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BlackBerry Style 9670 Discussions


Trolling for advice...

I work in an industrial setting. I am MURDER on screens- have used holsters, protectors, ect, forget it. I will mess it up. I am very interested in the Style- our contract is ...

Author: snowgator, Last reply: smurfy   on 20 Sep 2011, 11:45


Blackbery Style 9670 on Verizon ?

Does anyone know when Verizon will launch the Blackbery Style 9760 on its network ?

Author: hammerman, Last reply: JR   on 08 Aug 2011, 23:27


LOVE IT !!!!

i love this little thing, since im an 9th grader and only 15, i see why i love it. It is perfect for someone around my age. LOVE IT !!!!

Author: Tedraa, Last reply: dmc   on 03 Jul 2011, 22:31



I hope at&t comes out with this phone cuz the torch sucks and I am a loyal blackberry user. Touch screens are getting on my nerves so this is the phone I've been waiting on. Now ...

Author: Chantel, Last reply: Chantel   on 31 Mar 2011, 10:53



i love this phone but come on... make it white! I am a loyal sprint customer but i'd really love a white blackberry :)

Author: Micki, Last reply: Micki   on 24 Mar 2011, 21:27


evdo rev 0 = slower internet/data

Dear Sprint- if all of your new non-4G phones are dumbed down to the outdated, slower evdo rev 0 (like the Samsung intercept), you will lose me, and many others, as a customer. ...

Author: 000111    Started: 20 Aug 2010, 17:46    Last reply: 000111


Description says rev A

Sorry - went into wrong discussion area - but comment stands. But it says rev A - was there a typo that was corrected?

Author: ibap    Started: 18 Oct 2010, 14:45    Last reply: ibap


Ugly Berry

This is one ugly little BlackBerry. Still, it has good specs (5 mpx camera and wifi!), so I'd take it anyway. Plus, since it's a flip, it wouldn't pocket dial.

Author: Annon on 12 Jun 2010, 19:29

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