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BlackBerry Bold 9650 Discussions


Me Too!

And now it's been blessed by the FCC. Lets go big red. I am due for my new every two on the 7th of May. I would really like to have a new device before the end of the month! I ...

Author: wwbobski on 04 May 2010, 12:36


Battery Life

How is the battery life/standby time on this device? Does it match the specs that VZW posts about it? I keep hearing mixed responses on this. Any help is appreciated. TYVM :)

Author: Zorin    Started: 05 Nov 2010, 09:16    Last reply: wolverinexmen9


Verizon's Release Date?

Why hasn't Verizon mentioned when this phone is releasing? Sprint announced that they are getting it on May 23rd. I realize that Verizon is focused on the HTC Droid Incredible, ...

Author: Annon on 28 Apr 2010, 16:48

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