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Nokia 3200 review

Posted: , by PhoneArena Team


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Nokia 3200 review
Nokia 3200 review

The most tasks you most commonly use can be access swiftly from the Go To menu. The settings menu has a sub-menu from which you can select which task to appear in the Go To menu. Overall a nifty feature to have.


Nokia does not lack connectivity settings except Bluetooth, but since I have compared Nokia with Samsung which does not have a single phone with Bluetooth I can not grumble. Bluetooth will be included with almost every phone, but it will not happen this year. The 3200 supports Infrared (on the top of the phone), GPRS high speed data and EDGE high speed data. GPRS is capable of delivering around 40-45 kbps, while the EDGE should top 100 kbps.

Sound Quality / RF Performance
The 3200 has about average sound quality – I noticed some hissing when the volume was maxed out. Other then that, the phone reproduced all sounds very well. I have always delighted with the Nokia ability to create phones with exceptions RF (signal strength) performance. No matter if the handset has internal or external antenna, all Nokia phones I have tested have outperformed all others. The Nokia 3200 is not an exception and it provides excellent RF performance – it holds the connection in areas with low signal and has signal where another phones are dead.

Nokia PC Suite

Nokia 3200 review

Nokia 3200 can be connected to a PC via the PC Suite which is distributed for free from Nokia. The software allows you to synchronize your Outlook Contact book and Tasks/Calendar with the 3200. Also you can transfer images between the phoen and the PC. Application installation is also made easy via the PC suite.


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Display128 x 128 pixels STN
Camera0.1 megapixels CIF (288x352)
Size4.21 x 1.77 x 0.83 inches
(107 x 45 x 21 mm)
3.17 oz  (90 g)
Battery780 mAh, 4 hours talk time

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