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LG Touchpoint 1100 vs BlackBerry 6510 Size compare


LG Touchpoint 1100 Remove phone

Posted: 17 Mar 2000
Market Status: Released

BlackBerry 6510 Remove phone

Posted: 14 Aug 2002
Market Status: Released

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Device type Smart phone 
OS BlackBerry 
Dimensions3.40 x 1.90 x 1.10 inches (86 x 48 x 28 mm)4.53 x 2.95 x 0.95 inches (115 x 75 x 24 mm) 
Weight4.20 oz (119 g)
the average is 5.3 oz (150 g)
5.64 oz (160 g)
the average is 5.3 oz (150 g)
Resolution128 x 64 pixels160 x 100 pixels 
Built-in storage 0.008 GB 
Talk time2.50 hours
the average is 15 h (887 min)
2.75 hours
the average is 15 h (887 min)
Stand-by time5.6 days (135 hours)
the average is 18 days (424 h)
11.5 days (275 hours)
the average is 18 days (424 h)
Capacity 900 mAh 

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access. A technique of multiplexing, also called spread spectrum, in which analog signals are converted into digital form for transmission. For each communication channel, the signals are encoded in a sequence known to the transmitter and the receiver for that channel. The foremost application is digital cellular phone technology from QUALCOMM that operates in the 800MHz band and 1.9GHz PCS band. CDMA phones are noted for their excellent call quality and long battery life.

1900 MHz  

iDEN - iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a wireless network standard developed by Motorola and used by Nextel Wireless. It operates at 800Mhz, 900Mhz and 1500Mhz frequency bands and it is a mixture of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and GSM arhitecture. It allows the use of one mobile device as a digital phone, pager, two-way radio and fax/modem.

 800 MHz 
specifications continue after the ad
USB Yes 
Other Computer sync 
Other features
NotificationsVibrationVibration, Phone profiles 
Other Push-to-Talk 

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