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Motorola MPx220 review

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The X220 connects to other devices and services via Bluetooth, Infrared and GPRS. During my use of it I found the X220 would transfer items and receive them easily with infrared. But if you have bluetooth, why would you?

So, how is the bluetooth? Very good with this Smartphone with the exception of one very glaring exception. I was able to pair and use my BlueSpoon Digital Headset as well as the Motorola HF-800 bluetooth speaker phone with no problems.

Motorola MPx220 review

Transferring files to my laptop was also a cinch...but transferring them from my laptop to my X220 proved difficult until I chanced upon the following setting when testing the infrared.. set in the phone menu as a seperate item called "beam", you must check it before you can receive a file with a bluetooth connection so don't forget...

Motorola MPx220 review

I had no problems transferring Mp3s and Mpg4s to my X220 from my laptop after properly configuring it.


MicroSoft say's that this will not be resolved with its bluetooth stack until Mobile 2004...I don't want to wait that long....Motorola needs to address this somehow, it is just not acceptable with a phone of this type....

Synching the X220 using ActivSynch was a breeze...transferring all my contacts, calander items and other information from Outlook makes this device a real winner with the professional crowd. I personally love this aspect of Smartphone, its a very important feature for me.


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Motorola MPx220

Motorola MPx220

OS: Windows Mobile Standard 2003
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Display176 x 220 pixels TFT
Camera1.2 megapixels
Size3.50 x 1.90 x 1.10 inches
(89 x 48 x 27mm)
4.00 oz  (113 g)
Battery1000 mAh, 5 hours talk time

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