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ZTE Vital benchmarks

  • Performance BenchmarksIf there’s one thing smartphone consumers value extremely highly, that’s lightning-fast system performance. But how do you tell if a device has the necessary power to carry you through the seas of demanding apps and beyond? The answer is simple - through synthetic benchmarking! Thankfully, there are now tools that are professional enough to give us a good idea about the punch our devices really pack.
    Higher is better
    LG G2 20654
    HTC One 12481
    Samsung Galaxy S4 12078
    HTC Desire 601 6092
    ZTE Vital 6048
    Samsung Galaxy S III 5335
    Higher is better
    LG G2 35376
    HTC One 23308
    Samsung Galaxy S4 24701
    HTC Desire 601 15520
    ZTE Vital 11446
    Samsung Galaxy S III 15152
    GFXBench Egypt HD 2.5 onscreen (fps)
    Higher is better
    LG G2 50
    HTC One 31
    Samsung Galaxy S4 39
    HTC Desire 601 31
    Vellamo Metal
    Higher is better
    LG G2 1229
    HTC One 781
    Samsung Galaxy S4 704
    HTC Desire 601 578
    ZTE Vital 600
    Vellamo HTML 5
    Higher is better
    LG G2 2951
    HTC One 2395
    Samsung Galaxy S4 1702
    HTC Desire 601 2289
    ZTE Vital 2116

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