eye-catching interfaces such as TouchWiz.

Part of the user interface of Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Part of the user interface of Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Part of the user interface of Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Part of the user interface of Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Part of the user interface of Pantech Pursuit P9020

Packing a stellar QWERTY keyboard makes the entire messaging experience a joy. There's nothing different with the Pursuit's offering when it comes to email as you just select you provider from the list and input your settings to get it to work. Generic ones like Yahoo or Gmail are simple with automatic setup while others not listed will require additional pieces of information like server addresses. The instant messenger application is no different too as you'll have the option to use AIM, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo. Finally, sending messages is practically straightforward and  simple to accomplish thanks to the usable QWERTY keyboard. Moreover, there are other options for text input like the on-screen touch keypad, handwriting, and full screen handwriting. We found the latter two to be decent when it comes to recognition, but of course, it's a lengthy process for text input – it's best to stick with the physical QWERTY.

Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Third party apps are abundant on the handset as you'll find the typical set of AT&T included apps on the phone – MobiTV, Mobile Banking, Where, YPmobile, AT&T Navigator, AT&T Radio, Shazam, and a host of demo games that are enabled for touch. Additionally, there is a focus on social networking on the device as there are icons for MySpace and Facebook in the main menu – they actually just get you into the mobile version of the sites. However, there is the AT&T Social Net app that is powered by iSkoot and is the one stop area for all your social networking needs – it integrates Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and an RSS feed all into one neat package. Finally, the Pursuit packs all of the usual set of tools like the calculator, world clock, timer, stopwatch, and alarms.

AT&T Social Net - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
AT&T Social Net - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

AT&T Social Net

Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
YPmobile - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review



Picture quality from the 2-megapixel shooter wasn't the best out there considering that colors were on the drab side – which was made even worse for indoor shots. Although it may be manageable for small printouts, there wasn't much detail in the photos as they looked almost muddy when viewed up close. The camera interface has received a new makeover as there are plenty of icons surrounding the border and offers you quick access to common functions like white balance, quality settings, and brightness.

The camera interface ot Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
The camera interface ot Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

The camera interface ot Pantech Pursuit P9020

Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Sample images - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Sample images - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Sample images - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Sample images - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Sample images - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Sample images

Strong light - Indoor samples - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Medium light - Indoor samples - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Low light - Indoor samples - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Strong light

Medium light

Low light

Indoor samples

With a maximum shooting resolution of 320x240, videos weren't particularly the sharpest out there, but at least their frame rate seemed pretty sufficient to suffice. Captured voices sounded a bit on the muffled side and were high pitched at times which made even normal sounding conversations seem excessive in volume.

Packing a slightly better looking music player versus previous incarnations, we were surprised to see that the Pursuit offered a shaking motion function to fast-forward a track. Needless to say that all your common items are displayed on-screen like the track name, artist, album, and playback buttons. However, we literally had to shield our ears not because it sounded too loud when set to the highest volume, but rather it was sharp in tone which seemed quite piercing. Fortunately, setting the volume down and choosing the appropriate equalizer settings made for better tunes. Its piercing sounds were still prominent though.

The music player - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
The music player - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

The music player

The Pantech Pursuit delivers a decent video watching experience. We were able to play two movie trailers, coded in MPEG-4 at 320x240 and H.264 at 320x136, without any hiccups in speed. The video flowed seamlessly through its entirety with a steady frame rate and no slowdown. Just like the experience we witnessed with music playback, you'd want to set the volume at a lower level seeing that it can be blasting to the ear at the loudest setting.

Video playback - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Video playback - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Video playback

International travelers won't need to worry about voice calls with this quad-band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM phone, while it also manages to slightly trump the Impact in data use as it offers tri-band (850/1900/2100 MHz) UMTS connectivity.

Alright, we were hoping to see this handset perform handsomely in the web browsing department, but we soon found ourselves thoroughly disappointed. There's no arguing that Opera Mini is a versatile web browser, but the scrolling and rendering experience on the Pursuit just ruins all the fun. We experienced plenty of lag and slowdown just trying to navigate on our website. Although you can opt to use the optional Mobile Web app for an alternative browsing experience, we found it to be extremely tedious in both loading times and scrolling – which makes the experience on Opera Mini slightly easier to swallow.

Web browsing with Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Web browsing with Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Web browsing with Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review
Web browsing with Pantech Pursuit P9020 - Pantech Pursuit P9020 Review

Web browsing with Pantech Pursuit P9020

Out of the box, the Pantech Pursuit has 70.8MB of internal storage which you can use for various content, but you can always supplement it with a microSD card.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:55

1. ace1122 (Posts: 237; Member since: 23 Mar 2009)

Why doesn't AT&T get phones that are gender neutral? Now only girls would get this phone which cuts the amount of possible consumers in half. Plus most of the phones AT&T gets look cheap. AT&T would die without the iPhone keeping them afloat.

posted on 22 Jul 2010, 19:08

2. Coach George (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Jul 2010)

Too Delicate for the real world After just 2.5 weeks, the phone stopped working. I took it to the ATT store. The person immediately opened the battery compartment and noticed the blue dot. Sorry, it has water damage and can't be returned. Baloney. The phone wasn't any place near water, soda a toilet or beer etc. The only thing I can think of is: 1-Perspiration leaked into the phone. 2-Very humid air circulated inside the phone and condensed when I entered an AC room. Regardless, Pantech wants nothing to do with it. They offered me their repair center who wants prox. $30.00 non refundable just to look at the phone. More Baloney. The phone is only a couple of weeks old. Back to my old Samsung or perhaps a touch screen phone from a company that has been making them for a while. This phone is just too Delicate for real world use.

posted on 16 Nov 2010, 14:59

4. a reader (unregistered)

lyer! not 2 be rude but seriously...did u put it in water!?

posted on 16 Nov 2010, 14:57

3. a reader (unregistered)

sounds good...kinda & coach geroge is lying...u probbbaly put it in water cuz u thought it was girly & thought u could get away with this. LOL u got cought!

posted on 22 Jan 2011, 18:47

5. researching pantech (unregistered)

I actually have read alot of reviews on Pantech phones this one included and the moisture indicator thing is an HUGE issue. almost everyone who reviews it mentions that without it actually having gotten wet the indicator changes, just in humid conditions.

posted on 24 Feb 2011, 18:52

6. I WANT IT! (unregistered)

I SOOOOOO want this phone. I think it would be a good phone for beginners. Everyone else says it does. Does anyone know if this phone is good for beginners?

posted on 24 Feb 2011, 19:00

7. Cool Cat (unregistered)

UR A LIAR! on every websight that i go on has ur little SPEECH and im still gunna get it. Im getting bored of reading the same thing OVER and OVER again. I see it on best buy, at&t, Phonedog, and a bunch of other sights. So, coach george, I gotta tell u a little secret. . . I STILL WANT IT!!! HA HA

posted on 04 Mar 2011, 09:48

8. not happy (unregistered)

This water sensor thing is an issue. I have a pantech P7000 that has the indicator right on the crack for the batter cover.

The LEAST bit of water exposure will turn it pink. YEs, a humid environment. Mine has been pink for months, never exposed.

posted on 09 Mar 2011, 17:00

9. Isabella (unregistered)

how can i put a signature in my phone???

posted on 23 Mar 2011, 00:13

11. :) (unregistered)

ohmg i so wannah know tht too ive been tryin to figure out how to put a signature and i just cant figure out how

posted on 27 Aug 2011, 15:43

19. casiddy (unregistered)

ive had my phone for a while and ive even taken left it in thebathroom while takinga hottt shower! my sticker is still white! all of yall are liars! its a good phone but it gets boring after a while!

posted on 18 Mar 2011, 17:20

10. pantech pursuit (unregistered)

this phone seems great, i have heard several negitive reviews and to be honest grown ups are going to complain about the small keys and the poor camera. but thats cause its not made for grown ups!!! duh!!!! its for teenagers and grown kids and the keys on the keyboard and the cmera and stuff is just fine for a teenager. and it is ganna seem small to the adult cause they have big hands and stuff and agian its not made 4 adults!!! this phone is perectly fine with me. its going to be my first phone. and whats with all the negitive commets about it??? i went to the at&t store to find out for my self if rather its a good fone or not. and i played on it and fooled around with it for 1 hour while my dad talked to the at&tpeople about phones and stuff. this phones touchscreen is not as crappy as everyone says it is. i will admit it may seem a touch fussy, but nothing to not be able to get over of! and the camera colors are not as sharp as a smartphone and stuff but for a feature phone the camera color is just fine but it does take btter picutres outdoors.... although its not bad at all inside!!!! i think that people should stop raining on pantechs parade. and be thankfull that there is now a phone that evry kid dreams of!!!!!!!!!!

posted on 23 Mar 2011, 00:16

12. ?!?!?!?!;) (unregistered)

can anyone tell me how i can put a signature on it?!?!

posted on 27 Aug 2011, 15:44

20. casiddy (unregistered)

you cant put a signature!

posted on 26 Mar 2011, 16:07

13. mizzougal4ever (Posts: 1; Member since: 26 Mar 2011)

Mine deleted all of my pictures. Yup, all 1 grand. Let me just tell you I was pretttttty mad. It was on my memory card, and I had it in my pocket. I have NO idea how it happened, not lying. Also, there is no signature capabilty on it. You would have to go to drafts and at the end of each message insert the draft. Yeah, i'd rather just not have a signature. AT&T phones don't usually have the signature capabiltity on it. The camera isn't too bad, wish video was better though. Also, I hate the battery life. I am an avid texter/facebooker so the battery sucks. I charge it 2 times a day. It is pretty durable though, I've dropped it on tile, cement, and wood many times from at least 3 feet up and only a few scratches and paint chips are on it. Anyway, I would not recommend this to a friend because of the picture erasing.

posted on 26 Mar 2011, 19:17

14. sarah548 (unregistered)

Had the phone a few weeks.... started acting weird..... water damage indicator red.... and it was no where near WATER. Yes, I know what water is... and yes, I will say it again.... no where near WATER. RIP OFF.......... I wonder why they put the indicator so close to the edge of the battery compartment..... These are not LIES.... this is a MAJOR problem. . . . and now need to buy replacement........ I'll say it again..... RIP OFFFFFFFFFF...................

posted on 01 Jun 2011, 19:28

15. LA1995 (unregistered)

OMG! i want this phone so bad, i think that its perfect for me! its nice and small and i can get away with it in class. but it does seem like a phone that you have to be careful with and keep your eye on it at all times. other then that......im buying it.

posted on 05 Jun 2011, 11:51

16. CaityLynn7198 (unregistered)

This phone is so cute!! And I think the color is really pretty too!!! I wish the camera quality was a little better, Im really into taking pictures, but whatever. The keyboard seems pretty easy to use, cause of the rectangular buttons, and I am addicted to texting to thats good.
Seems like a great phone...(:

posted on 13 Jul 2011, 12:44

17. Megan (unregistered)

I have this phone right now and Coach George is not lying. I love this phone and even got a replacement for it when it got "water damaged" the first time. but now the sticker is red again! I have never dropped it in any water. i have read, however, that i guess it's where the water damage stickers are actually located that make it easier for them to become red.

I think humidity will do it. but i love this phone so much that i might just get a third one even if the speaker stopped working after one year and the water damage stickers get red to easily!

posted on 12 Aug 2011, 15:26

18. Angry >:( (unregistered)

Oh my god. So my phone got likee one drop of water on it and the phone screen decides to not work!!! I can use the side buttons and I can turn it on and off, but when I touch the screen... Nothingg!!! I looked at the water damage thing and it's perfectly white!!! Sooo I have no idea what happened to it!!! :(

posted on 23 Nov 2011, 15:55

21. Angloe (Posts: 1; Member since: 23 Nov 2011)

I have 2 dots by my battery. One big one small. The small one has been pink since day one! When I started having problems with this phone and took it in thats when they said it had water damage! Like everyone else here (with the exception of the immature arguing ones who is calling everyone else liars & their phones work great) my phone has not been near water. AT&T won't take care of it and neither will the warranty dept.! Besides the water issue there is the freezing up issue, difficult to open text messages issues (touch the text, it highlights, then doesn't open), can't scroll thru all of text messages, only the ones visible on screen, despite have the lock/unlock feature turned off phone will still lock on its own. While trying to make calls or while trying to retrieve voice mails screen goes blank and am unable to press numbers for options. Because of shape it's not comfortable to use for phone calls. The only good thing I can say I like about it is the querty keyboard

posted on 22 Oct 2012, 22:10

22. cariamber (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Oct 2012)

This phone was my first phone. After a year, I upgraded to the Crossover, but I still have my old phone. I'm short and travel-sized so I have no issues with the keyboard (aside from the slightly awkward layout compared to other phones) and I've never had "water damage" for the two years that I've had this phone. The screen is scratched up from extended use (a screen protector after getting this phone would have solved that easily) and the only issue I had with it was the speaker going out on me. I could hear people just fine when they called but they couldn't hear me.The camera isn't the best, but for a beginner, I'd say this phone is perfect.

posted on 12 Dec 2012, 00:38

23. ebkm1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Dec 2012)

has anyone maybe thought that they make to where the dot turns pink easy purposely? So that way they are not required to service the phone or cover it under the warranty or anything? This also would make the customer have to buy a new phone so that would also make them more money. So they are saving money by not servicing and making money by dummies like the girl up a few comments who said she will "buy a 3rd" buying phones to replace the one that screws up with a pink dot, To compound it they make the phone cheap and the dot turns easy! They are getting over on everyone ! I would not ever give them a penny they couldnt pay me to take this phone on principal!

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Display2.8 inches, 240 x 320 pixels (143 ppi) TFT
Camera2 megapixels
Size3.67 x 2.51 x 0.58 inches
(93 x 64 x 15 mm)
4.58 oz  (130 g)
Battery930 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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