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Sprint Discussions


Cancel Service with Sprint No ETF

I am really fed up with Sprint service. At home my phone (iPhone 4S) says it has service (barely) yet I can never make a decent call, the reception is horrible and cuts out all ...

Author: hltechie    Started: 11 Sep 2012, 11:48    Last reply: ndrey


Sprint Needs To Step There Game Up

I mean seriously, all the other major carriers have made plans for hot ticket phones but Sprint only managed to pick up the Kyocera Echo. I'm not saying it's a bad phone, it's ...

Author: yobuddy7    Started: 28 Feb 2011, 19:25    Last reply: DonLouie



When is Sprint going to get A Windows 8 Phone in it's line up?

Author: rickv76    Started: 18 Dec 2012, 20:51    Last reply: treaken


Upcoming Android handset w/o "$10 Premium Data Add-On" ???

Was looking at buying an HTC Evo, but stopped when I saw the mandatory $10 Premium Data add-on (which evidently couldn't be removed, despite the fact 4G isn't available in my ...

Author: ChevyFan85    Started: 15 Nov 2010, 18:06    Last reply: roxielc26


Galaxy S2 Vs S3 From Basic Phone

I have an LG Rumour 2, and I've loved the phone for the entire 6 years I've had it. It's finally starting to break down on me, and I need to upgrade. After reading all the ...

Author: Seolan    Started: 13 May 2013, 00:54    Last reply: Seolan


I'm seriously thinking of switching from AT&T to Sprint

I've used AT&T for years. My wife switched to Sprint over a year ago, she just had to have that purple LG Lotus. What I've noticed is that she gets signal in all the places I ...

Author: danmobile    Started: 26 Oct 2010, 21:58    Last reply: snowgator


Sprint Update to iOS 6

I just updated to iOS 6 (iPhone 4S on Sprint) and now my phone is showing "no service". The phone itself is working correctly and WiFi is working, but I can do nothing on the ...

Author: hltechie    Started: 19 Sep 2012, 12:51    Last reply: MrPearlyWhite



is sprint ever going to get the iphone???????!!!!

Author: sprint customer    Started: 25 Feb 2011, 12:22    Last reply: yobuddy7


Galaxy S2

I bought a sprint galaxy s2 from a friend to use it with my boost mobile service, but when i go to update my handset it says the phone is being used by another user. Is there ...

Author: chadwick08    Started: 13 Apr 2013, 14:56    Last reply: abdu97


When is Sprint actually going to get a dual core 1ghz Android phone?

I'd really like to know because I'm considering switching from Verizon to Sprint but, this is a huge snag. I have a Droid X and I'm not going to make a lateral move into an Evo ...

Author: Lazzerus, Last reply: SHADOW6673   on 21 Mar 2011, 01:56


blackberry 9930

is the touch screen gonna be like the storm?

Author: stevenhshockey7, Last reply: armando   on 17 May 2011, 16:10


Get some of the smaller phone makers!

There's lots of people putting out phones right now. Why is it Sprint is only working with three of the larger ones? Sprint get out there and look at them Vizio has a great ...

Author: Uzzelien, Last reply: easyphoneperson   on 01 Jul 2011, 15:01


Sprint 4G LTE now available in Oak Ridge, TN

Since last week, 4G LTE has been available for long-suffering Sprint customers in Oak Ridge, TN

Author: jarome    Started: 12 Aug 2013, 09:53    Last reply: jarome


Sprint Novatel MiFi 500 saved my vacation

MIFI to the Resue After setting it up I was looking for a good way to test the 4G in our hotel room. It was found for me by our kids. Every where we travel we bring our Roku ...

Author: proctorc30    Started: 14 Aug 2013, 13:47    Last reply: proctorc30


new BB to Sprint

has anyone heard of Sprint getting a BB touchscreen???

Author: cek133, Last reply: triton08   on 20 Feb 2011, 20:21

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